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A Map to Mobile E-Book Collections


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Mobile access to ebooks presents dynamic new challenges and opportunities for libraries. Smart phones and ebook readers are changing user expectations about accessing e-content and the exploding popularity of ebooks puts increased pressure on libraries to meet new demands. How can librarians leverage their expertise while traversing the mobile information frontier? This poster provides an essential guide to navigating the landscape of mobile ebook collections.

Presented by Lisa Carlucci Thomas & Holly Tomren
American Library Association 2010 Poster Session - 6/26/2010

Published in: Education, Technology, Business
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A Map to Mobile E-Book Collections

  1. 1. A Map to Mobile Ebook Collections<br />Developing & Managing Mobile Ebook Collections in Libraries <br />Explore & Investigate:<br /><ul><li>Ebook formats
  2. 2. Use & compatibility
  3. 3. Mobile devices
  4. 4. Mobile apps/platforms
  5. 5. Publishers & packages</li></ul>Implement New Models:<br /><ul><li> Point-of-need purchasing
  6. 6. Direct invoicing
  7. 7. Priority processing
  8. 8. Immediate activation
  9. 9. Streamline workflow </li></ul>Develop Best Practices:<br /><ul><li> Provide access points
  10. 10. Consider record options and national standards
  11. 11. Identify metadata needs
  12. 12. Adapt catalog display</li></ul>Selection<br />Acquisition<br />Cataloging<br />Advocate & Support:<br /><ul><li> Plan for advancements
  13. 13. Train staff & users to optimize mobile ebooks
  14. 14. Incorporate mobile into data management systems</li></ul>Partner & Promote:<br /><ul><li> Collaborate with IT
  15. 15. Articulate benefits of mobile access to collections
  16. 16. Integrate mobile ebooks into services & instruction</li></ul>Prepare & Educate:<br /><ul><li> Establish ebook preservation arrangements
  17. 17. Share expertise about format obsolescence, data migration issues, and more</li></ul>Access<br />Preservation<br />Management<br />Lisa Carlucci Thomas<br />Southern CT State University<br />Twitter: lisacarlucci<br />Holly Tomren<br />University of CA, Irvine Libraries<br />Twitter: htomren<br />&<br />