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Leadership course

Human resources

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Leadership course

  1. 1. 4 x Hearts – HC11D Human Resources
  2. 2. HR’s members  Hứa Bảo Duy – Vice President - 295893  Nguyễn Giáp Cẩm Hồng - 295906  Nguyễn Trần Quốc Anh - 295898  Phan Tuấn Vũ - 295919  Trần Nhật Hạ - 295921  Đào Tiểu Trân - 295887
  3. 3. Personal Hứa Bảo Duy Keuka ID: 295893  Task:  Distributing tasks for each members in HR team.  Receiving reports every week from team members.  Evaluating member's work.  Support the concert.  Experience:  Managing the work of HR Vice President.  Resolving conflicts between members.  Improving next project:  More active in approaching and solving problems in the project.  Create a good atmosphere in the company.
  4. 4. HR’s Vice President Hứa Bảo Duy Keuka ID: 295893  The manner to contribute this project  Set up the plan to use the human resources logically.  Figure out how to encourage team members in order to get the project’s goal.  Make sure the team members complete their tasks.  Personal experience learned  Controlling HR department.  Using human resources appropriately.  How to arrange people to do an activity.  Understand the occurs in a team and between departments.
  5. 5. HR’s Vice President Hứa Bảo Duy Keuka ID: 295893  Team’s experience learned  HR’s work.  Connecting people together.  Communication skill and the way to solve conflicts.  Assess work of members in the company.  What I do differently in future projects  Keep a better atmosphere.  Generating rules clearly for the company.  Improving the impact of HR team.
  6. 6. Personal NGUYEN GIAP CAM HONG Keuka ID: 295906  Task:  Observing activities and assess each member in sale department.  Supporting for sale department.  Support the concert.  Experience:  Observation skill and evaluate others equally.  How to coordinate with other teams.  Learn how to use time usefully.  Improving next project:  Reading book to gain knowledge about leadership, HR.  Create the best working environment.  Separation of responsibility between teams.
  7. 7. HR’s Contribution NGUYEN GIAP CAM HONG Keuka ID: 295906  Creating the working environment is comfortable and equal.  Arrange people from a department to help other department.  Contact new partners to help us in selling product.  Help others department to increase revenue for company.  Make a list of people to set up the concert.  Support the concert by ourselves.  Achieve the sale’s target.
  8. 8. Personal Nguyen Tran Quoc Anh Keuka ID: 295898  Task:  Set up a grading plan.  Actively in the work of team.  Maintain good relationship with other teams in order to create convenience to assess them.  Experience:  Knowing and understanding how difficult it is to manage a lot of people with a wide range of characteristics.  Improving next project:  Learn experience to work and communicate with other team members, and also adapt with their working types .
  9. 9. Steps my team is taking to ensure the success of this project Nguyen Tran Quoc Anh Keuka ID: 295898  First, arrange suitable members in the team to evaluate other teams.  Second, collect information and write report weekly.  Third, prevent, conciliate misunderstandings and conflicts.  Selling products to increase revenue.
  10. 10. Personal Phan Tuan Vu Keuka ID: 295919  Task: Make a grading plan. Supervise the specific tasks of members in manufacture. Evaluate and make a report on progress.  Experience: Understand the role of human resource department. Have more knowledge on the task of manufacture.  Improving next project: Be more efficient study and practical.
  11. 11. HR’s Contributions to the success of our company Phan Tuan Vu Keuka ID: 295919  Help to create communication network between other teams.  Find out the ability of members to give the suitable tasks.  Understand the desire of members as well as teams to arrange tasks and avoid overlapping.  Give a deadline to complete tasks.  Achieve sale targets.
  12. 12. Personal Tran Nhat Ha Keuka ID: 295921  Task: Create grading plan to estimate the work process in each team. Write HR team’s journal. Observe activities of Marketing team and support them. Obtain to full quantity of the sale target. Support to run the concert.
  13. 13. Personal Tran Nhat Ha Keuka ID: 295921  Experience:  Learning skills, leadership of VP ( HR team).  Studying more personal experiences.  Improving next project:  Try to perform my mission is earlier and better.  Improve some individual skills such as observation, teamwork, imagination.
  14. 14. Personal Đào Tiểu Trân Keuka ID: 295887  Task:  Observing and taking note the work of R&D group.  Report to the VP every week.  Get over the sale’s goal.  Experience:  Learn how to listening, observe and estimate the work each member, each problem.  Improving next project:  Compiling the form in order to estimate and write down work of group during project.
  15. 15. Challenges and overcomings Đào Tiểu Trân Keuka ID: 295887 HR’ challenges 1. Collecting the data from the other teams. 2. The listening. 3. The justice. 4. Keep a good atmosphere in the company. Overcoming 1. Observing and understanding each work each member. 2. Examine and give useful decisions. 3. Assessing carefully each member’s work. 4. Make conversations frequently to know what they need.
  16. 16. Thanks for your attention