Mobile and Website Conversion: Building Your Business for Clients on the Go


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The mobile revolution is in full swing, so it should be no surprise that approximately 28 percent of the visitors to your website are coming via a mobile device. But can potential buyers find your site when searching via mobile? When they do arrive, is your website optimized to help them find what they want? Is it easy to place an order via a mobile device?

In our webinar, we'll examine:
Who is coming to your site via mobile
How are those visitors interacting with your site
What design and content strategies can you use to guide your visitors to conversion
We’ll share practical tips and techniques that will boost your business by getting the most of mobile.
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  • 91% of adults own a mobile phone and 56% of these are defined as smart phones2014 mobile will overtake desktop useage; 2016 mobile will account for $87 Billion of ecommerce and account for ¼ of all transactions74% are using mobile during the shopping processSpending more on mobile:Tablets = $329 per order resulting in $13.9 billionSmartphones = $250 per order resulting in $9.9 billionSpending more in specific categoriesup 50% Health and BeautyUp 40% AppliancesUp 34% on ElectronicsUp 25% on Household careDemographics of a mobile shopper45% Men & 35% WomenMen top purchaser of consumer electronics, movie/event tickets & digital content25% of men shop mobile during & at officeWomen tend to show while waiting for something outside the office
  • Pre-shopping activities via mobile44% deals44% price comparison30% product reviewsShopping and Purchasing activities31% purchase if it is easy to get product information via mobileEase of check out (data from other webinar about reducing steps to purchase)In store will purchase on line if price is better and easy to do; important to be found when using mobile search.
  • Store FrontMake sure your default store settings work in a mobile environmentCustomize mobile store to match your brandStreamline shopping and check outApp or mobile store? Why make a choice use both if possible62% access mobile store via mobile browser; 38% via store appApptive- create store app for small ecommerce businesses
  • Second Screen Trends- use of mobile or tablet when watching TV or gaming. 85% use second screen once a month when watching TV: 40% do this daily; 79% visit FB while watching TVMake sure your products are mobile SEO optimized to be found in a mobile search environmentKnow what similar products are being promoted and cash in on the buzz19% shop via mobile for products we see featured in shows and ads (NDP Group)Viggle- rewards people for interacting with sponsor when watching live broadcast;
  • Email scenario- send online coupon to email, open via mobile device (75% of US smartphone users check email on mobile. 9 minute chunks of time), click to mobile store to buy using coupon, Social selling- ask people to share deal with friends in social, (9hours & 6 minutes a month on social media via mobile- Nelson), click to mobile store to get deal and purchase.
  • Mobile Ads71% smartphone users search after being exposed to ads online82% notice mobile ads and remember ads50% of those see mobile ads take action; 49% of those actions are purchaseAds should be action oriented- 9 out of 10 smartphone searches result in a purchase, store visit or click to call business
  • Pinterest research resource:
  • Mobile and Website Conversion: Building Your Business for Clients on the Go

    1. 1. Mobile and Website Conversion Building your business how and where your clients communicate
    2. 2. Speaker & Agenda • Mobile - Who is coming? - What they are doing? - What you need to do. • Heidi Tobias Wong Bigcommerce Twitter: @Htoby Linkedin: tobiaswong/ Website Conversion - What is good conversion? - What you can to do improve it.
    3. 3. Who is on mobile? More than 50% of site traffic is mobile Average order value on tablets: $329, smartphone: $250 Men: 45%, women: 35%; Men during office hours, women after “In 2016 mobile will account for $87 Billion of ecommerce.” -Morgan Stanley
    4. 4. Mobile for pre-buying activities - 30% Review products and services - 44% Compare prices - 44% Research deals
    5. 5. Conversions via mobile - 31% purchase if product information is easy to get - Less steps = more conversions - Who does the work now: You or your clients? © 2013 Bigcommerce Pty. Ltd.
    6. 6. Mobile best practices Default website needs to be mobile friendly, next step is to customize mobile site to your brand Mobile site or app? Both is best! 62% use mobile site 38% use company app Make conversion quick and easy for mobile
    7. 7. Second screen trends Usage while watching TV or gaming: 85% once a month 40% daily 19% pre buying activities from things seen while watching shows 79% visit Facebook while watching TV
    8. 8. Mobile coupons • For local and online business • Distribute via email • Social media • Coupon apps “By 2014, 25% of mobile users will redeem a mobile coupon.” -eMarketer
    9. 9. Use mobile to keep clients coming back Reminder to engage via emails or text Want more on what to say? Check out my blog post “Partner, don’t Pitch” © 2013 Bigcommerce Pty. Ltd.
    10. 10. Drive back with social media Mobile users spend over 9 hours a month on social media
    11. 11. Mobile ads - 71% of users search after seeing ads - 82% remember ads - 50% take direct action on ads and 49% of those purchase
    12. 12. WEBSITE CONVERSION Design tips to get the results you desire when a client visits
    13. 13. What is Conversion? A measure of the number of potential clients that go on to connect or make a purchase
    14. 14. The Conversion Funnel A good conversion rate is dependent upon a variety of factors
    15. 15. Expectations for Conversion There are common best practices Every business is different If it’s not broken, don’t “fix it!” Improvement doesn’t happen overnight
    16. 16. A Client Enters your Site You have less than 5 seconds! • • • Show what you are offering Answer common questions Guide them on where to go next Some Helpful Tools: • • Five second test Are you answering your client’s questions?
    17. 17. Use a clean, uncluttered layout - Showcase your brand in a modern way - “Busy” websites don’t convert well
    18. 18. Header Conversion Opportunities Visible throughout your ENTIRE website 1. Include Contact Information 2. Simple Category Navigation 3. Additional Content Pages 4. Utilize Site Search
    19. 19. Footer Conversion Opportunities Visible throughout your ENTIRE website 1. 2. Simple Website Navigation Trust Signals can increase sales 36%
    20. 20. Include trustmarks to increase client confidence • Add trusted logos from credit card companies, VeriSign, TRUSTe, Better Business Bureau, etc Unique, detailed descriptions = better SEO • Highlight fair trade and cause marketing if applicable
    21. 21. Use detailed names for services or products - Always use the brand in the name - Include descriptive keywords for better SEO results - Use the product name in the URL, heading and breadcrumb — an SEO must
    22. 22. Write killer descriptions • Don’t copy/paste standard descriptions • Unique, detailed descriptions = better SEO • List key features in bullets for easy scanning • Provide both a summary and full description
    23. 23. Images should put the focus on your products or services • 67% of consumers rated image quality as “very important” • Highest quality default image you can get • Multiple images, multiple angles • Show in use when possible
    24. 24. Add videos to improve SEO and conversion - 53 times more likely to get a front-page Google result, 41% higher click-through - Visitors stay on site 9% longer, are 65% more likely to buy - Show products in use, closeups to highlight features
    25. 25. Video Do’s and Don'ts DO Show items being made Close Ups Multiple Perspectives Highlight Features Uses What it’s Made from The Benefits of Use The “How-To’s” Show Your Physical Store The Options are Endless! Don’t Use Autoplay Have no purpose Have too many
    26. 26. Feature reviews • 4.6% increase in conversion, 18% increase in sales • Show both sides of the story: shoppers who read bad reviews convert 67% more
    27. 27. Allow social sharing • 50% of consumers use social media to share product reviews • 68% read product reviews on social networks • Pinterest is expected to account for 40% of all social media driven purchases • Adding social sharing also helps increase awareness & validation
    28. 28. Important site metrics to review • Bounces • Click mapping • Average items per cart • Frequency of visit or purchase • Abandonment rates © 2013 Bigcommerce Pty. Ltd.
    29. 29. Interested in learning more? Heidi Tobias Wong Tweet me @Htoby Send me questions via Linkedin: ong/ Free ebook: How to Create an Online Store This Weekend To help you get jump-started, we are offering a free Ebook that will help you in creating an online store in a single weekend! This Ebook will prove step-bystep assistance and is backed with great tips, honest advice and tons of examples from successful online business owners.