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Ppresentation by Vikram Syal 100086

Published in: Technology
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  2. 2. Felix CAD • A product by Gräbert , Felix CAD is a very purpose solving solution for engineers who make or create professional quality designs on a blank page. • Felix CAD LT delivers unprecedented power and industry compatibility at a price that can't be beat. • It can be useful to not even students but professional CAD users also….
  3. 3. Felix CAD Main features: • Work directly with billions of existing CAD drawings: Felix CAD LT can directly open and edit drawings saved in AutoCAD DWG or DXF formats. • Results can be saved and shared with others in FLX format, DWG and DXF formats.
  4. 4. Conform To Industry Standards: • Unlike most CAD systems, Felix CAD LT conforms to AutoCAD standards for layers, colors, blocks, line types, hatch patterns, fonts, and extended entity data. • It even supports externally referenced (XREF) drawings, which means you can easily open, edit, print and plot professional quality results. Felix CAD
  5. 5. Felix CAD Powerful CAD Capabilities: • Felix CAD LT features hundreds of commonly used 2D drawing and editing functions available in other much more expensive "light" CAD systems. • Commands can be typed (power users will love this) with 1 to 3 character shortcuts, picked from the pull-down menus, or selected by picking an icon from the desktop or appropriate floating toolbar.
  6. 6. Felix CAD Instant Productivity: • Aside from it's intuitive operational design, extensive system help is available , including step-by-step tutorials in the Felix CAD LT Learning Center. • Quick reference system command charts are available on demand, letting even novice users get up and running right away.
  7. 7. Felix CAD Optimized For Windows: • Felix CAD LT is optimized for use with Microsoft's Windows operating systems, including XP, ME, 2000, 98, NT, and 95. • It supports simultaneous editing of multiple drawings at a time, with up to 4 separate views of each drawing, with instant cutting and pasting of object between drawings or other Windows software systems such as Microsoft Office.
  8. 8. Felix CAD • So, the Felix CAD is easy to use and also its first 1 million downloads are absolutely free.. • Why not to use it?, at least we should give it a try!!! • And hope for the better….
  9. 9. Thanks to view the presentation 