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explosion of consumer culture


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the history of consumer culter and consumption boom

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explosion of consumer culture

  2. 2. Three Main Reason of «Consumption Boom» The opening of «Shops» The sprouting and spreading of «Department Stores» Emerging the catalogue
  3. 3. Some Features of the First Department Stores Founder was Aristide Boucicaut The first simple of them was opened in Paris (1838) Mostly, clothes were sold Then department stores’ product range included; furnitures, utensils and toys Dealers were not dealing with customers directly, only they were guiding to customers to buy
  4. 4. The first department store : «Le Bon Marché»
  5. 5. Emerging the Catalogue
  6. 6. SLOPSHOPSIn 1890, the first slopshop was opened in USA.Slopshops’ importance is «including middle and lower class» to consumptionSpreading espacially in EnglandEmerging resistence and reactions in continental Europe
  7. 7. Developing Advertising Advertising was changed with department stores 1870 in USA, 1920 in France, modern advertisement companies were established Less word much visual Emphasizing some words (fascinating, stupendous and etc)
  8. 8. Installment Credit Early 1900, installment credit has spread Population was directed to consume
  9. 9. Planned Product Aging Audi A6 2010 (101.000)Audi A6 2008 (90.000)
  10. 10. Planned Product Aging iphone 4s (1.499) iphone 4 (1.099)
  11. 11. The Invention of TraditionValentine Day(1855)Thanksgiving Day(1924)Noel Holiday (preferably abroad)Mothers & Fathers Day(1914-1924)New year day
  12. 12. Religions And Consumption
  13. 13. Religions and ConsumptionsHoly Land Soil Company was establishedin USA for importing soil,olive oil,stones andWater from Holy Land (Jarusalem)
  14. 14. Yarmulke Bra A yarmulke is the skullcap worn by practicing Jewish men to show their reverence to God. Also known as a kippah. Inspired by the Paul Barman lyric, "I couldnt stay calm because/ she revealed a bra made of two yarmulkes," designer turns the fantasy into a reality. There are three kind of yarmulke bra: Bat-Mitzvah, Boobooshka and Sport A yarmulkebra is a bra made of two yarmulkes. No longer are yarmulkes limited to men or heads. You wanted to wear one? Now you can wear two. It sales in 35-55 dollars
  15. 15. Yarmulke Bra
  16. 16. Mecca Cola Mecca-Cola was launched in France, in November 2002, by Tawfik Mathlouthi, as a means of aiding Palestinians by tapping into demand for alternative products in European countries. He had been inspired by a popular Iranian soft drink, Zam Zam Cola and only decided to launch his own brand when he was unable to agree on terms for a distribution contract with Zam Zam. Mecca-Cola is now sold in some parts of the Arab World as well as in certain regions of Europe. It has also been bought and consumed in certain parts of the US, UK, India and Canada.
  17. 17. Mecca Cola
  18. 18. Zam Zam Cola
  19. 19. Three Reasons of the Consumerism1. Great changes of production and distribution methods2. Impozing «possesive impulse»3. Compensating role for other phase of life
  20. 20. Thanks for your patience H.T. AYANOGLU