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Google application

  1. 1. Google Drive ApplicationGoogle Drive Application Purpose: 1.Google Applications Concept 2. Google Drive Application Usage 3. Sharing Permission with Google Doc Cambodian Children Fund
  2. 2. Google Application Concept Google Application is a very power tools for using with new technology for all sectors: - Labor - Education - Business - Medical Research - And so on.
  3. 3. Google Applications Introduction Briefly introductions about each Google Applications: - Web Search - Image - Videos - Books - News - More ( Apps, Maps, Shopping, Flight ) - Search Tools ( within time of period )
  4. 4. More Applications:
  5. 5. Google Drive Applications • Google Drive is a cloud service drive for storing files such images, video, document online • Google Drive is Mostly known as Google Docs • Google Docs is a free web base application using to create documentation, spreadsheet, and so on Address link for Google drive is
  6. 6. Google Drive Sub Application
  7. 7. About Google Drive Sub Application
  8. 8. Google Drive Permissions There two major types of permission: 1. Permission you have to access your Google Drive by using Gmail Account 2. Permission you are allowed by sharing from other Gmail Account
  9. 9. Permission for Accessing Google Drive In order to access your Google Drive, you have to sign in your Google Account 1. Type, then you will see the page below 2. Sign in to your account
  10. 10. Create a new documentation 1. Click on Create then choose Document
  11. 11. See the page as below then you can name your document by click on Untitled document
  12. 12. Name your document
  13. 13. Result of working with document
  14. 14. You will see the file of document on your drive as image
  15. 15. Permission by Sharing If you want to share just click on your file then click on sharing as image
  16. 16. You will see the pop up page as below
  17. 17. There are two option for sharing your document 1.Sharing by Private setting 2. Inviting People
  18. 18. Sharing by Private setting By click on the change you will see the pop up as image Choose the permission you want and then click Save
  19. 19. Sharing by Inviting You can allow other to view or edit your document click on Can edit then click Send
  20. 20. Technical Problem Some documents that you or your team work uploaded to Google Drive, it might be asked permission in order to edit or view. Anyway, please make sure that the files were shared by choosing Can edit. In order to share you have to right click then choose Open with, so you will see as the image below:
  21. 21. Useful Links
  22. 22. Thank for your attention Computer Teacher Hem Tola Email: Tel: 096 397 7779