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Chab sdhkbasjkdhbg

  1. 1. The 7 Daily Planet The Numerology Paper <br />7 The Number of The Year <br /> “Windows 7” Now on SaleFasterBetter“Windows 7 was my Idea, ALL MINES!!!!!”2057400294005 Here we are at “The Oblio Awards” to honor the number of the year. Congratulations Number: “7” you have been selected for the following reasons: 7 are the World Series wins The Boston Red Sox have, 7 Deadly Sins according to Catholic teachings, 7 Seasons of “Smallville”, 7 main characters of “Smallville”, 7 seasons of “The Office”, and a lot more reasons. <br />-361950259715“ <br />241935078740<br />3028950325755<br /> <br />A Day Without The Number 7<br /> If the number 7 disappeared for a day people would suffer. There wouldn’t be a 7-11 and people would be stuck with Wal-mart. There wouldn’t be a Seventh Season of “Smallville”. Stuff wouldn’t cost 7 dollars. The Seventh day of the month automatically becomes the eight. There would be 22 Hours of the day subtracting A.M and P.M. 59 seconds in a minute. 59 minutes in an hour. The Red Sox will cancel their games due to player shortage. The Area Code “267” will become “26”. The 7th planet will disappear and Doomsday will come as we know it. <br />By: Chuckie Sailer<br />