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Impact of SMAC Technology in HCM

Social, Mobility, Analytics and Cloud technology solutions are drivers for excellence in modern HCM. Know more the opportunities and technical challenges in building SMAC-based HCM solutions in webinar presentation

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Impact of SMAC Technology in HCM

  1. 1. © Harbinger Systems | Welcome to the Webinar on Impact of SMAC Technology in Human Capital Management By Harbinger Systems
  2. 2. © Harbinger Systems | Panellists 2 Sushant Saraswat Marketing Executive Harbinger Systems Yashodhara Patankar Sr. Software Engineer Harbinger Systems
  3. 3. © Harbinger Systems | Agenda • Overview of HCM industry • HCM- Before and Now • Need of modern HCM solutions • Real world business scenarios showcasing SMAC for: - Talent acquisition - Learning and development - Skill mapping - Benefit enrollment system • Q&A 3
  4. 4. © Harbinger Systems | Overview of HCM Industry 4 • Increase in demand for SaaS based solutions- The Cloud-based HCM applications market is expected to grow from $5 billion in 2013 to $8.4 billion by 2018 at a compound annual growth rate of 11% • The number of early-stage investments in human resources tech companies doubled in 2013 when compared with 2012 • Highly Fragmented Market 7.5 10 13.5 0 2 4 6 8 10 12 14 16 2011 2013 2017 MarketSize–Billion$ Worldwide market for HCM Apps Source: IDC
  5. 5. © Harbinger Systems | HCM- Before and Now Pre 1990 Personnel Administration • Entirely focused on personnel administration • Use of automation technology absent • Focus on how to process employee paperwork • ERP technology changed the face • Freed up HRs time to focus on workforce management • Advent of talent managing techniques • Proactively managing workforce decisions 1990-2000 Human Resources 2000-2010 Talent Management • Integration of independent HR processes • Utilizing data collected during hiring process into systems used to support employee development and management Now •Utilizing tools to increase employee productivity •Improve employee engagement, enhance performance and optimize workforce management •Shift from managing processes to business execution
  6. 6. © Harbinger Systems | Business Need of modern HCM solutions • Need for greater organizational efficiency • Update HR processes, information and technology capabilities to comply with the law- employee mandate provisions of Affordable care act • ROI expectations increasing from HR • Improve employee engagement • Sustainable competitive edge 57% 53% 44% 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% Talent Acquisition Performance Management Learning and Development Top HCM Priorities 41% 32% 30% 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% Economic uncertainty forcing the organization to operate more efficiently Organic growth (into new geographies, new channels etc.) Scarcity of key skills in marketplace Pressures Driving HCM Source: Aberdeen Group
  7. 7. © Harbinger Systems | CASE 1: Social Media For Talent Acquisition
  8. 8. © Harbinger Systems | Business Scenario • Bridging talent gap quickly • Incomplete profile issues • Limited contacts • Increased competition
  9. 9. © Harbinger Systems | Proposed Solution • Comprehensive social media integration using Facebook, LinkedIn, Gmail, Yahoo and MSN • Opportunities in Social Media: – Growth of social media has been near exponential – 72 percent of all Internet users are also social media users – Social Recruiting
  10. 10. © Harbinger Systems | Solution Regular Login Default Profile Common Authentication to Application Login 1 Login n Profile 1 Profile n Integrated User Profile Integrated User Skills Various Social Media APIs Comparison Tool
  11. 11. © Harbinger Systems | Benefits • Streamlining of processes resulting into greater efficiency, helps in quick recruitment of desired candidate • Capitalize on the ready passive candidate information • Detailed profiles of candidates • Large talent pool availability through social media contacts • Social Recruiting - Leveraging social tools can move organizations ahead of their peers in winning the competition for the best global talent. • A secure and intelligent job portal, which can be seamlessly integrated with a company's legacy applications • Real-time candidates activity tracker, Candidate status, jobs status, Team broadcasts and news updates
  12. 12. © Harbinger Systems | CASE 2: Mobility Social Learning
  13. 13. © Harbinger Systems | Business Scenario • Social interaction and engagement has been a historical challenge in online learning environments • Catering to globalized workforce • High rate of absenteeism and course drop-out rates • Lack of a standardized, simplified and integrated learning technology
  14. 14. © Harbinger Systems | Proposed Solution • Providing mobility will surely lead towards more user engagement • RWD enhanced app • Using the Web APIs used for website with no change in existing Web API • Strong security for content • Track user's current geo location while accessing the app
  15. 15. © Harbinger Systems | Solution Database Web APIs Existing Website JQUERY + HTML5 NATIVE COMPONENTS Android App iPhone App Phone Gap
  16. 16. © Harbinger Systems | Benefits • Enhanced user engagement • Quick communication and broadcasts across learners • Tools mirroring many of the same technologies that learners use on a daily basis for example – work groups, blogs, forums and chat to enhance communications with distance learners • Info on-the-go
  17. 17. © Harbinger Systems | CASE 3: Analytics Skill Mapping Resume Parsing
  18. 18. © Harbinger Systems | Business Scenario • Despite having large talent pool, exact job matching to candidate and candidate recommendation to HR was lacking • Data set available in resumes not useful due to its unstructured data structure • Conventional querying on database failed to return appropriate results • Incorrect recommendations, mismatched job-user profiles • Manual matching becomes time consuming
  19. 19. © Harbinger Systems | Proposed Solution • Parsing resume and mapping skills to individual’s profile • Analyzing each individual’s profile and matching it with relevant job openings • Showcasing recommended candidates to HR
  20. 20. © Harbinger Systems | Solution Skill Identifier Job Mapping Job Family Skill Mapper Skill Level PostsUploads Resume parser Job Recommendations Candidate Recommendations Human Resource Resumes Job Openings Job Seeker
  21. 21. © Harbinger Systems | Benefits • Streamlining recruiting and verification efforts • Resume utilization with the ability to analyze its unstructured data • Quick recommendations and Search matches helps in identifying talent faster, and focus on the most suitable candidates • Right jobs find their way to Candidate
  22. 22. © Harbinger Systems | CASE 4: Cloud HCM Enterprise System
  23. 23. © Harbinger Systems | Business Scenario- • Each company owns huge database and growing • Scalability issues especially during on-boarding drives • Ability to sustain concurrent users • Cost-effective infrastructure to serve end users • Quick software up gradation
  24. 24. © Harbinger Systems | Proposed solution • Cloud deployment – Flexibility & Auto Scaling – Minimal configuration overhead – Reduction of costs with easy up-gradation • Considerations • Migration strategy – Database compatibility – Application maintenance / management – Compliance requirements – Cost & Security
  25. 25. © Harbinger Systems | Benefits • Improved IT utilization and efficiencies • Improved the organization’s ability to scale on demand • Cost effective hardware • At a point there can be 1000s of concurrent users
  26. 26. © Harbinger Systems | Summary- How SMAC is an enabler for HCM • Increased engagement and reach- A way to tap HFIs- High Functioning Individuals • Accurate and more efficient processes and reduced HR costs • Enables planning of future workforce needs for both near- term scheduling and long-term global workforce planning • Standardized, simplified and integrated mobile-enabled platforms • Empowers HR function to play a more strategic role in the organization
  27. 27. © Harbinger Systems | Summary- How SMAC is an enabler for HCM • Increased engagement and reach- A way to tap HFIs- High Functioning Individuals • Accurate and more efficient processes and reduced HR costs • Enables planning of future workforce needs for both near-term scheduling and long-term global workforce planning • Standardized, simplified and integrated mobile- enabled platforms • Empowers HR function to play a more strategic role in the organization
  28. 28. © Harbinger Systems | Q & A 15
  29. 29. © Harbinger Systems | Thank You! Visit us at: Write to us at: Blog: Twitter: (@HarbingerSys) Slideshare: Facebook: LinkedIn: 16