Mobile Sports Client with GPS Tracking - A Case Study


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Mobile client for a sports portal that records user workout details and schedule, tracks athlete location, training route covered and displays on a map for iPhone and BlackBerry.

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Mobile Sports Client with GPS Tracking - A Case Study

  1. 1. HSTC902<br />MOBILE SPORTS CLIENT<br />WITH GPS TRACKING<br /><br />
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  13. 13. MOBILE SPORTS CLIENT WITH GPS TRACKING<br />Challenge<br />The company wants to meet competitor features and also provide differentiated service via popular and lifestyle mobile phones like the iPhone and BlackBerry<br />The company wants to leap ahead of the competition with new-age mobile features<br />Situation<br />A portal for athletes to plan and track their workout, trail running and biking schedule<br />Similar portals from company’s competitors provide features over traditional mobile phone platforms<br />Harbinger Solution<br />Mobile client for the portal that records workout timing, schedules, information on athlete weight, calories burnt, nutrition etc.<br />The client tracks athlete location, training route covered and timing, and displays on a map from Google Maps<br />Adapted web-based interface of the portal to suite the iPhone and BlackBerry native-UI principles<br />Workout and training route data gathered from the user’s mobile is reflected on user’s profile page on website<br />Technologies & Tools<br />iPhone 3.1 SDK<br />iPhone GPS API (CLLocationManager)<br />GMap2 Google Map API for routes<br />Xcode 3.2<br />Objective-C<br />Cocoa Touch framework<br />BlackBerry SDK 5.0<br />RIM / J2ME location and maps packages for finding and displaying device location<br />Events, timers and UI layout classes for display on BlackBerry device screen<br />Benefits<br />The mobile app has practical application for athletes to record and track their training route while on the run<br />Support for location tracking was a seamless and integrated experience for athletes on the run with no additional devices or change in behavior<br />BOTTOM LINE<br />Company able to leapfrog competition in one stroke with a very usable application on the latest mobile platforms<br /><br />HSTC902<br />