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3D Analyst - Watershed and Stream Network


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Watershed and Stream Network Auto-Delineation with ArcGIS
by Ariani Andayani

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3D Analyst - Watershed and Stream Network

  1. 1. Watershed area A watershed can be defined as the area of land that drains to a particular point along a stream. Each stream has its own watershed. Topography is the key element affecting this area of land. The boundary of a watershed is defined by the highest elevations surrounding the stream. A drop of water falling outside of the boundary will drain to another watershed. By Ariani andayani G051060061 Watershed and Stream Network Auto-Delineation with ArcGIS Source: watershed def.pdf Objective: - Delineate a watershed area. - Find the streams of the rivers using 3D Analyst
  2. 2. <ul><li>1). Export from SRTM (.hgt) to Geotiff with 3DEM  S07E105.Hgt and S07E106.Hgt </li></ul><ul><li>2). Load data in ArcGIS </li></ul>Prosedure & Result
  3. 3. 3). Clip data appropiate by available hydrology data boundary with 3D analyst tools  Raster Math  Minus 4). Remove Error Sink in the DEM a. Convert the DEM to integer with Spatial analyst  Raster Calculator b. Remove an error sink with Spatial analyst tool --> Hydrology --> Fill Step 3 Step 4a Step 4b
  4. 4. 5). Generate Flow Direction Spatial analyst tool  Hydrology  Flow Direction Step 5
  5. 5. 6). Generate Flow Accumulation Spatial analyst tool  Hydrology  Flow Accumulation Step 6
  6. 6. Step 7 7). Generating Channel, based on Flow Accumulation Spatial analyst  Raster Calculator ‘ Flow Accumulation >= 500’
  7. 7. Step 8 8). Generating Stream Link Spatial analyst tool  Hydrology  Stream Link Use stream chanel and Flow Direction as an input
  8. 8. 9). Generating Watershed Spatial analyst tool  Hydrology  Watershed Use Flow Direction and Stream Link as an input Step 9
  9. 9. Manual delineation is time consuming Auto delineation is possible by 3D analyst with ArcGIS Error stream network delineation  Flat topography More reasonable  Rough topography Discussion
  10. 10. 3D view of study area
  11. 11. Watershen and Stream link