Maslow’s hierarchy of needs


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Maslow’s hierarchy of needs

  1. 1. By: Heidi Tenney
  2. 2. What is it?  A theory of human motivation His model places motivational needs in a hierarchy and suggests that before more sophisticated, higher- order needs can be met, certain primary needs must be satisfied. He placed the more fundamental lower-order needs at the base and the higher-order needs at the top. For a specific higher-order need to guide behavior, a person must first fulfill the more basic needs in the hierarchy.
  3. 3. Categories of Need  Five categories of need include:  Physiological needs  Safety needs  Love & belongingness  Esteem  Self-actualization
  4. 4. Physiological Needs  The requirements for human survival. Usually the first needs to be met Located at the bottom of the pyramid The primary drives include:  Water, food, sleep, & sex Example: If you are taking a road trip and you get thirsty you usually stop somewhere to get a drink.
  5. 5. Safety Needs  The need for a safe & secure environment. Can be met after physiological needs are met Located second from the bottom Safety and Security needs include:  Personal security, financial security, health/well-being, & safety nets against accidents/illness Example: People look both ways before crossing the street & if they don’t look before they don’t feel safe
  6. 6. Love & Belongingness  The need to obtain & give affection. Third layer of human needs on the pyramid This need for belonging can often override the physiological and security needs. Humans need to love & be loved by others-sexually & non-sexually Example: Children join gangs just to feel like they fit in & have friends.
  7. 7. Esteem  The need to develop a sense of self- worth by recognizing that others know & valve one’s competence. Fourth layer of humans needs May participate in activities that give them a sense of self-value Example: Even though she knows she is pretty, a young girl does modeling to get compliments on her beauty which builds up her self- esteem.
  8. 8. Self-Actualization  A state of self-fulfillment in which people realize their highest potential, each in his or her own unique way. Located at the top of the pyramid. Reaching self-satisfaction Example: A teenager plays football all through high school & college to become a professional football player & after college he does, now he is happy & satisfied with his life.
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