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Oceans and the rising of sea levels


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Oceans and the rising of sea levels

  1. 1. - What is the meaning of sea level rising?sea level is a measure of the average height of the oceanssurface, so sea level rising means the increasing of the water average in oceans and seas surfaces.
  2. 2. Since the mid-19th century, sea level has been rising.Todays warning comes from US researchers at Rutgers University.The analysis showed that during the past 5,000 years, sea levels rose ata rate of around 1mm each year . But in the past 150 years, sea levelsare rising at 2mm a year.The rising tide is expected to make oceans 40cm higher by 2100.
  3. 3. Causes of sea level rising Natural effects Human activitiesThe normal melting Burning of fossil fuels The developing of ice sheets and producing CO2 of industry Global warming
  4. 4. How the global warming effects on the rising of sea levels? Causing a rise in the earth temperature Makes the big icy mountains melt fast Then sea levels will rise quickly when the ice melt fast
  5. 5. Disasters and damages of sea levels rising•The range & the number of floods Increase.•Loosing of habitats such as coral reefs that provide foodfor many animals so many animals will die.•Overwhelm the costal zones under the water so manypeople will die .
  6. 6. Floods in Bangladesh, Asia• Bangladesh is a hot country. It’s also very wet. For nine months of the year it can rain very heavily and its great rivers flood every year, watering the fields and covering them with fertile mud.• But today, the floods are more violent and harder to predict. They’re especially dangerous for Bangladeshis who live in the rivers on sandy islands called chars. Floods wash away their homes and sometimes the islands themselves vanish under water.
  7. 7. Typhoons in Philippines, Asia• The Philippines are a group of islands in the Pacific Ocean. They have high mountains and great natural beauty.• But they also have some of the worst typhoons in the world. Today, they get about 21 typhoons a year and scientists think that global warming could be making these storms worse.
  8. 8. The effects of sea level rising?•Everyone will affected negatively in some way by the sealevels rising.To myself In future, if I don’t try to find a solve to this problem with other I will put myself in the danger of floods, typhoons and displacementTo the Most of the UAE cities are sitting on theUAE Arabian Gulf coast so these cities will sank when the sea level rise.To the When sea levels rise more floods andworld typhoons will cause so the privation will spread around the world wide.
  9. 9. What can we do?• We probably can’t stop sea levels rising altogether, but we can learn how to live with it and slow it down.• The rising sea levels are due to global warming. Reducing the global temperature is apparently the only practical solution.
  10. 10. • We can’t stop using fuel, but we can reduce using it.• If we work together we will rid of the problem.
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