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Webinar IoT Cloud Platforms and Middleware for Rapid Application Development


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Internet of Things (IoT) has become ubiquitous and mainstream. You can well envision a future where everything - right from smart watch to smart car to home- would be interconnected to make human lives smarter and easier. The real opportunity lies in interpreting the data being churned out by these IoT devices and more importantly, bringing connected applications, scalable and smart products to the market, rapidly.

The IoT Cloud platforms enable you to integrate your application and solution with any device, anywhere; providing a reliable, seamless experience in the shortest time window.

Harbinger Systems hosted an informative webinar "IoT Cloud Platforms and Middleware for Rapid Application Development" on January 13, 2016. . Attendees gained insights on how to quickly ideate and develop IoT applications through cloud based platforms and middleware.

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Webinar IoT Cloud Platforms and Middleware for Rapid Application Development

  1. 1. IoT Cloud Platforms and Middleware for Rapid Application Development
  2. 2. Housekeeping • Webinar recordings and slides will be shared with all attendees • Type in your questions and comments using the questions pane on the right hand side • “Special Offer” exclusively for the webinar attendees
  3. 3. Presenters © Harbinger Systems | Prashant Sachdev New Practice Positioning Harbinger Systems Sayali Doshi Associate Technical Lead Harbinger Systems
  4. 4. Agenda • Key Insights of IoT • IoT Architecture • Business Need of IoT Platform • Components of IoT Platform • Key players • IoT Platforms – Features – Limitations – Case studies • Application Demo • Choosing the Right IoT Platform • Special offer for webinar Attendees • Q&A © Harbinger Systems |
  5. 5. Key Insights of IoT © Harbinger Systems |
  6. 6. Key Insights of IoT IoT in Startups: • Funding to IoT startups has grown at a steady clip, more than doubling in 5 years from $768M in 2010 to over $1.9B in 2014. And, 2015 is well on track to eclipse last year’s record-breaking funding year IoT in cloud: • 37.9% of IoT apps are being developed in the Cloud, and 49.6% of developers plan to begin development there in the next twelve months. Only 5.5% of IoT developers surveyed have no plans to build their apps in the Cloud. © Harbinger Systems |
  7. 7. IoT Architecture © Harbinger Systems |
  8. 8. IoT Architecture © Harbinger Systems |© Harbinger Systems | Storage MQTTCoAP HTTP No SQL RDBMS Rules Engine REST Service- Data Streaming Analytics and Visualization Device Management System IoT Cloud ZigBee BLE Wired ZigBee BLE Microcontrollers with Wi-Fi / GSM capabilities Gateway Layer Sensors Physical Things(Car, Home, Plants, etc.) Actuators Device Layer User Interface Layer
  9. 9. Business Need of IoT Platform © Harbinger Systems |
  10. 10. Business Need of IoT Platform © Harbinger Systems | Millions of Devices connected Diversity of data Analytics Rapid Application Development Infrastructure Management
  11. 11. Components of IoT Platform © Harbinger Systems |
  12. 12. Components of IoT Platform © Harbinger Systems | Core Platform • Protocol Gateway • Messaging Middleware • Data Storage • Data Aggregation and Filtering Analytical Platform • Stream Processing • Machine Learning • Events and Reporting • Visualization Cognitive Platform • Machine Learning • Natural Language Processing • Domain Adoption • Reinforcement Learning Business Logic • SDKs and APIs • Composite IoT Services • Events and Services • Application Model Security and Management • Device Management • Monitoring and Administration • Deployment • Authorization and Authentication
  13. 13. Key Players © Harbinger Systems |
  14. 14. Key Players © Harbinger Systems | Disclaimer: Brand names, logos and trademarks used herein remain the property of their respective owners.
  15. 15. Carriots for IoT- Key Features © Harbinger Systems | Platform as a service (PaaS) Rest APIs for send and get data streams Rule Engine Access to 3rd Party APIs Better for tiny IoT prototypes or M2M applications Device Management Listeners and Triggers
  16. 16. Carriots for IoT  Limitations – Requires 3rd party server for data processing – No in built support for push notifications – Only Groovy language support for on-cloud business logic  When to use Carriots It can be used for smaller app where monitoring of current value of sensor/device is imp and not much data processing needed © Harbinger Systems |
  17. 17. Carriots – Case Study for Smart Air Conditioning © Harbinger Systems | Problem Statement: It is critical to achieve energy efficiency in a building by manually adjusting temperature of air conditioners
  18. 18. Solution- Smart Air Conditioning © Harbinger Systems | IoT app developed using Carriots, monitors the room temperature, the external weather conditions, user preferences and sends notification to the HomeKit compatible AC based on predefined set of rules. Features used: Data streams, Listeners, Email notifications Internal Sensor External Sensor Push notification User preference
  19. 19. Parse for IoT- Key Features © Harbinger Systems | Backend-as-a- Service Open Source Push notifications In built user session APIs Cross platform support REST API Support Monitoring with analytics Device Support
  20. 20. Parse for IoT  Limitations - No built-in device management - No. of request vs. economic measure - Push notifications can be delayed - Query limitations as no of objects returned in query  When to use Parse IoT app on small scale where small DB and moderate data processing is required © Harbinger Systems |
  21. 21. Parse – Case Study for Conference Room Booking © Harbinger Systems | Problem Statement: Conference room booking is currently through calendars and not on actual usage
  22. 22. Solution- Conference Room Booking © Harbinger Systems | IoT app developed using Arduino and Parse to update the availability of conference room based on sensor data Features used: Cloud code, Chron Jobs, Push notifications
  23. 23. Kaa for IoT- Key Features © Harbinger Systems | Device Management Multi platform Support Open Source Notifications Event Handling End-to-end solution Supports most protocols as MQTT, CoAp, XMPP, TCP, HTTP Cloud, On-premise or Hybrid deployment IoT middleware platform
  24. 24. Kaa for IoT  Limitations - Setup - Infrastructure - Endpoint generation - Deployment - Scalability  When to use Kaa When app need to develop end to end full fledge solution on premise © Harbinger Systems |
  25. 25. Kaa – Case Study for Smart Hospital Problem Statement: Providing easy mechanism for patient to request help or assistance from nurse instead of traditional call-bell system © Harbinger Systems |
  26. 26. Solution- Smart Hospital © Harbinger Systems | IoT application developed using KAA, that helps patient request help with a single push-button. Nurse who are wearing the smartwatch receive push notification with appropriate patient details. Features used: Event Handling, Push notifications, On-premise hosting Push button Patient Kaa Push Notification Nurse
  27. 27. Choosing the Right IoT Cloud © Harbinger Systems |
  28. 28. Factors in Choosing the Right IoT Cloud © Harbinger Systems | Protocols Capabilities Hosting Pricing Supported Platforms Cloud Analogy
  29. 29. Conference Room Booking App Demo © Harbinger Systems |
  30. 30. Summary © Harbinger Systems |
  31. 31. Summary • No single platform fits all business requirements • IoT Platforms enable rapid application development • Cost-effective approach to build your IoT product © Harbinger Systems | Kaa Parse Carriots •Flexibility, Customizability •Implementation Effort, Cost •Time-to-Value Increasing Decreasing
  32. 32. Q&A © Harbinger Systems |
  33. 33. Special Offer for Webinar Attendees © Harbinger Systems | Special Offer First 10 folks to request consultation on specific technical challenge related to IoT, shall receive 2 weeks consultation over email. One lucky attendee, selected in a blind selection, gets hands-on-support from a developer for a week! Write to us at to avail this exciting opportunity.
  34. 34. Thank You! Visit us at: Write to us at: Blog: Twitter: (@HarbingerSys) Slideshare: Facebook: LinkedIn: © Harbinger Systems |