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The health well louise bradley


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Published in: Health & Medicine, Education
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The health well louise bradley

  1. 1. Supporting evidence-informed policy and practiceLouise BradleyInstitute of Public Health in Ireland (IPH)Introduction to the Health Well, April 11th 2013
  2. 2. Institute of Public Health in IrelandAll-Ireland body: North-South cooperation Inequalities in healthSocial determinants of healthThree work strands: Capacity building Policy support Information &
  3. 3. The
  4. 4. The Health Well• Unique all-island health information website• Designed to support evidence-informed policy and practice• Covers population health, and health & social care• Managed by the Institute of Public Health in Ireland (IPH) incollaboration with– HRB Centre for Health and Diet Research at University College Cork (UCC)and University College Dublin (UCD)– UKCRC Centre of Excellence for Public Health (NI) at Queen’s UniversityBelfast (QUB)
  5. 5. Our partners, so far ….nooNational ObesityObservatory
  6. 6. Benefits of using the Health Well• A portal, not a repository– Generates traffic for all of its contributors– Diverse range of authoritative sources of information• Save time– don’t have to search multiple sites– Thematic Hubs• Work collaboratively over the web– Social media tools– Webgroups• Tools to help you use information more effectively– Free online user accounts (save relevant materials)– Data tools
  7. 7. How information is presented on the Health WellInterventionsPolicyDataEvidenceNewsOrganisationsOver 800 health-related interventionsOver 1,900 policies and strategiesOver 2,700 health-related data sourcesEvidence• Peer-reviewed literature (Article summariesfrom Open Access Journals)• Systematic reviews• Other research and evaluations (“Greyliterature”)• GuidanceNews• Current affairs• Events• Bulletins and Newsletters
  8. 8. Thematic hubs on priority health topicshttp://fuelpoverty.thehealthwell.infohttp://healthinequalities.thehealthwell.infohttp://chronicconditions.thehealthwell.info