HTY Gold Intensive Anti-Aging Body Serum With Natural Ingredients


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HTY Gold All-Natural anti-aging body serum contains beneficial and 100% natural ingredients to replenish and rejuvenate your skin from within. Here is the ingredient list.

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HTY Gold Intensive Anti-Aging Body Serum With Natural Ingredients

  1. 1. HTY Gold Intensive Anti-AgingBody Serum With NaturalIngredientsHTY Gold All-Natural anti-aging body serum contains beneficial and 100%natural ingredients to replenish and rejuvenate your skin from within. Hereis the ingredient list.Be frank – are you searching for an anti-aging body serum that actuallyworks? Well, you are not alone. However, the sad part is most of theserums which are available on the market simply do not work. To defy theaging clock and to reduce the telltale signs of aging from your face andneck a product should be 100% natural and should have effective andnatural ingredients to hydrate your skin and to fight the main causes ofaging.HTY Gold’s all-natural anti-aging body serum contains beneficial and 100%natural ingredients to replenish and rejuvenate your skin from within. Hereis the ingredient list -Grapeseed oil (Vitus Vinifera): That’s right; Grapeseed oil has been oneof the best kept secrets of traditional cosmetics. It’s easy absorbing, lightand gently soothes parched and matured skin.● It reduces skin wrinkles and scars. The light oil is also rich in betacarotene and vitamins E, C and D. Grapeseed oil also has aconcentration of essential fatty acids such as stearic, palmitic andlinoleic acid, which are famed for their anti-wrinkle properties. Clinicalresearch shows that these essential fatty acids are also effective inminimizing the size and prominence of scars.● Grapeseed oil prevents acne and aging. Nutrient enriched grapeseedoil has found its way into natural skin care products. Possibly youknow this already. Anti-aging cream, night cream, body lotions andserums that contain grapeseed oil are particularly rich in polyphenols
  2. 2. (the anti-inflammatory antioxidants), famed for delaying the overallaging process and for preventing acne outbreaks.● Grapeseed oil helps in balancing the skin. It might seem counter-intuitive to feed oily skin with more oil, however this is exactly whatgrapeseed oil is being used for. Skin oiliness is basically a reaction ofa skin which is too dry! This light oil is gentle to the skin and neverleaves the skin feeling heavy with oil. Rather it hydrates andmoisturizes the skin while balancing both oily and dry patches. Whenused this natural and gentle oil penetrates even the blocked poresand can also help in cleansing breakouts.● Restoring collagen. Clinical and biochemical research of grapeseedoil has found it is rich in OPC (oligomeric proanthocyanidins). Theseare flavonoids, which help in removing free radicals and supportrestoring collagen at the cellular level. This will make your skin feelfirmer while minimizing the signs of damage.On a rather tangible level, grapeseed oil helps in keeping your facesmooth, firm, youthful and hydrated.Apricot Kernel Oil (Prunus Armeniaca): This is yet another light andgentle organic oil which is used in HTY Gold’s natural anti-aging bodyserum.● It moisturizes the skin. This gentle oil moisturizes the skin from within.The best part is this light weight natural oil does not leaves a greasycoat on your skin. It is useful for any skin type.● Apricot kernel oil nourishes the skin. This organic oil is also rich ingamma linoleic acid (GLA), which comes from omega-6 and essentialfatty acids. GLA further helps skin in maintaining the right moisturebalance and also plays a primary role in firming and toning your skin● This organic oil provides lubrication to your skin. This oil provides anatural lubrication for your parched skin. It is an appropriateingredient for sensitive skin types.Borage oil (Borago officinalis): This is typically derived from the seeds ofthe blue flowers of the borage plant.
  3. 3. ● The organic oil helps in restoring damaged and dry skin. A clinicalstudy done on 24 subjects with dry, parched and scaly skin revealedthat borage oil has properties to restore the softness and moisture ofmatured skin. Not only does the oil help in restoring the smoothnessof the skin, but it also helps in re-hydrating skin deeply.● As per a research report from the Heinrich-Heine University,Laboratoire Oenobiol in France and the University of Witten-Herdecke in Germany, this organic oil acts internally for improving theoverall health of your matured skin.Calendula Oil (Calendula Officinalis): Although calendula is available ina variety of topical forms, it is most effective when used in cosmetics andanti-aging creams.● Calendula oil fights bacteria. It effectively fights bacterial infectionsand skin abrasions. According to renowned nutritional consultantPhyllis A. Bach, calendula helps in killing Staphylococcus aureus, acommon germ, which infects abrasions, cuts and burns.● Antiseptic properties of Calendula: The sheer antiseptic properties ofcalendula make it the most sought after choice for every first aid kit.Evening Primrose Oil (Oenothera Biennis): Did you know, eveningprimrose is one of the most sensational and preventive discoveries sincevitamin C? Yes, the organic oil is now being studied all over the world as atreatment for aging problems and acne.● EPO has many therapeutic qualities which has made it one of themost sought after choices for maintaining youth.● This oil is also rich in ingredients which are essential for cell structureas well as skin rejuvenating processes. It also helps to preventingaging problems such as parched skin, dry and flaky skin, sagging andrough skin, while reducing wrinkles and fine lines. The oil alsoimproves your skin tone.Peptide (Palmitoyl Tripeptide):
  4. 4. ● Highly effective and bioactive, this skin penetrating peptide known asPalmitoyl Tripeptide helps in activating the tissue growth factor, whichstimulates collagen synthesis in the skin.Red Palm Super Olein (Red Elaeis Guineensis):● The natural which you select should have twoanti-aging serumssignificant factors. It should help in reducing the telltale signs of agingand second, it should not contain any harsh chemical. This is wherered palm super olein plays its part.● Scientific research has proved that palm oil stands as one of thesignificant natural ingredients to keep your skin hydrated, rejuvenatedand nourished. Natural palm oil supports in rebuilding and restoringyour matured skin from within.● Super-red palm oleins, which is found in HTY Gold Intensive Anti-aging Body Serum, helps in rebuilding your matured skin from within.Your cells becomes plump and the appearance of fine lines, wrinklesand laugh lines is reduced significantly.