Using memory to improve grades in school


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Using memory to improve grades in school

  1. 1. Using Memory to Improve Grades in School
  2. 2. • Want the biggest indicator of how important our memory function is to each of us?
  3. 3. • It has nothing to do with remembering the name of your third cousin (who’s been twice removed). It’s not the importance of recalling relatives’ addresses for sending out those Christmas cards. Heck, it’s not even remembering your high school locker combination.
  4. 4. • It all comes down to using memory to improve grades in school.
  5. 5. • The human memory has more to do with academic success than you might think. For example, both short term and long term memories are vital for improved academic performance – and understanding how each works to retain and recall information is the key to success in school.
  6. 6. • Like it or not, your grades are the ultimate sign of how successful you’ll be in life. Grades have the power to determine your future; from your college acceptance to your first job, your GPA will pave the way for your success as an adult.
  7. 7. • So if you want to improve your grades, then you’ll need to learn how to improve your memory!
  8. 8. The Link between Memory and Grades • So what does improving memory have to do with boosting your GPA?
  9. 9. • Think about it this way: what is the biggest determinant of your grades? That’s right – tests, pop quizzes and essays. With essays, you can easily use research to net that top school – but what about when it comes to tests and pop quizzes? That, my friend, tests your ability to recall information.
  10. 10. • And as far as recalling information is concerned, that’s the primary function of the human memory!
  11. 11. • Think about how you study for a test or quiz. You probably take home all of your notebooks and textbooks, find a nice quiet area in your home, and start to memorize the information that you’ll be tested on. You don’t use any memorization techniques – you simply read the information over and over until you’ve absorbed everything possible.
  12. 12. • But when it comes down to it, this is hardly an effective way to memorize information for tests. You need to work with your memory, not against it. And if you just sit in front of a list of historical dates or mathematical formulas, you can bet that all of your hard work will go straight out of the window when you need it the most!
  13. 13. • So when it comes down to better memory and better grades, what memorization techniques and brain exercises can you use to improve memory function?
  14. 14. Easy Memorization Techniques That Boost Grades • Forgot those traditional memorization techniques that you learned back in elementary school. These memorization techniques are proven to not only help you retain information – they even improve memory function!
  15. 15. • Timing is Everything. When it comes to using memory to improve grades, don’t underestimate the power of timing. The human memory is primed to learn things at certain intervals – and once you understand just how these intervals work, you’ll be in an optimal position to memorize your test information!
  16. 16. • Follow this time table to max out your memory: first, review a small chunk of your test information (no more than a page or two) for approximately half an hour. Take a break, but be sure to return to it five minutes later. Review the information again for another half an hour, and then take another break.
  17. 17. • Come back to the information again after an hour, and review it within fifteen minutes. Continue this latter step for the next 24 hours. By following this schedule, you’ll have transformed short term memory into long term information!
  18. 18. Turn Information into a Story • Memorization can be boring when you’re reading lists over and over. However, if you turn your testing information into a story, you’ll not only stay interested in what you’re studying – it’ll be easier for you to recall the information during the actual test.
  19. 19. • For example, if you’re memorizing a list of vocabulary words, make up a story that incorporates all of those words. You’ll be surprised at how effective these memory techniques can be!
  20. 20. Brain Exercises to Improve Memory Function • Using memory to improve grades in school doesn’t have to boil down to revision for your tests. In fact, some of the best grade boosting techniques have nothing to do with memorization at all…
  21. 21. • …And that’s where brain exercises come into play!
  22. 22. • You see, your brain is just like any other part of your body. If you use it often, it’ll be strong and healthy. However, if you don’t use it to its full potential, then you can guarantee that your memory skills will be rather rusty.
  23. 23. • So shake off the cobwebs and improve your grades with these powerful brain exercises!
  24. 24. Play with Puzzles. • Making puzzles a daily part of your life isn’t just fun – it’s a powerful memory booster as well! You see, games like Sudoku puzzles and crosswords keep our brains sharp and alert. And when our brains are primed for action, you can bet that your memory will follow suit.
  25. 25. Read a Book. • I know that after a long day at school, the last thing you want to do is read yet another book. But trust me, if you want to improve your grades, then keeping your mind sharp through reading is the best way to go about it. So turn off that television, unplug your game console and curl up with a good book – your stellar grades will thank you for it.
  26. 26. Get Exercise. • Brain exercise doesn’t have to revolve around mental activity; in fact, some of the best brain exercises are through physical exertion. When we exercise, our minds release dopamine and serotonin, which are considered the brain’s “feel-good” chemicals.
  27. 27. • Both hormones have been proven to boost memory, increase mental alertness and heighten the power of recall. So if you’ve got a big test in a couple of days, set up a game of soccer with your friends or go for a job around the block!
  28. 28. • Using memory to improve grades in school doesn’t have to be boring or hard; in fact, once you see how powerful these techniques are, you’ll be a permanent fan of memory improvement!
  29. 29. • Get 10 free expert tips on improving memory. Click on the link now and get the report. • Powerful Ways to Sharpen Your Memory