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Gather 11 12_11


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Published in: Spiritual
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Gather 11 12_11

  1. 1. Welcome toHoly Trinity Church
  2. 2. THIRD SUNDAY IN ADVENTMasses this weekend5:00pm John Kolody8:30am For the intentions of Holy Trinity parishioners11:00am Nicholas HoagMasses next weekend (December 17-18)5:00pm Thomas McAuliffe & the Olencki Family8:30am Sheila Bresnan-Bradley11:00am For the intentions of Holy Trinity parishioners
  3. 3. IN YOUR CHARITY, PLEASE REMEMBER THE SICK OF HOLY TRINITY PARISH IN YOUR PRAYERS… Pam Buzzy Christopher Martino Beatrice Kastilahn Matthew Hatcher Julia Malsin Zack Sochor Kim Cerino Dick McGoldrick
  4. 4. ETERNAL REST GRANT UNTO THEM O LORD, AND LET PERPETUAL LIGHT SHINE UPON THEMRemember in your prayers all who have died and those who mourn them…
  5. 5. ADULT EDUCATIONCentering prayer group monthly meetingson the first Wednesday of the month from7:30 to 8:30pm.• Begin with a short teaching about type of quiet prayer• Experience it for 20 minutes• Discussion following Next meeting January 4 All are most welcome!
  6. 6. ADULT EDUCATIONBible Sharing Group• Meets on Wednesday• 10:30am until Noon• Acts of the Apostles Next meeting December 14 All are most welcome!
  7. 7. RELIGIOUS FORMATION Confirmation class Sunday, December 11 Sunday, December 11, Grades K-4 Monday, Decemebr 12, Grades K-4 Tuesday, January 4, Group A Tuesday, December 13, Group BConfirmation retreat Wednesday, December 14, 6:45-8:00pm Religious Formation Class meeting dates are posted on the Parish website at
  8. 8. Family MassDecember 18, 8:30amA Family Gathering
  9. 9. “RCIA”• Do you know someone?• Who is interested in finding out more• About the Catholic faith• Has been away from the Church• Joining the Church Contact the Parish Office
  10. 10. SundayDecember 118:30amMass
  11. 11. Breakfast with Santa Was a great success!!!Santa was thrilled to behere and said the boys &girls of Holy Trinity werevery, very special!
  12. 12. Breakfast with SantaMany thanks to all of Santa’s elves who set up and decorated and cooked and cleaned and put so mucheffort into making our special breakfast a great success
  13. 13. ALLABOARD…