HTK seminar at Civil Contingencies 2011


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With an increasing UK government focus on 'cloud' services for information technology, the ways that departments procure their services - and the types of service that can be delivered - are changing.

Tthis presentation looks at a specific cloud solutions for Community Resilience and considers ways in which government bodies or departments might collaborate to benefit from more cost-effective shared services.

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HTK seminar at Civil Contingencies 2011

  1. 1. Justin Bowser has been a supplier of public ‘warn and inform’ services for over 10 years, including the National Police Portal, Police Direct, Birmingham Community Alert and more recently Floodline and Floodline Warnings Direct for the Scottish Environment Protection Agency. A key interest is low-cost software-as-a-service (“SaaS”) for joined-up warning, informing and digital community engagement.Intelligent customer contact
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  3. 3. Helping people to get the information they need, when and how they want it …on a budget!Intelligent customer contact
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  5. 5. Intelligent customer contact
  6. 6. Automated call handling Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Personalised menus, content and call flows SMS self-service the way we“ HTK has helped to revolutionise manage our information IVR. Ultimately, they’ve delivered a market leading solution that gives our millions of customers a personalised, easy way to self-serve a huge range of information, maintaining a great experience and satisfaction. ” Chris Brown Communications Manager, O2 UKIntelligent customer contact
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  10. 10. Thank you for this service - it meant I used the train rather than the bus yesterday and this morning, and will be able to get back to go to a funeral midday today. I do not usually listen to local radio (certainly not when I am at work). WOW! I just had my first text message, followed by a voice call from Birmingham Community Alerts about burst water pipe in Kings Heath. Love it! Many thanks to all the Resilience Team for the information today about the burst water main in Dads Lane. I got helpful and timely information by text, mobile voice message, land line and email (all bases covered). Brilliant.Intelligent customer contact
  11. 11. • SMS is Popular (55% in Oct 2010) and IMMEDIATE • Postcode enables geo targetingIntelligent customer contact
  12. 12. “So how much does it cost?”Around £3,000 to £9,000 per year(plus message charges) don’t forget the ( messages are targeted – so you need to send less )Intelligent customer contact
  13. 13. Shared regional use? Cloud software enables geographic joint workingIntelligent customer contact
  14. 14. Local or regionaluse sharedacross differentprocuring bodies? “Police Direct allows us to use the public as our eyes and ears to prevent crime from occurring, and also to try and detect crimes.” Chief Inspector Adrian Dawson Head of Operations Communications, Suffolk ConstabularyIntelligent customer contact
  15. 15. “ Do you think that Police yes 99.32% Direct is a useful service to no the public? ” 0.68% safer than before “ Does receiving Police 53.07% Direct messages make no change 44.73% you feel… ” less safe 2.2% “ Receiving Police Direct a better opinion of Suffolk Constabulary 58.04% messages has meant that no change you now have… ” 40.59% a worse opinion 1.37% customer delight = customer expectation + 1Intelligent customer contact
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  17. 17. Social housing example. Let’s assume: – 16,500 dwellings. – 3 repairs per dwelling per year, i.e. approx. 50,000. – Re-let rate of 5%, so 900 lettings. – 7,500 on the waiting list for rehousing. – 25% in rent arrears (i.e. approx. 4000). – 5% in serious rent arrears of 4 weeks or more (i.e. approx. 800) – Average rent of about £80 per weekPotential savings: Repairs ‘no shows’ £10,000 p.a. Voids (vacant properties) £10,000 p.a. Rent arrears £15,000 p.a.Intelligent customer contact
  18. 18. • Free “Discovery Workshop” – Introductions (15 minutes) • A quick overview to make sure that everyone has a common view of the workshop objectives and desired outcomes – Discovery: Key business drivers (30 minutes) • A presentation of case studies relevant to your industry, and an open discussion on your key objectives and drivers – Technology: The art of the possible (30 minutes) • A practical session to experience a range of customer interaction capabilities and discuss best-practice guidelines – Brainstorm: Identifying the opportunity (60 minutes) • A round-table discussion to explore areas of potential business benefit and identify the opportunities for action – Wrap-up (30 minutes) • A round-up of the key points, actions and next-stepsIntelligent customer contact