Portfolio Idea 1_Bras Besah Museum Linkages


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Bras Besah Museum Linkages

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Portfolio Idea 1_Bras Besah Museum Linkages

  1. 1. Problem Framing• To provide a “linkage” between all the museums around the area, which includes Singapore Art Museum, Singapore National Museum and Peranakan Museum.• Target Audience: Tourists and visitors to the museums.
  2. 2. Scenario• John Frank, from England, is in Singapore for his holidays. He is interested to visit the museums among the other places of interests in Singapore. On a fine morning, he began his trip by first visiting the Singapore Art Museum. After visiting the Singapore Art Museum, he took a rest and had some refreshments at the cafe. He now wanted to visit the other 2 museums, namely National Museum of Singapore and the Peranakan Museum. However, he felt lost as he did not know how to move from the Singapore Art Museum over to the National Museum of Singapore, or to the Peranakan Museum.
  3. 3. The Location
  4. 4. Basic Route Layout with Important Landmarks Bras Besah Traffic light SMU open MRT Station SAM connecting to area (Exit A) SMUTraffic light Traffic light SMU schoolconnecting to National connecting to ofshop houses Museum National accountancybeside Museum and lawPeranakanMuseum Shop houses Peranakan Museum
  5. 5. Observations made• The route from SAM to National Museum has more green while the route from National Museum to Peranakan Museum is filled with olden architecture.• It is not easy to find the way from National Museum to Peranakan Museum (observation from tourists).• Bras Besah Mrt Station’s exit A is just directly beside SAM.• Not enough shelters along the route taken.• Route shows a transition from modern to olden architecture.
  6. 6. Design Considerations• The linkages have to be able to blend in the surroundings of Dhoby Ghaut.• Way-finding should be made easy for the tourists to find their way through the 3 museums.• Engaging linkages while going from one place to another to minimise boredom.• Providing enough space for tourists to walk through the linkage against sun and rain.
  7. 7. Design Constraints• Linkage has to allow tourists to move to and fro. (user freedom)• The route consists of 3 traffic lights that will “break” the linkage and thus way-finding has to be clear to guide the tourists to the next part of the linkage.• The linkage has to be able to suit the different themes of each museum with different surroundings.
  8. 8. Ideation• Linkages made of hedges.• Skypark + sky-hedges.• Exhibition park + exhibition linkages.• Hanging exhibits (acting as way-finding elements.)• Engaging way-finding elements.• Linkages designed to look either modern architecture feel or olden architecture feel explaining history of the area.• Roof of linkage designed with relation to Bras Besah Mrt Station.
  9. 9. Main Design Concept• An exhibition park to be created at the open green area of SMU campus, making use of the wide green space with the seats and can be a meeting point and resting spot for tourists (see next slide for more details).• Linkages will be made along the routes to provide shelter for the visitors and also being designed to create clear way finding for the visitors.
  10. 10. Bird’s eye view of the area for exhibition park
  11. 11. Exhibits will beeither hanged onthe trees orplaced under thetrees. Linkages along this area to guide visitors to SAM or National Museum
  12. 12. Comparison between the designs Criteria Design 1 Design 2 Design 3 Being able to blend in Yes Yes Yes with the surroundings Way finding Yes No No Engaging Yes Yes Yes Space No Yes Yes-Design 1 will not be able to provide too much space for the tourists due tothe “leaves” which are not as long as compared to shelters.-Design 2 and 3 will not be able to enhance way-finding due to them blendinginto the surroundings compared to Design 1 which can attract and helpvisitors with the “leaves lightings”.
  13. 13. Further usage of designs• Design 1 will be placed at positions which requires very clear way finding and direction (eg. traffic lights) because of the very distinctive “tree with leaves growing sideways” view, plus the lighted leaves at night to guide visitors.• Design 2 will be mainly focused more on the walkways and pavements to provide shelter.• Design 3 will be used at the exhibition park and National Museum so that visitors can easily access the place.
  14. 14. Design 1Design 2Design 3
  15. 15. The place where he is stuck at
  16. 16. Arrow sign on Design 2 to show thetourist the way towards NationalMuseum.
  17. 17. Walking in the direction of the arrowsign, he can also enjoy the hangingexhibits.
  18. 18. He will reach a traffic light where Design 1 on eitherside of the road will guide him to cross the road over.
  19. 19. He will reach the exhibition park area located at the open area inbetween Li Kah Sheng Library and SMU School of Info System.
  20. 20. He can choose to walk along any path in the Exhibition park(Design 3) which in the end will lead to the same end, but he willsee different displays and exhibits (in black) on different paths.
  21. 21. He can also choose to rest at the benches located at differentareas of the exhibition park to enjoy the scenery and the exhibitstoo.
  22. 22. This is where the 2 linkages connects and joins into 1 path so hewill not be lost with either path that he took.
  23. 23. When he reach the end of the linkage, he will be able to see theNational Museum across the road.
  24. 24. The new view of national museum with the linkages and theoutdoor exhibits (in black).
  25. 25. After he finished his visit at National Museum, he can follow the arrowindication of the modified Design 2 (to allow to and fro for tourists) andgo to Peranakan Museum.
  26. 26. While following the linkage to Peranakan Museum, he can enjoythe exhibits placed on the linkages and also the outdoor exhibits.
  27. 27. He will continue to follow though the linkage and also enjoy theoutdoor exhibits and also exhibits on the linkage or also chooseto rest at the benches.
  28. 28. He will be led to a traffic light where Design 1 will lead him tocross the correct side of the road to Peranakan Museum.
  29. 29. After crossing the road being guided by Design 1, he continuesto follow the linkage while enjoying the exhibits.
  30. 30. After walking past the linkage he will reach a sheltered pavementlinking all the way to Peranakan museum.