Anne o'byrne development of a research database hslg conference 2013


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Anne o'byrne development of a research database hslg conference 2013

  1. 1. Development of a Research Database Anne M. O’Byrne Librarian Rotunda Hospital Library & Information Service
  2. 2. The HSE identified that “there is a growing emphasis on knowledge as a strategic national asset and a strong national commitment to research as an essential driver of economic and social growth and development” Also the HSE “recognised the lack of a systematic approach to health research and stated that the HSE will actively encourage and facilitate research through partnership” - HSE Draft Research Strategy 2006-2009 Introduction
  3. 3. Development of a Rotunda Research Directory 2009 • Request for contribution of all research output to HSE in line with their Action Plan for Health Research 2009 to 2013 • Commencement of the development of the Rotunda Research Plan
  4. 4. • Departmental listings of published articles held departmentally • Author publications collated for the Annual Clinical Report and published annually • Minutes of Ethics Committee Meetings Existing Sources of Information
  5. 5. • Call for papers • Meetings with key stakeholders and a commitment to share • Use of template document to store information • Core information initially gathered and collated for years 2009, 2010, up to May 2011. Research Directory Development - Lenus Research Template
  6. 6. • Research information classified as: – Published research – Original unpublished research • Stored by: – Department – Publication type – By year of publication or project creation File Storage Published Research Original Un-Published Research Dept Type Year
  7. 7. Anaesthesia General Administration General Medicine HARI Infectious Diseases Midwifery Departments Surveyed Obstetrics & Gynaecology Paediatrics Pathology Psychiatry RCSI (at the Rotunda) SATU Social Work Dept
  8. 8. • Abstract • Dissertation • Journal Article Publication Type • Original Research (through Ethics Committee) • Poster Presentation • Scientific Meeting (Oral Presentation)
  9. 9. • 2009 • 2010 • Up to May 2011(1st Phase) • May 2011 to present (2nd Phase) • Template – Title of research – Author – Year – Subject Keywords – Source or e-link – Full Citation Coverage
  10. 10. • Rotunda Research Directory developed by OLAS Software Solutions Ltd. • Design based on the LENUS template used in word file storage • Total of 495 records exported to the Rotunda Research Directory • User is able to filter the displayed list by using the search button to search the following criteria Development of the Rotunda Research Database
  11. 11. • Year • Title • Author /Researcher • Keyword • Search through approved research or published research • New records may be created or existing records edited or printed, or saved to a report or excel file Search Criteria on Research Directory
  12. 12. • • LENUS The Irish Health Repository – developed by HSE Library & Information Staff, Dr Steevens Hospital, Dublin 8) “As the only Irish Resource of its kind LENUS is a vitally important facility for all medical professionals, policy makers, academics, librarians, students and the general public. It is a platform for new research.” LENUS Database
  13. 13. • Deposit of Rotunda Research Records to May 2011 • Institutional access to the LENUS Database in May 2011 by username and password • Direct access to the database under institutional log in • Ongoing updating of Rotunda’s research input • Development of the Rotunda Research Strategy Rotunda Contribution to LENUS
  14. 14. • Ease of access to Departmental Research • Ease of Access to a shared environment on the LENUS Database • More co-ordination among research and audit staff • General collaboration with other researchers and hospitals Result
  15. 15. Anne M. O’Byrne Librarian Rotunda Hospital Library and Information Service Tel: 01 8171795 Thank You Any Questions?