The Origins of Football


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  • The Origins of Football

    1. 1. Football and it’s History Hossam Khattab Grade 8b P.E. Qatar Academy
    2. 2. Origins of Football• The game where we score using a ball originated as far back as Ancient China• This however was not our known version of football• This version would be played with a ball of yarn or lard• The rules were also slightly different, with some civilizations such as Mesoamerican, played it as a merge between basketball and football, where a ball would have to be kicked into a hoop
    3. 3. Origins of Modern Day Football• Most sources point to football that we play today originating in medieval Europe, more specifically in England• This version was still however not a international sport• The rules would differ between town• Some variations included (but aren’t limited to): • Touching the ball with hands • Size of pitch • Line rules (such as outs, offsides)
    4. 4. First Set of Rules• The first organized international set of rules for association football were put together at Cambridge University• These rules were made up in 1848• These rules are the closest to what we see in international competitions today• FIFA however has made some slight changes for World Cup Matches
    5. 5. Football as a National Sport• Football is a national sport in over 60 nations: • South America • Western Europe (Norway down to Greece) • South East Asia • Middle East • African Nations (except South Africa) • Countries mistaken for football as a national sport (where it is not) • Mexico, Japan, Cuba, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, West Indies, Caribbean, Canada
    6. 6. Popularity of Football• Football has become very popular for a number of reasons• 1. Anyone can play • football can be played anywhere with little or no equipment, such as on a small pitch, or a empty lot• 2. Players have become popular through advertisement• 3. Games are interesting, and active and can be seen from TV to the internet• 4. Players accomplish amazing feats in scoring and dribbling and this looks “cool”
    7. 7. Style of Playing• Different countries which excel at football have different styles or strategies. Here are a few • Italy: skillful, cunning, cautious - rapid tempo, pass at angles to reach goal • England: physical, quick, direct - quick attacks, fast pace mentality • Latin: confident with ball, creative, good dribbling - spontaneous movement of ball, improvisational • Northern Europe: aggressive, fast, organized - forceful, but predictive attacks, definite shape in defense
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