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PR Summit January, 2013


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Presentation to PR Summit. Case study on how Kaiser Permanente elevates the voices of patients and physicians to tell our care delivery story.

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PR Summit January, 2013

  1. 1. Elevating the Voice of Patients and PhysiciansHolly Potter (@htpotter)Vice President, Brand Communication
  2. 2. About Kaiser PermanenteIntegrated care delivery•16,658 physicians•172,997 employees•37 hospitals and 611 medical officesNation’s largest nonprofit health plan•Serving 9 states and the District of Columbia•9 million members•$49 billion revenueImproving health•$1.8 billion in community benefit•900 peer-reviewed studies per year
  3. 3. Care Stories ( Strategy:Demonstrate thevalue of KP carethrough the voice ofthe member First-person storiesfrom patients,physicians and staff Updated monthly
  4. 4. Care Stories: Get To Know Us
  5. 5. Integrated CommunicationsCareStoryMarketingAdvertisingPresentationsWaitingRoom VideoMediaOutreachSpeakingEngagementsMeetingsEmployeeNewsletterSocial Media
  6. 6. Employee Communications
  7. 7. Facebook Engagement
  8. 8. Media Coverage
  9. 9. Member Newsletter Drives Engagement50+ requests for colon cancerscreening kits4,500 views in four days15,000 blog views267,000 “opens” of emailed article
  10. 10. From Care Story to National Ad (
  11. 11. Extending Engagement through TweetChats
  12. 12. Building Partnerships and Relationships
  13. 13. Coming in 2013: Total Health Radio Weekly 30-minute podcaston topics of interest tofemale health seekers Hosted by Dr. JoyceGottesfeld, OB/GYN Shows will includeinterviews from careproviders from across theprogram and memberswhen appropriate Launching: April 2013
  14. 14. For More InformationHolly PotterVice President, Brand CommunicationKaiser | © 2011 Kaiser Foundation Health Plan, Inc. For internal use only.June 13, 2013