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To cuisine


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To cuisine

  1. 1. The cities evolution depends on a permanently shifting sense of identity and authenticity, an expansion of self concept.
  2. 2. Research reveals that Toronto doesn’t resonate globally in a distinct and meaningful way. One way of looking at it is, If Toronto is an ingredient, what does it add to the mix or what are the flavors of Torontoness? For example if you don’t know what eggplant taste like, you’ll never exclaim, “Wow! I love this soup! It’s full of eggplant!”, if you can’t identify Torontoness, your ability to appreciate or value it will be impaired.
  3. 3. Toronto??????? I don’t know ..Mountains? Arctic?????? Blurred International Image “Foreign audiences don’t have a lot of specific knowledge and associations with the city and “Toronto” doesn’t conjure many meaningful images.”
  4. 4. For example: Italy, where the combination of historic art, contemporary design, soccer and la dolce vita land the nation a top spot on the cultural index, as the best example of what culture does for a country. “It gives pleasure and pride to the populace,” he says, “and a distinctive edge internationally.” -Simon Anholt, Place Identity consultant Place and self-respect are linked. You like your place, you feel good about yourself. Beyond merely nourishing the spirit, culture can can inspire and strengthen the bonds between individuals, communities, and even an entire city like Toronto. New research suggests when people “love” the culture of their towns, economic prosperity follows. In a three-year Gallup survey of 26 U.S. cities, researchers learned the communities with highest levels of resident attachment — a person's passion for where he or she lives — also had the highest rates of GDP growth over time. Culture enhances local communities!
  5. 5. So what is Toronto’s true genius that puts the city in a class of it’s own? What is the “Torontoness” of Toronto that we and the world should recognize? Toronto has had the most globally comprehensive diversity in human history for the past 30 years or so. This has unknowingly been cultivating a unique kind of ‘global mindset’ and creativity which can only exist in this city. In other words, it is our psychology that is unique. We now have to make this legible for ourselves and others. People need be able to easily recognize this cities profound culture which is still a recent and under recognized phenomenon. The creative challenge for Toronto is to accelerate its organic evolution from a multicultural city of fragmented differences, to a co-created intercultural city that makes the very most of it’s diversity! This can only be done through ‘symbolic actions’, action always speaks louder than words, not slogans or communication campaigns. Learn more at
  6. 6. Culture is the most powerful symbolic actionCulture is a distinct and uncopiable aspect of every society. Culture has the power to communicate a places true spirit and essence and works in many different ways as a metaphor for personality and character. When you think of a place, for example Italy, usually the first associations that pop in mind are cultural, such as food, language, music, art and so forth. Renowned gastronome Jean Anthelme Brillat-Savarin said it best “Tell me what you eat, and I’ll tell you who you are”. A good start is food. Food is one of the most powerful elements of every strong culture. Toronto being extremely culturally abundant for many decades, makes it poised to develop a unique fusion cuisine that symbolizes it’s global diversity intermingling in meaningful and creative ways. Toronto is full of raw materials for a rich, varied and attractive cultural life which are just lying around, waiting to be assembled in a new way. What Toronto needs are the people with the imagination, the ambition, the creativity and the energy to make these connections, give them life, and make extraordinary things happen. Its already happening in Toronto, however; we need to amplify it with more original approaches. Toronto is poised to invent heritage or culture to make it a more magnetic place. There's nothing at all shameful or dishonest about inventing heritage, (as long as one doesn’t make false claims about its origins, of course): after all. Even old things were new once, and part of the art of being a good ancestor is starting lots of valuable traditions in ones own life time so that one’s descendants can benefit from them later.
  7. 7. Characteristics of Toronto cuisine  Culturally rooted to local foods and cultures. Intercultural food that is a fusion of only two different cultural flavors. The dish can’t contain more than 2 because then the dish become “confusion cuisine”  The dish must still allow each cultural flavors to retain its integrity and authentic flavor. This is the tricky element of Toronto cuisine which will actually be the true genius of it.  Creative dishes and drinks. Message behind the food.  Brilliantly delicious  Overall symbolizes the “Torontoness” of Toronto. Cuisine is a testament to the richness and vibrancy of a culture.
  8. 8. Tokyo -Karachi Delhi-Sao Paulo Seoul-Mexico City Tehran-NYC Riyadh -Jerusalem Italy-India Ecuador-Bangladesh Tibet-Greece Portugal-Malaysia Vietnam-Russia Albania-Kenya Somalia-Spain Toronto-Berlin Toronto-Calgary Buenos Aires-Hyderabad Canada-Jamaica Trinidad-Croatia Hungary-Philippines The unusual interactions are limitless! With cities and nations creatively colliding
  9. 9. This is a creative dish that is firmly connected to Toronto’ cultural roots and the region: • Toronto has huge Italian and Indian community • Many Indian families make pizza at home with an Indian twist on it. • Many Indian restaurants in the Toronto area serve Indian style pizza. • This pizza is made on a whole wheat naan bread which was first created by a bakery in the Toronto region and then commercialized by Presidents Choice. • Some of the toppings on the pizza are freshly grown in Ontario. • Its called “peeza” instead of “pizza” because Indian families actually pronounce it like that within there homes. This adds even more authenticity to it. Italy meets India “Peeza”
  10. 10. Torontonian Sausage (veg and non-veg) This is sausage is firmly rooted to Toronto cultural roots and the region: • Toronto spice is the key ingredient. • Toronto used to be known as hog town because it used sell many pork products. • Toronto has Polish, Italian, Hungarian, German and many other communities that culturally eat sausages. • Toronto is already known t have very good sausage hot dogs.
  11. 11. A sticker of the Toronto cuisine logo will let people know which restaurants serve some of the authentic Toronto dishes.
  12. 12. Possibiliti es are limitless!
  13. 13. Toronto food will be elaborated throughout the city: touristy locations (hotels, ROM, CN Tower, etc) restaurants all over the city, street vendors, home recipes, served to celebrities at TIFF, and much more.
  14. 14. Panel of chefs will commission a maximum of 20 “intercultural” recipes every year based on a strict criteria which symbolizes Toronto's essence.
  15. 15. Toronto Cuisine Restaurant style Home recipes Commercial products
  16. 16. To be continued!