Holy Trinity Digital Bulletin (Jan. 13-20, 2013)


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The weekly digital bulletin for Holy Trinity Orthodox Church at 119 S. Sparks St. in State College, Pennsylvania, showing events for Sunday, January 13 through Sunday, January 20, 2013.

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Holy Trinity Digital Bulletin (Jan. 13-20, 2013)

  1. 1. Welcome toHoly Trinity!
  2. 2. Welcome toHoly Trinity!If this is your first time visiting,be sure to sign the guest registerupstairs on your way home.
  3. 3. The Week Ahead Adult Study Group Tuesday, 7pm Parish Hall Follow the author’s incredible journeyfrom life to death and back again. All are welcome. Each session isself-contained. Books available forloan.
  4. 4. The Week Ahead OCF Organizational Meeting Tuesday, 7:30pm Starbucks on West College Avenue Clergy Staff Meeting Tuesday, 12:30pm Parish Hall
  5. 5. March in Witness of Life Join us January 25 in Washington, DC! All parishioners andstudentsare strongly encouraged toattend. We leave from Holy Trinitytomorrow at 7am, returningabout 10pm.
  6. 6. Don’t Forget… January is set aside for Home Blessings of everyone in the parish. Don’t forget to sign-up before you leave today! Indicate your date/time preferences using the sheetsupstairs in the Narthex. They are organized by ZIP Code. If you have questions, email Dn. Alexander.
  7. 7. The Week Ahead Penn State Orthodox Christian Fellowship Thursdays, 6pm 212 Pasquerilla Every week we meet for dinner anda student-led spiritual discussion. Find us on facebook.com/psuocf .
  8. 8. The Week Ahead Daily Vespers Wednesday, 5:30pm Great Vespers Saturday, 6pm Hours Next Sunday, 9:40am
  9. 9. The Week Ahead Presentation from Bridge of Hope Today during Coffee Hour Parish Hall
  10. 10. The Week Ahead Junior Orthodox Youth Association Tonight, 6pm Parish Hall
  11. 11. Our Mission “Building Up the Church Beyond Our Parish”Holy Trinity is a community of Orthodox Christiansseeking to glorify God by proclaiming the Gospel ofJesus Christ in its entirety to all people in the CentreRegion and beyond.
  12. 12. Our Mission “Building Up the Church Beyond Our Parish”We strive to build up the Church beyond our parishby: living our faith, participating in the fullness of Orthodox worship, teaching and fellowship, intentional outreach to the Penn State University community, and practicing sacrificial stewardship.
  13. 13. Our Clergy and Staff Bp. MELCHISEDEK (Pleska), Bishop of Pittsburgh & Western PA Fr. John Reeves , Rector Fr. Basil Biberdorf , Assistant Rector Dn. Alex Cadman , Ministries Coordinator Dn. Mark Oleynik , Director of Christian Education Dr. Bob Roberts and Karen Cattell , Choir Directors Judy Fryncko , Office Assistant
  14. 14. Parking Options Sparks St. Montessori Nittany Beverage School (On-Street) 139 N. Patterson St. 300 S. Sparks St. Patterson St. Holy Trinity Gill St. (On-Street) Parking Lot (On-Street)
  15. 15. Service Schedule Saturdays Vespers and Confessions , 6pm Sundays Matins , 9am Divine Liturgy , 10am Wednesdays Vespers and Confessions , 5:30pm Holy Days Great Vespers , 7pm (the evening before) Divine Liturgy , 9am
  16. 16. How to Reach Us By phone— Parish Office: (814) 231-2855 Hours: M-W-F 11am-3pm By email— ParishOffice@holytrinity-oca.org FrJohn@holytrinity-oca.org FrBasil@holytrinity-oca.org DnAlex@holytrinity-oca.org DnMark@holytrinity-oca.org By appointment— Contact the Parish Office or visit holytrinity-oca.org to schedule.
  17. 17. For More Information Monthly Newsletter THE TRISAGION Parish Email List Weekly calendar and Scripture Readings Community announcements Contact the Parish Office at (814) 231-2855 to subscribe.
  18. 18. Penn State Students:We meet every Thursday at 6 p.m. for dinner. Please make sure we have your email address!Look for Becky or sign the guest register upstairs.
  19. 19. Like Us on Facebook facebook.com/holytrinitysc