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Genital Herpes Treatment and Care - Erase Herpes


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Cure and treat your genital herpes with hsv eraser program by Christine Buehler and erase your herpes.

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Genital Herpes Treatment and Care - Erase Herpes

  1. 1. Genital Herpes Treatment and Care Genital herpes is an infectious condition that affects men and women alike. This is the generally known as sexually transmitted infection (STI). Pain, itching and genital sores are the most common symptoms.
  2. 2. The herpes simplex virus (HSV) causes herpes, and due to this infection it starts spreading primarily through genital interaction. After infection, the virus lies dormant in the body until it reactivates. A herpes infection can recur several times a year. While there is no cure for genital herpes, various treatments can control it and lessen the symptoms. Before treatment can begin, the infection must be diagnosed. Initial self diagnosis can begin by studying pictures of genital herpes. It is vital however that one visit there physician for a correct and accurate diagnosis. Doctors can make a diagnosis based on a physical exam, blood test, DNA test or viral culture.
  3. 3. Getting Treatment Prescription drugs are the most common treatment for genital herpes. Doctors typically prescribe antiviral medications. These drugs have four main purposes: • They help sores heal during an outbreak • They lessen the symptom severity and duration • They reduce the recurrence of infection • They minimize the risk of transmitting the virus
  4. 4. Acyclovir, famciclovir and valacyclovir – the generic names for popular trade name drugs – are the antiviral medicines used to treat herpes. Some doctors recommend their use only during an outbreak, but some other physicians and therapist recommend them daily to reduce the chance of recurrence. Most patients receive them as oral or topical medications and patients having severe complications may require the intravenous (IV) administration of these drugs.
  5. 5. Seeking Support A herpes diagnosis can be very distressing for some people. They may feel shock, fear, shame or anger. They may blame their sexual partner for “giving” them the disease, or they may fear rejection by a future partner. You can read in detail about herpes and its cure at
  6. 6. While these feelings are normal and valid, they can make life difficult for patients and their partners. Finding effective ways to cope is important. Open and honest communication is essential for coping with herpes. Education about the disease and its treatment is also helpful. Some people benefit from support groups. Understanding that genital herpes is common and affects individuals from all different walks of life must be remembered.
  7. 7. Prevention Avoiding an HSV infection is the key to preventing genital herpes. Sexual abstinence is the only way to prevent the disease, but monogamy minimizes the risk almost to the point of elimination. Short of this, sexual partners can use condoms and other barrier protection during sexual activities. Herpes is highly contagious when genital lesions are present, so partners should avoid intercourse during outbreaks. Pregnant women may need antiviral medications late in pregnancy to prevent an outbreak at the time of delivery. This can reduce the risk of passing the virus to the baby.
  8. 8. This was the some important information about the genital problem and its cure and treatment. If anyone is suffering from genital herpes then the above mentioned precautions should be taken by the patient. And in order to cure the herpes virus one can go for natural remedies also like taking help from Dr. Christine Buehler’s Erase Herpes Scam Free Program in erasing herpes. You can find many Hsv Eraser Reviews that can help you in understanding the importance of this pdf ebook.