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Information Architecture is Strategy


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Making sense of data is one of the key aspects that designers and especialy information architects bring to the table when business strategy is made. Bringing humans and their needs back in the mix is our responsibility.

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Information Architecture is Strategy

  1. 1. braincycles iak16 Vision. Strategie. Produkt. - IA ist Strategie braincycles
  2. 2. braincycles Sollen wir jetzt auch noch die Strategie machen?
  3. 3. braincycles Ja
  4. 4. braincycles vielleicht nicht alle
  5. 5. braincycles 1998 Arbeitssaal der TU Darmstadt - Fachbereich Architektur
 Architekturfakultät > Darmstädter Modell Alma mater
  6. 6. braincycles MIT Media Lab - Home of the 4Ps Projects, Peers, Passion and Play A part of the architecture faculty antidisciplinary
  7. 7. braincycles John Maeda Artist, Designer Professor at the MIT Media Lab Director RISD School of Design STEM to STEAM
 Maeda @media (art)
  8. 8. braincycles IA “.… I mean architect as in the creating of systemic, structural, and orderly principles to make something work - the thoughtful making of either artifact, or idea, or policy that informs because it is clear.” RSW RSW 1996 Information Architects, p.17
  9. 9. braincycles Daten ≠ information
  10. 10. braincycles Deliverables Experience Curve (BCG)
  11. 11. braincycles Deliverables Growth Share Matrix (BCG)
  12. 12. braincycles Deliverables Value Chain (Michael Porter)
  13. 13. braincycles ?
  14. 14. braincycles Bruce Henderson Erfinder von Business Strategy Maschinenbauer Gründet BCG am 1.Juli 1663 mit 48 Jahren
  15. 15. braincycles Strategy - you’re 
 soaking in it
  16. 16. braincycles
  17. 17. braincycles Service Blueprint
  18. 18. braincycles Mapping digital strategy
  19. 19. braincycles Journey Map
  20. 20. braincycles Business Model Canvas Osterwalder, Pigneur
  21. 21. braincycles Making sense of chaos - Design Synthesis Synthesis is an abductive sensemaking process. Through efforts of data manipulation, organization, pruning, and filtering, designers produce information and knowledge (Jon Kolko).
  22. 22. braincycles Letting go of the craft Designers obsess over pixels and details. This is how they rise up in the world of design. They are passionate about and "driven by their craft” 
 (Eric Ryan, Method) “Designers are uniquely suited at solving problems on multiple dimensions without losing sight of the big opportunity to wow the customer. 
 (Yves Behar, Jawbone, August)
  23. 23. braincycles Change by Design designers learn to draw so that they can express their ideas. Words and numbers are fine, but only drawing can simultaneously reveal both the functional characteristics of an idea and its emotional content. To draw an idea accurately, decisions have to be made that can be avoided by even the most precise language; aesthetic issues have to be addressed that cannot be resolved by most elegant mathematical calculation. Whether the task at hand is a hair dryer, a weekend retreat in the country, or an annual report, drawing forces decisions. 
 (Tim Brown IDEO)
  24. 24. braincycles UX strategy is a business solution to a business problem We create user experiences that differentiate our customers from competition and supports their commercial objectives. In that way it is UX strategy that supports the corporate strategy or other micro strategies that exist in the business. (Simon Norell /Nomensa)
  25. 25. braincycles Mapping digital strategy Ecosystem maps assist us in making informed and coherent decisions both on a macro and micro level. The map shows our endless opportunities, the strategy defines the selected path.
  26. 26. braincycles How strategy really works Source: Roger Martin What is our winning aspiration? Where will we play? Wie definieren wir das Spielfeld (Kategorien, Segmente, Produktionsschritte) Was wollen wir schaffen? Was ist das Leitbild? How will we win? Was ist unser Angebot, was unser Wettbewerbsvorteil? What capabilities do we need Was müssen wir dafür tun, welche Aktivitäten müssen vorgenommen werden, was muss verändert werden Welche Systeme und Strukturen führen wir ein um unsere Wahl zu stützen und den Erfolg zu messen? What management system 
 do we need?
  27. 27. braincycles Designer? Strategieberater? Everyone designs who devises courses of action aimed at changing existing situations into preferred ones. 
 (Herbert Simon, Scientist and Nobel Laureate)
  28. 28. braincycles Strategie bedeutet Veränderung - auch in unseren Köpfen
  29. 29. braincycles Danke @hsommerfeldt