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Cliks gethin white hslg 2013

  1. 1. CLIKS
  2. 2. What Shelli SaidClinical Librarian role in UK/US has made adifference by:• Informing development of safe nationalpractice guidelines• Development of Corporate GovernanceStandards• Informing Clinical Research
  3. 3. Our Knowledge Base• UK Clinical Library Group• Clinical Library Study Day• Hill Report• Evidence Based Day Waterford• Existing Irish initiatives
  4. 4. Internal Change Drivers• Need to get a higher percentage ofClinicians using some form of libraryservices (17% Athens Survey 2010)• Organisational focus on centralisation ofservices• Users looking to use library services indifferent ways (Web 2.0)
  5. 5. Pilot Mode• HSE/RCSI collaboration at ConnollyHospital.• Clinical Query Service directed atCardiology, COPD & Rheumatology teams.• Clinical Queries collected at Ward Rounds,Journal Clubs, Team Meetings.
  6. 6. Pilot Positives• Picked up a large number of clinical queriesthat probably wouldn’t have filteredthrough to the library.• Created a more embedded relationshipbetween library & hospital staff• Library being proactive rather than reactive
  7. 7. Pilot Negatives
  8. 8. Pilot Negatives• Cold Storage Factor- Some obscure queries thathad floated around departments with little chanceof being answered• Short Hand Factor- Difficulties manuallyrecording complex Clinical Queries• Structural Factors- Forums at which ClinicalQueries were captured often cancelled. Staffdifficult to contact for query follow-up.
  9. 9. A period of reflection…• Talked to pilot project team to try work outmore effective method for deliveringclinical query services• Interviewed 16 Clinical Librarians toinform this process
  10. 10. Survey Findings• Most Clinical Librarians questioned were free topromote and develop their role – independently ofthe traditional library service• Ward rounds were problematic – A number of theClinical Librarians used them as a chance tomarket their services• Many of the CLS concentrated on corporate policydevelopment in association with Clinical LibraryWork
  11. 11. Implications for our CL Service• Our Clinical Library Service – had to takeover from our Library Service. ClinicalLibrary Service couldn’t be a stand aloneproject. It had to be integral to the work thatwe were doing. Resources, Strategic workplans targeted toward this end.• LENUS work would also complement thiswork.
  12. 12. Our Friends in the North……
  13. 13. CLIKS – Value Set• Relationship building- embeddingrelationships within strategic groups• Skills & Training for CLIKS group• Emphasis on highlighting professionalservices for library users• Championing new technologies
  14. 14. Have we been successful?• KPIs – Clinical Query Service delivering88% satisfaction rate• Our tailored Current Awareness Bulletinsgenerated nearly 600 requested articlesfrom Clinical Programmes last year.• Significant engagement within our targetstrategic groups
  15. 15. Future Plans• More partnership work – bring in specialiststo contribute to projects• Integration with LENUS – Making thestrategic link with researchers• Work with more strategic groups in theorganisation- whilst watching the workflowand avoiding overheating
  16. 16. Now prepare to be struck by…