HTY Eye Gold All Natural Eye Cream


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Aging is an unstoppable fact of life. As we start, our body's natural oil production is reduced. As a result the skin becomes dry and crepe paper like. This is where you need a rare and natural formula that works.

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HTY Eye Gold All Natural Eye Cream

  1. 1. Aging is an unstoppable fact of life. As we start, our body’snatural oil production is reduced. As a result the skinbecomes dry and crepe paper like. This is where you need arare and natural formula that works.Needless to say that the area around your eyes is the placewhere aging makes its presence felt in the form of wrinklesand fine lines. Since this area does not have any moisturizingglands, the typical signs of aging start appearing right underyour eyes. HTY Gold all natural eye cream helps in lesseningthe appearance of aging signs around your eyes.Aging is an unstoppable fact of life and as we start to age, ourbody’s natural oil production also gets reduced. As a resultthe skin becomes dry and crepe-paper like. This is where youneed a rare and natural formula of the best eye cream thatworks.Discover the power of Elaeis Gaineenis (Palm Oil), RedElaeis Gaineenis (Red Palm Super Olein)These are the richest sources of antioxidants and tocotrienolsin the world. On a tangible level, palm oil and red palm superolein help in reversing time and restoring the texture of yourskin. This organic oil replenishes the natural oils, which yourbody has lost over time. It also contains natural antioxidants
  2. 2. and vitamins needed by your body to restore skins plumpappearance and youthful glow.How can Elaeis Gaineenis (Palm Oil), Red Elaeis Gaineenis(Red Palm Super Olein) help in nourishing your skin?Elaeis Gaineenis (Palm) Oil, Elaies Guineensis (Palm) KernelOil, are the natural oils which are obtained from the palmtree. These natural oils are primarily used as skinconditioning agents. The natural oils help in re-hydratingyour matured skin.Palm oil has high level of vitamin E and vitamin A. Thesetypically serve as the great source of antioxidants that fightsfree radicals (which causes skin damage). Palm oils canrepair damage (which has already done to the skin) and canalso prevents further skin damage.What’s more? Elaeis Gaineenis (Palm Oil), Red ElaeisGaineenis (Red Palm Super Olein) also help in healing oldscars such as acne and stretch marks, thus making your skinlooking hydrated, plump, young and fresh. Aside fromphytonutrients tocotrienols (vitamin E) and squalene, it alsocontains mixed carotenoids, phytosterols and coenzyme Q10(CoQ10). Tocotrienols and carotenoids in particular arerenowned for their skin nourishing factor.