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The Brief Introduction to Tjitra Management Consulting Co., Ltd

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Company profile

  1. 1. Excellence  through   Culture,  Talent  and  Change - Introduction to Our Services - April 2012 Hong Kong ■ Shanghai ■ Hangzhou ■ JakartaThursday, April 19, 12
  2. 2. Excellence through Culture, Talent and Change Executive  Summary Companies and Organizations we have been working with ... * • Tjitra & associates is a management consultancy founded by Dr. Tjitra with offices in Hong Kong, Hangzhou and Jakarta. Our work focuses on the CULTURE, TALENT and CHANGE. • Over the last fifteen years, Dr. Tjitra and his team have collected International project experiences at the global, national and regional level with senior leaders from over forty countries in the US, Europe and Asia. • A team of multilingual psychologists is dedicated to striving for excellence and providing tailor-made service solutions. We devote ourselves to ensuring sustainable business results by understanding the exact needs and situation of our clients. * only selected list and not complete Company Profile_EN ver./120419 2Thursday, April 19, 12
  3. 3. Excellence through Culture, Talent and Change Our  Approach  and  Service  Portfolios Excellence through Culture, Talent and Change Our APPROACH: a taylor-made solution with clear, measurable objectives Managing CULTURE diversity to create synergy across cultures TALENT as success factor in ensuring sustainable growth Leading strategic CHANGE for successful organizational transformation Company Profile_EN ver./120419 3Thursday, April 19, 12
  4. 4. Excellence through Culture, Talent and Change Excellence  through   Culture,  Talent  and  Change   Critical  challenges  in  ensuring  sustainable  success “When I came to China for the first time, my first remark is, ‘The Chinese are just like us!’ Then everything usually goes downhill from there, because they are not! Chinese are totally different from us!” Foreign expert, who knows China since 1979 and lives in China since 1985 Company Profile_EN ver./120419 4Thursday, April 19, 12
  5. 5. Excellence through Culture, Talent and Change CULTURE  Diversity: Globalization  challenges  for  the  HR  partners  and  champions Challenges for Chinese companies (% of respondents from companies based in China, n=63) What barriers, if any, have your company suffered in its operation outside mainland China? Three big challenges for Chinese What barriers, if any, has your company faced to undertaking activities outside mainland China? companies’ globalization • Developing Managerial Talent Our company does not have enough managerial talent 44 • Managing Cultural Barriers We lack sufficient capital 25 • Attracting International Talent We have an inadequate understanding of legal and/or reputation risks in other countries 24 Survey from McKinsey Quarterly Cultural barriers make the business difficult to manage 22 • Most executives at Chinese companies say the biggest obstacle to the global growth Potential customers have concerns about the quality of Chinese products 21 of their companies is a lack of managerial talent. Customers are unfamiliar with Chinese brands 19 • During the globalization, most Chinese companies face the challenge of Governments or other stakeholders in other countries had a negative reaction to our proposed activities 19 combining Chinese and Western forms of communication and cultural norms. Funds have been difficult to find outside mainland China 14 • 88% of the Chinese executives said that their globalization efforts were hindered by Logistical barriers make the business difficult to manage 11 the scarcity of people with real cross- Potential employees in new geographies are not familiar cultural knowledge or experience with our company 10 managing foreign talent. Other 5 Our company has faced no barriers 3 Company Profile_EN ver./120419 5Thursday, April 19, 12
  6. 6. Excellence through Culture, Talent and Change Growing  TALENT  demand:  China’s  growing  pains Chief Human Resources Officers’ Top Priorities (Corporate leadership council, 2006) 100 - Nine out of ten HR senior executives report a shortage of qualified talent in the Chinese labor market. 76% - “Chinese graduates are not well prepared, they are not ready for Percentage 71% 70% the work in MNC environment.” (Foreign HR expert with intensive 65% of Chief China experiences) Human Resources Officers 50 Ranking Issue as Top Priority Percentage of organizations Experiencing talents shortages in china (Corporate leadership council, 2006) 0 Developing Improving HR Attracting Increasing Function High- and Line Manager Effectiveness Potential Retaining the Effectiveness Employees Right Talent Experiencing Shortages 88% - 37% of the companies responded that talent recruitment was their biggest operational problem. 12% Not Experiencing - 44% of the executives at Chinese companies surveyed by The McKinsey Shortages Quarterly reported that insufficient talent was the biggest barrier to their global ambitions. Company Profile_EN ver./120419 6Thursday, April 19, 12
  7. 7. Excellence through Culture, Talent and Change Strategic  CHANGE:  Why  do  Change  programs  fail? Influencing factors in order of relevance to success (C4 Consulting, 2007) Insufficient commitment of the 61% leadership team • Strategic change failures are commonly related to human issues, not technical issues Unclear objectives and visions of 56% the change process (Kotter & Cohen, 2002). Lack of leaders’ competence in professionally dealing with 56% people’s fears and concerns • The study in Chinese context reveals the most challenge Disunity on the top leadership 56% during the change level (no one-woke approach) management in Chinese enterprises is lack of Lack of support from the line 52% management competent talents (Wang, 2003). Incomplete or delayed information to the employees 50% • The survey from German Insufficient support in coping 46% leading companies found the with fears and resistance reasons for the failure in managing large-scale change Neglect of psychological factors 43% are relevant to soft issue, during project planning inconsistency of change objectives (C4 Consulting, Insufficient human resources 37% 2007). Lack of trust in communication Very relevant or between employees and 36% essential management 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 Company Profile_EN ver./120419 7Thursday, April 19, 12
  8. 8. Excellence through Culture, Talent and Change Our  approach   in  assisting  our  clients  ensuring  measurable  results “... That’s the result of expecting that no special things need to be changed in China, ... and not empowering the China team.” Lee Kai-fu on the problem of western IT MNC in China (Forbes, Nov. 24 2008) Company Profile_EN ver./120419 8Thursday, April 19, 12
  9. 9. Excellence through Culture, Talent and Change Tailor-­‐Made  Solution  with  clear  objectives  and   in-­‐depth  understanding  at  the  beginning  of  the  cooperation Expected Results 5 Evaluation Evaluation and Follow-Up 4 Execution Project Implementation 3 Design Process and Method Design 2 Analysis Deep Understanding on Clients’ Current Situation 1 Objective Agreement on Project Objective & Expected Results Company Profile_EN ver./120419 9Thursday, April 19, 12
  10. 10. Excellence through Culture, Talent and Change Generic  Consultancy  Process Workshop / Flash Analysis Trainshop e.g. In-depth interview, Project / Team / e.g. Strategic workshop, Preliminary focus group discussion, cross-cultural Individual Coaching, Expected organizational survey, Study document analysis, on- communication and Adaptation, Follow- Result the-job observation, cooperation trainshop, ability/personality test, leadership development Up and Evaluation etc. and team effectiveness workshop, etc. Agreed on Objectives Analysis & Agreement Main Intervention Ensuring Sustainable Impact Measurable Result General Approach for Tailor-Made Solution Exploration and Implementation Company Profile_EN ver./120419 10Thursday, April 19, 12
  11. 11. Excellence through Culture, Talent and Change Innova  Lab  Research  and  Development -­‐  ensuring  innovation  and  sustainable  impacts Mission of Innova Lab Research and Development Projects • Ensuring excellent quality and state-to-the-art • Building the Global Competence for Asian Leaders products, brands and expertise • International Employability: Development of Intercultural Competence • Developing high-impact, sustainable products of German and Chinese Young Professionals • Sharing knowledge from practical research with • Effective Teamwork at the Top Management Team in International Joint our customers and partner community Venture • Cross-Cultural Learning Behavior: Effectiveness of the Western Technology Transfer Approaches in China • Comparative Studies on Chinese-Indonesian Intercultural Competence and Sensitivity • Chinese Intercultural Competence and Sensitivity in Tourism Industry • Strategic Decision Making in Chinese and Multinational Teams • Intercultural Perspectives of International Post-Merger Integration • Intercultural Synergy in Professional Team • Development of Intercultural Training for Indonesia Students in Germany • Emotional Intelligence in Workplace: Buffering Effects of Supervisor Support between Emotional Labor and Affective Commitment • Multiple Role Understanding and Training Effectiveness of Corporate Trainers: Chinese Culture Based Study Company Profile_EN ver./120419 11Thursday, April 19, 12
  12. 12. Excellence through Culture, Talent and Change Managing  CULTURE  diversity   to  create  synergy  across  cultures   “If you can’t learn quickly, your market share will perish .... worst case, their market share has gone from 90% to 10% in three of four years. That’s the result of expecting that no special things need to be changed in China, ... and not empowering the China team.” Lee Kai-fu on the problem of western IT MNC in China (Forbes, Nov. 24 2008) Company Profile_EN ver./120419 12Thursday, April 19, 12
  13. 13. Excellence through Culture, Talent and Change CULTURE  Service  Framework: Intercultural  Competence  and  Sensitivity “To be effective in another culture, people must be interested in other cultures, be sensitive enough to notice cultural differences, and then also be willing to modify their behavior as an indication of respect for the people of other cultures ” (Bhawuk and Brislin, 1992) Intercultural Competence Motivation Intercultural Intercultural Communication Sensitivity Competence Technical knowledge & skill Cultural empathy Respect for Language differences Awareness of skill communication Stress tolerance symbols Verbal & Harmony Attribution non-verbal Self Control preservation process of expression information Company Profile_EN ver./120419 13Thursday, April 19, 12
  14. 14. Excellence through Culture, Talent and Change We  help  our  clients  in  better  understanding  the  art  of   balancing  global  integration  and  local  adaptation  from  the  cultural  points Our projects covers ... ✓ Cultural awareness training / workshop ✓ Cross-cultural assessment center ✓ Executive leadership coaching ✓ Working and living abroad ✓ Global player/International sales Tailor-made integrated solution ✓ International high potential program ✓ Research-based development program ✓ Multi-cultural team building workshop / on intercultural sensitivity and cross- team coaching cultural learning ✓ International project management • Intercultural competence and sensitivity ✓ Working effectively in virtual team • Effective learning behavior of employees in multinational companies in Chinese cultural ✓ Diversity management context ✓ Diversity guideline • Role understanding and training effectiveness of corporate trainers in Chinese culture context ✓ Corporate culture system ✓ Talent management and organizational change program in cross-cultural context Company Profile_EN ver./120419 14Thursday, April 19, 12
  15. 15. Excellence through Culture, Talent and Change Strategic  Workshop  for  Multicultural  Top  Management  Team T BES TICE C PRA BACKGROUND - Sino-Europe joint venture with main business in high-tech industry, has more than 5000 employees and an annualized yield of about 4 billion yuan. - The surge capacity from business, intensive industry competition, and ineffective cooperation and communication between Chinese and foreign staffs became the main challenges to their further development. OBJECTIVE Improving communication and cooperation between Chinese and foreign parts & Achieving common understanding on organizational vision and strategy EXPECTED RESULT - Understanding organizational situation clearly from different perspectives - Exploring challenges the organization faced and identifying critical ones - Discovering influencing factors for different challenges - Developing action plan for the future implementation Company Profile_EN ver./120419 15Thursday, April 19, 12
  16. 16. Excellence through Culture, Talent and Change Strategic  Workshop  Sample  for  Multicultural  Top  Management  Team T Day 1 Day 2 BES TICE C PRA Welcome & Introduction Creating Cultural Synergy Objective, Expectation and Agenda Short lecture on Cross-Culture Team Building & Leadership Break Organizational Flash Analysis Result Organizational Flash Analysis Presentation on has been done prior to Organizational Flash Analysis Result Group Work & Problem Solving: Strategic Workshop Become Competent Leader in Multicultural Workplace Plenary Discussion on the Results Lunch Working Effectively in Personal Development and Action Plan Multicultural Environment Short lecture on Intercultural Sensitivity Reflection, Feedback & Closing and Competency Theory/Tool * * selected based on organizational flash analysis result Break Group Work & Problem Solving: Problem prioritization, deep discussion Short Lecture & Discussion and strategy identification Learning in Action Optional Joint Dinner & Informal Discussion Company Profile_EN ver./120419 16Thursday, April 19, 12
  17. 17. Excellence through Culture, Talent and Change TALENT  as  a  success  factor   in  ensuring  sustainable  growth “Act like a leader, not a manager! They (managers) equate managing with sophistication, with sounding smarter than anyone else. They inspire no one. I dislike the traits that have come to be associated with ‘managing’ - controlling, stifling people, keeping them in the dark, wasting their time on trivia and reports. ... Leaders are people who ‘inspire with clear vision of how thing can be done better.’” Jack Welch (Jack Welch and GE Way, 1999). Company Profile_EN ver./120419 17Thursday, April 19, 12
  18. 18. Excellence through Culture, Talent and Change TALENT  Service  Framework: Learning  &  Development  built  the  base  of  our  Talent  Management  Approach Relevant to Learning, Training and Development Impacts on Assessment Career & Performance Promotion Management Training & Development 360 Feedback, Value System, Balance Scorecard Learning Transfer Measurable Results Evaluation Based on Corporate Strategy Competence Model Aligning business strategy and Hard- and soft-skills required by organizational development & culture different roles and responsibilities Company Profile_EN ver./120419 18Thursday, April 19, 12
  19. 19. Excellence through Culture, Talent and Change Our  solution  put  the  talent  in  the  center  of  the  process   and  our  expertise  covers  the  whole  talent  value  chain Our projects covers ... ✓ Employee selection for diverse positions and functions / high potential program ✓ Competency modeling / Job analysis ✓ Staffing due to organizational change ✓ Development assessment for comprehensive Tailor-made integrated solution management development program ✓ Solution for different levels of talents ✓ Management (Talent) audit due to M&A • Entry level ✓ Project team diagnostic for selection and development - Induction for the new joiner ✓ Designing taylor-made selection process and - High potential graduates / trainee method • Middle level management ✓ Training for leadership-team on how to apply - First time manager performance appraisal system - High potential mid-level manager ✓ Training for doing selection interview for HR • Top level management professional and managers - Executive leadership team ✓ Individual/Group assessment center ✓ 360-Degree feedback ✓ Systematic development program ✓ Ability and personality test • 3-12 months development program ✓ In-depth and behavioral interview • Multiple methods including assessment, web- based learning, classroom lecturing, action ✓ Systematic on-the-job observation learning, etc. • Combined leadership and management skills Company Profile_EN ver./120419 19Thursday, April 19, 12
  20. 20. Excellence through Culture, Talent and Change Assessment  Center  for  Talent  Selection  and  Development T BES TICE C PRA Assessment Center process starts by having the right understanding of the critical success and fit factors 2 4 Assessment center preparation Result report & Feedback • Specifying assessment tools (develop eligible • The assessment center for selection tools and materials if necessary) - Deliver selection report • Identifying assessors (1 chairman + 1 • The assessment center for development: psychologist + 1 administrator + * assessors) - Deliver development report and feedback • Training for the assessors, role players (and - Facilitate development action planning observers) Our solution starts ... Selected talent 1 3 Organization and job position analysis • Understanding corporate culture Assessment center • Analyzing job’s roles and responsibilities implementation • Identifying the right competence model • Conducting assessment center • Exploring job success profile • Assessor (+ observer) conference Company Profile_EN ver./120419 20Thursday, April 19, 12
  21. 21. Excellence through Culture, Talent and Change Assessment  Center  Sample  Process T BES TICE C Objective & Analysis Design & Implementation Feedback PRA • In-depth interview • Identify corporate value and competence • GRT: Cognitive ability test • Identify critical success • Evaluation system factors and job competence • Strategic presentation • 15FQ+ Personality • Invite candidate(s) test • Train assessors Company Profile_EN ver./120419 21Thursday, April 19, 12
  22. 22. Excellence through Culture, Talent and Change Leading  strategic  CHANGE   in  securing  successful  organizational  transformation “No organization today -- large or small, local or global -- is immune to change. To cope with new technological, competitive, and demographic forces, leaders in every sector have sought to fundamentally alter the way their organizations do business. Yet according to most assessments, few of these efforts accomplish their goals.” John P. Kotter, Author of international bestseller Leading Change Company Profile_EN ver./120419 22Thursday, April 19, 12
  23. 23. Excellence through Culture, Talent and Change CHANGE  Service  Framework: Two-­‐Phase  Change  Model  -­‐  Strategy  Formulation  &  Implementation Strategy Formulation (WHY and WHAT) What do we need to change? • What is the new holding structure? Why do we need to change? • What kind of new organization What are the barriers in do we want to become? • What could be the benefits the ensuing process? of the change? • Who will be in charge for what? • What could be the consequences if we do not change? When, what kind of changes and how How do we implement to do it? the transformation process? • What are the first and what is the • How does each next? How to communicate the members should transformation? prepare and contribute • How to make it to the change process? sustainable? • Whom to communicate? • Which channels? • How the new roles will • At which phase? be shared? Strategy Implementation (HOW and WHEN) Company Profile_EN ver./120419 23Thursday, April 19, 12
  24. 24. Excellence through Culture, Talent and Change We  help  our  clients  in  better  understanding  the  art  of   balancing  global  integration  and  local  adaptation  from  the  cultural  points Our projects covers ... ✓ Employees and Organizational Survey ✓ Top management team diagnostic Tailor-made integrated solution ✓ Focus group discussion of diverse employee group ✓ Systematic implement program ✓ HR-Benchmark Online • The change concept development by multi approach from initiative driver ✓ Facilitation of strategic workshops • Change project communicate through the ✓ Development of HR tools / instruments entire organization involved ✓ Designing strategic organizational and • Facilitating and mentoring the implement change process process ✓ Training-Workshop on Change ✓ Solution for different purposes Leadership and Communication Strategy • Tools to engage the organization - Communication plan and strategy - Implement system • Barrier removal - Barrier identification - Right-of-way rules • Change leadership - Leadership coaching and mentoring - Personal planning Company Profile_EN ver./120419 24Thursday, April 19, 12
  25. 25. Excellence through Culture, Talent and Change Strategic  Management  Alignment  and  Strengthening T BES TICE • Determine the starting basis by proceeding employee interview. PRA C • Implement the value system through different approach and channel. Corporate value development macro process New Employees’ Interview Values Values Challenges Survey Survey Workshop Implementation Value development micro process Head Office Select (& reformulate) core value Players Theoretical • Sponsors models Discuss value structure (meaning & definition) • Value team • Support team Decided value statements (reformulate) Value system Create behavioral anchors (guideline) • Core value • Value statement • Behavioral anchors Company Profile_EN ver./120419 25Thursday, April 19, 12
  26. 26. Excellence through Culture, Talent and Change Value  Implementation  Process  and  Method T BES TICE C Value implementation process PRA Finish • Core values are the essential and enduring tenets of an organization. Live • People learn and behave the corporate value Breathe with corporate value through different steps. Do Believe Behave following corporate value Remember Agree and support the corporate value Start Know Memorize the value statement and behavioral anchors Understand the corporate value system Value implementation method • An effective corporate communication is key factor to implement the core value. The management should: Action What do we need? Develop clear action plan Explore necessary and possible resources Value Implementation Identify possible barriers Define measurement anchors Possible barriers Success measurements Company Profile_EN ver./120419 26Thursday, April 19, 12
  27. 27. Excellence through Culture, Talent and Change Strategic  Partners Global Change Alliance (GCA) • All consultancies of the GCA work on the basis of a Senior Expert structure of consultants • All in all the GCA-platform comprises about 125 people • Our work is based on the congruence model of organizational change (developed in the USA) • Our partners are: - C4 Consulting, Germany (Duesseldorf ) - Ascend Partners, France (Paris) - Comma Consulting, Great Britain (London) - Veritas Partners, LLC, USA (New York) • PE Solution • Assess, develop and accompany individuals, teams and organizations Assessment & Development • Provides individually adjusted solutions to customers’ needs instead of standard measures, trainings, etc. • Covers wide range of clients, incl. big DAX-companies, medium-sized businesses and the public sector Personal Metizo Development • Pioneers in personal development programs in education • Recognized certification in personal development for MBAs & EMBA in cooperation with top business schools • Corporate personal development with measurable results for well-known MNCs Company Profile_EN ver./120419 27Thursday, April 19, 12
  28. 28. Excellence through Culture, Talent and Change Contact  Address Hong Kong: Shanghai: 31/F, Tower One, Times Square 1F, No. 1388 Shan Xi North Road, Putuo District,  1 Matheson Street, Causeway Bay, HONG KONG Shanghai, 200060, P.R. China 香港銅鑼灣勿地臣街 1 號時代廣場一座31樓 中国上海市普陀区陕西北路1388号一楼 Phone +852 2824 8521 Phone +86 21 6149 8264 Fax +852 2107 3699 Fax +86 21 6149 8001 Contact Person: Hangzhou: Jakarta: Summer Shi Suite 810, Guangyin Plaza, 42 East Fengqi Rd., Menara BCA 50th Floor, Jl. MH. Thamrin No. 1 Phone +86 571 8763 1203 Hangzhou 310010 P.R. CHINA Jakarta 10310, INDONESIA Fax +86 571 8763 1210 中国浙江省杭州市凤起东路42号广茵大厦810 Phone + 62 21 2358 4616 Email: Fax + 62 21 2358 4401 Phone + 86 571 8763 1203 Fax + 86 571 8763 1210 28Thursday, April 19, 12