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A Credential Management System for Hospitals


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A SaaS based comprehensive credentialing solution reduced delays for medical staff referencing significantly

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A Credential Management System for Hospitals

  1. 1. A Credential Management System For Hospitals A SaaS based comprehensive credentialing solution reduced delays for medical staff referencing significantly © Harbinger Systems About Client  A US based ISV in HCM domain catering to Healthcare customers Business Situation  Client was servicing many organizations in varied domains through its recruitment application. For the healthcare segment, client identified various bottlenecks in the lengthy and time-consuming credentialing process consisting of physician referencing and delineation of privileges. Moreover, the client wanted to explore the application of analytics for decision-making capabilities for the credentialing specialist and avail the benefits of having mobile access. Since the recruitment was for medical staff, it was important for the client to receive timely feedback from references.  The client was looking for a trusted outsourcing partner’. A company who could provide innovative, time efficient credentialing and onboarding suggestions and value-added services in healthcare space.  Increased overall efficiency of the credentialing process as we developed form builder tool: provides flexibility and support for numerous job profiles, email/notification module helps expedite process, web and mobile support enables anywhere access for references  Improved reference form validation by providing digital signature feature  Boosted decision-making capabilities of the credentialing specialist by implementing machine-learning algorithms to map talent skills and experience history  Improved monitoring and reporting capabilities through dashboard view of the application. Dashboards provided insights into progress and status of the candidate. It also provided notifications further reducing delays. To increase efficiency of the credentialing specialist, the SaaS based solution exhibited various benefits for our client, it ensured:  Considerable increase for client’s customers since recruitment grew multifold and onboarding candidates was simpler.  Achieved reduction in operation cost due to 100% automation of process  Quicker onboarding enabled efficient decision-making for the credentialing specialist  Delivered enhanced user-experience Benefits Harbinger Solution Harbinger architected and developed a SaaS based solution to automate the credentialing process which resulted in:  Reduced paper trail and operation time as the entire credentialing process was shifted from manual to automation further saving time and resources