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This is a basic presentation on how to use Twitter in your small business. If you are unfamiliar with Twitter, this presentation will walk you through the basics. We also cover strategies to attract followers and increase engagement on the network.

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  • You’ve probably seen headline after headline touting the power of social media, and Twitter in particular. In particular, it’s one of the best ways to connect directly to your customers. Twitter is a powerful marketing and research tool, if used properly.
  • You can see here, compared to Facebook, Twitter is the better option in terms of fan behavior. Twitter followers of your brand are more likely to buy from you as opposed to your Facebook fans. They are also more likely to recommend your to their networks.
  • 43% use their phone to access Twitter, vs. 37% from 2011. via Hubspot
  • The breakdown of a tweet. Identify and explain each section of the tweet to the audience
  • Information is flying fast on Twitter. Your followers are interested in a variety of topics, and you can help inform them more about your business, yourself, your industry, your town… ANYTHING. The key to remember is that it’s a conversation….so don’t dominate with “I” or “We” statements. Ask questions, too.
  • It will be important to respond to as much as possible, especially in the early days. That is one of the top reasons people will follow a brand on Twitter. It’s a much more intimate conversation that can take place, and the real kicker is that it can be real time… Since you will be small, your followers will almost expect intimacy in the twitter relationship…they likely know you personally! Besides…if the big guys can do it, you can too!... NEXT SLIDE
  • McDonald’s follows over 10,000 people and has over 460,000 followers. If THEY can do one-on-one special service via Twitter, YOU CAN TOO. STOP HERE and bring up Twitter. Walk attendees through the site; show them how to move around. EXERCISE Hand out cards to attendees with Twitter handles of businesses with good accounts. Have attendees visit the Twitter pages for each business on their card, go through the account and analyze what that business is doing on Twitter. What is their objective? How are they interacting with their audience? Who’s their target? Can you identify any best practices tips? Lead discussion among attendees and bring up some of the top twitter accounts on the projector so all can see.
  • Adding followers to your Twitter account takes time. Don’t expect to announce your Twitter name and have an immediate following of 500 people. Use every resource available to you…. just about all media outlets can connect to your Twitter account. Push it! follow others that are leaders in your community & industry… SEE NEXT SLIDE
  • Tweepz: allows you to search a location (city/state) and see registered Twitter users from that place… businesses & people.
  • How to Tweet

    1. 1. How to Tweet: For Small Businesses© ASBTDC 2012 All Rights Reserved
    2. 2. Why Tweet? Twitter Will Be More Valuable Than Facebook, Says Industry Expert Why Twitter Is a Big Win for Small Businesses Why Twitter is great for small business Twitter Beats Facebook (And Everyone Else) As The Most Popular Social Network Of 2011 (c) ASBTDC 2012 All Rights Reserved
    3. 3. Why Tweet: Loyalty© ASBTDC 2012 All Rights Reserved
    4. 4. How does it work?  140 characters  Messages are:  Public (although you can protect your tweets)  Indexed  Rank very well  PC & Mobile Phone (Remember, 43% use their phone)© ASBTDC 2012 All Rights Reserved
    5. 5. Terminology  Tweet - an individual message limited to 140 characters (can also be used as a verb)  Follow – to subscribe to somebody else’s messages  Direct Message (DM) - a private message to a fellow Tweeter  Retweet (RT) - repost a valuable message from someone else and give them credit (RT@username)  Trending topics - the most popular terms on Twitter at any given moment© ASBTDC 2012 All Rights Reserved
    6. 6. Syntax  140 character restriction  @username - a public message referencing another individual on Twitter (often used in conjunction with RT to quote other Tweeters)  #term – a hashtag followed by a term included in a Tweet is a way of categorizing all posts on a particular topic  URLS (Shortened URLS)– necessary to fit links into the short messages (Links are important)© ASBTDC 2012 All Rights Reserved
    7. 7. Anatomy of a Tweet Name & Twitter handle of the person posting A retweet from KenE3C Hashtag to categorize the tweet Options: Reply – sends a message back to the author of the tweet Retweet – sends the message to all of your followers Favorite – saves the tweet in your favorites folder (c) ASBTDC 2012 All Rights Reserved
    8. 8. Before You Tweet  Create an account  Fill out profile completely before connecting  Change default logo & background  Listen (  Company name  Key topics in the industry  Competitors© ASBTDC 2012 All Rights Reserved
    9. 9. What to Tweet  Inform  Interesting stories  Exclusive deals (be sure to include promotional code for tracking the effect of Tweets)  New products  Ask questions, float ideas, solicit feedback  Link to interesting information  Events  RT© ASBTDC 2012 All Rights Reserved
    10. 10. What to Tweet  Respond to everything (  Questions  Comments  Praise  Jokes  Complaints  Or just say ‘Hi’© ASBTDC 2012 All Rights Reserved
    11. 11. (c) ASBTDC 2012 All Rights Reserved
    12. 12. Best Practices Tips & Tricks Don’t Tweet  Set metrics  Spam  Unique coupon code  Impersonable  Separate landing page  Unfriendly  Tally of response Tweets  Negative comments  Be on time!  Real-time interaction  Respond quickly  Build relationships  Casual, friendly tone© ASBTDC 2012 All Rights Reserved
    13. 13. Get Followers  Cross promotion  Facebook, Website, Business Cards, etc.  Make Tweets useful resources    Interact with people you follow & don’t follow you back (Yet!)  Send Tweets to reporters you follow that helps stories they’ve posted  Send DM to reporters of newsworthy information  Register for© ASBTDC 2012 All Rights Reserved
    14. 14. Follow Others  Reporters  Influential leaders in the industry  Twitter elite in your area  Hubspot Twitter Grader (  Follow people your followers follow  Don’t follow everyone© ASBTDC 2012 All Rights Reserved
    15. 15. Cool Tools  Tweetdeck (  Desktop dashboard to set up searches  Twellow (  Yellowpages for Twitter  Searching  Twitter advanced search (  Tweepz (© ASBTDC 2012 All Rights Reserved
    16. 16. Creativity Counts (c) ASBTDC 2010 All Rights Reserved
    17. 17. Amazing Tweeters  Respond to concerns people Tweet about   Alert customers   Tell about sudden changes   Surveys, coupons, cross promotion, etc. © ASBTDC 2012 All Rights Reserved
    18. 18. © ASBTDC 2012 All Rights Reserved