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Simplifying test-automation-using-harbingers-automation-framework-final


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Software Test automation has been most controversial activity in any organization. In most of the organizations, it starts with lot of potential in reducing the test efforts drastically and magically, but ends up in spending unreasonably high amount of efforts in maintaining the developed automation suite. The ROI becomes non-achievable and finally management decides to switch back to manual testing. Some of the main reasons for failure of Software Test automation initiatives are:
Continuous changes in requirements and UI object properties
Requirement of highly skilled programmer (Java / C# / VB etc.) for developing automation scripts
Less modularity in automated scripts
Lack of co-ordination between manual testers and automation testers
Higher development time required to write automation scripts
Applications make use of mix types of objects (Web, Windows, CLI), which cannot be taken care by only one automation tool.

We presented, an Integrated Hybrid Automation framework, built by Harbinger Systems, which addressed above mentioned challenges and expedites the automation process with least of programming skills to build a robust and modular automation test suite providing faster ROI.

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Simplifying test-automation-using-harbingers-automation-framework-final

  1. 1. © Harbinger Systems | Simplifying Test Automation Using Harbinger’s Automation Framework A Webinar by Harbinger Systems
  2. 2. © Harbinger Systems | Panelists Mandar Kulkarni Senior Manager Marketing Harbinger Systems Avinash Magdum General Manager Quality Harbinger Systems
  3. 3. © Harbinger Systems | Agenda • Automation Drivers • Why automation projects fail? • HIHAF© Architecture • HIHAF© Benefits • Automation Life Cycle Using HIHAF© • Creating Automation Script – Best Practices • Case Study • Sample Scenario • Live Demo
  4. 4. © Harbinger Systems | Automation Drivers Technology QA / TestingManagement Finance • Increased user and client confidence in application • Reduction in overall risk • Aggressive release schedules • Reduce time to market • Quick ROI • Low running costs • Reduces money spent on testing • Quick Break- Even point • Increase application reliability • Increase software quality • Higher test coverage in less time with few resources • Increase productivity in IT operation • Increasing complexities in testing environment • Support for multiple OS and Browsers • Increase in supported devices
  5. 5. © Harbinger Systems | Why Automation Projects Fail? Continuous changes in requirements and UI object properties Requirement of highly skilled programmer (Java / C# / VB etc.) for developing automation scripts Less modularity in automated scripts Lack of co-ordination between manual testers and automation engineers Higher development time required to write automation scripts Applications make use of mix types of objects (Web, Windows, CLI), which cannot be taken care by only one automation tool
  6. 6. © Harbinger Systems | HIHAF: Harbinger’s Integrated Hybrid Automation Framework Build automation scripts with no programming knowledge and skills Improve automation script development productivity by more than 40% Start automation script development even before build is available Key Features
  7. 7. © Harbinger Systems | HIHAF© - Architecture App -1 (Web) App -2 (Win) Web OR Win OR Test Script Test Report Mod-1 (CLI) Selenium Web Driver Auto IT Driver Harbinger Integrated Test Driver
  8. 8. © Harbinger Systems | Benefits of HIHAF© Writing automation scripts in plain English / Excel format Allows to create a single of a scenario cutting across multiple applications, having Web UI, Windows UI or Command line UI Achieve highest level of reusability and minimize maintenance of automation Three levels of HTML reports – Summary, Detailed, Screen shot Multi-browser support – Same scripts can be executed on any browser – IE, FF, Chrome, Safari
  9. 9. © Harbinger Systems | Automation Life Cycle Using HIHAF© Initiation Design Development Testing Execution Maintenance Identifying Need of Automation Environment Setup Rationalization of Test Suite Test Data Creation Gathering UI and Functional Change Prioritization and Batch Creation Technical Assessment Object Repository Creation Test Script Development Single Mode Execution Testing Modifying, Adding Libraries & Scripts Test Data Creation Proof Of Concept Identifying Reusable Components Script Review Batch Mode Execution Testing Testing Changes Test Script Execution Scope Finalization Library, Functions Development Implement Review Changes Fix Any Issues Integrate to main Test Suite Report Analysis Failure Verification Estimation and Planning Identifying Test Data Requirement Integrate to main Test Suite Defect Reporting Deliverables Automation Assessment and Coverage Report Updated Library document, Data Creation Document Automation Scripts Dictionary Issue Log Execution Summary and Detailed Report, Defect Report Updated Documents
  10. 10. © Harbinger Systems | Creating Automation Script Using HIHAF© Recommended workflow for script creation • Get the detailed steps of the scenario to be automated • Execute it manually at least once to ensure sequence and correctness of the steps • Ensure that the start point and end point of every script should be same – Launch the browser with main URL – Import the appropriate data file – Log in – <Step 1> …. <Step n> – Log out – Close the browser • Identify the variables • Create appropriate data in the data file for each variable • Use multiple rows of data, if the scenario is to be repeated for multiple sets of data • For each step of scenario, – Select appropriate keyword – Specify appropriate object – Specify the unique property, and its value from the Object Repository – Provide data to the object by specifying the variable name (if required) • Add validation / checks at appropriate places • Take screen shots of the application at every new page
  11. 11. © Harbinger Systems | Case-Study Accelerated Test Automation with Hybrid Framework
  12. 12. Company achieved enhanced customer satisfaction levels with the reduced number of leaked defects and the best product quality.  A US based high profile company in Network Security Domain  They have a proprietary platform that has network, endpoint, mobile and temporal event based malware detection and risk modeling, as well as unparalleled threat feed data on malicious IP addresses Accelerated Test Automation with Hybrid Framework  Within one week of customization, Herbinger’s Selenium based Hybrid Automation Framework was deployed. This framework comprised of:  The Keyword driven approach that simplified the scripting process (no programming skills required)  Data driven capability provided reuse of same scripts for multiple data set  Team was able to provide the script for every sprint during the agile development  Framework gives three levels of HTML reports- a test suite report for management, detailed report of every test script in the suite for tester to help in filing defects and screenshots to help the developer in defect fixing.  Earlier the team was able to execute only 400 regression test cases (38% coverage) within the stipulated timeframe and only on one browser. After automation they were able to execute all 1500 test cases (100% coverage) in a day’s time. It also allowed multiple browsers to execute automation scripts at the same time. © Harbinger Systems Calibri, 20, Bold  Frequent patches and hot fixes due to insufficient test coverage leading more defect leakage  Company wanted Agile Testing Model to be implemented requiring robust, efficient, and Frequent Testing  Manual Testing and reporting incurred more time & effort  Unable to cover all the scenarios for every maintenance release  Large number of permutations and combinations for Test data  Support for multi-browser increased the testing scope further Application Stack  .NET 4.0 MVC4, AJAX, XML  Web farming and Load balancer  MySQL, Tomcat Apache  Android for mobile platform Automation Stack  Selenium Web Driver, Java  HHAF automation framework  IE, FF and Chrome browsers Automated Software Testing Situation Harbinger Solution Challenges Tools & Technologies  Increased the test coverage reducing defect leakage ratio. Thereby reducing the overall cost of maintenance.  Since the frequency of release cycle was one release every month, the above benefits get multiplied twelve times a year and bring in higher cost savings.  Improved the effectiveness of the testing cycle  Provided high level and detailed level reports of all the tests, reducing test management efforts and assisted in informed decision-making. Benefits
  13. 13. © Harbinger Systems | Sample Scenario Consider a sample scenario as below, • Open the Offline Player Settings windows • Verify whether the Enable Proxy Checkbox is checked or not • If it is not checked then click on it to check • Again check the value of the checkbox. If it is true, then send the proxy server and proxy port values • Change the Help URL • Click on OK • Access the Web URL of OLP • Login to application and get the status of the Course • Click on Progress link to check the progress • Get the progress status and progress time which is displayed on UI • Connect to database and get the status and progress time from DB • Verify the progress time and status are matching with DB or not • Click on Help link URL which is set to Harbinger-System URL • Switch to help Window • Close The Help window • Again open the Windows application and click on Restore Default button • Click on OK button
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