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LITA & Social Media: Using Social Software to Connect with Members


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This handout accompanies the Poster Session presented by 2009 ALA Emerging Leaders Team U at the ALA Annual Conference 2009.

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LITA & Social Media: Using Social Software to Connect with Members

  1. 1. Emerging Leaders LITA & Social Media: 2009 Using Social Software to Connect with Group U Members TASK: Determine the appropriate "social software" functionality to deploy to meet the needs of the membership. Recommended Tools: ALA Connect – Collaborating w/ALA members Facebook – Social Networking w/ anyone Flickr – Sharing photos YouTube – Sharing videos Twitter – Microblogging & social networking General Social Media Guidelines:  When adding content LITA should keep in mind – what's in it for members, how would the info they are providing be valuable to the members.  Use a consistent username across all networks – makes it easier to find LITA on all social software  Include links to other social networks on each network you join  Measure your progress – track number of views, people who get to your site through social networks Team Unit Resources: LITA Social Media Wiki – Emerging Leaders 2009 Wiki Team Unit YouTube Channel: Team Unit Members: Chanitra Bishop Tracy Sutherland Indiana University Bloomington Eastern Connecticut State University Ligaya Ganster Holly Tomren State University of New York at Buffalo University of California, Irvine
  2. 2. Emerging Leaders LITA & Social Media: 2009 Using Social Software to Connect with Group U Members Twitter Suggestions: Flickr Suggestions: · Retweet valuable messages · Rename LITA's Flickr account & market the group · Monitor what is being said about LITA, then join the · Upload quality photos from conferences conversation · Friend members on Flickr · Respond to questions & comments · Join groups · Share useful blog posts, websites, new tech tools · Write creative tags and descriptions for each photo · Start a discussion · Include web site or other social media sites in tag or · Tell members how to get involved with LITA description where appropriate · Use Twitter Apps such as TweetDeck to manage your · Include conference city in tag or description account · Use creative commons license to allow photos to be used · Share videos and pictures from Flickr & YouTube everywhere · Comment on photos of LITA members Use your web site address as your Flickr name Facebook Suggestions: YouTube Suggestions: · Start a Facebook page · Create a channel for LITA with a URL that matches the · Send messages about conferences and other LITA events LITA website to members · Post videos from conference · Create a discussion board · Post Tutorials from members that highlight new tech · Become a fan of organizations on Facebook tools · Share social media with friends – include box for YouTube · Subscribe to other library related channels – will help & Flickr increase the number of subscribers to LITA’s channel · Use widgets to post LITA’s blog feed to the page · Send "Friend Requests" on YouTube · Allow friends to post comments on LITA’s Channel wall ALA Connect Suggestions: · Use Flickr gadget to show photos from conferences · Use Delicious gadget to share LITA’s favorite websites · Share updates about conferences · Divisions and interest groups can share updates, meet with members and post documents for collaborating on projects Image Sources: ·