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Yokohamatrip for saif


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Published in: Business, Travel
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Yokohamatrip for saif

  1. 1. Yokohama Trip…and Bamboo For you!!
  2. 2. Replicated Bamboo house at the Airport Nightmare…..
  3. 3. Objects that aborigines use
  4. 4. Not only you have trouble with the Flight company We also experience some unpleasant conversation With our flight attendants…. BUT we had have Ice Cream on the Plane…. And Good Weather in Tokyo/ Yokoham Once we landed….. It felt much better… and lighter YOKOHAMA!!!!! The map shows the location of different tribes
  5. 5. And when we arrived the exhibition venue, we saw this…
  6. 9. This is a Bamboo pathway, and using Bamboo to create a lot of music instrument, And windmill devise. Each of them have wire to connect to each other, and by using wind or very little electricity, they make a series connected movement with very pleasant and natural sound.
  7. 10. And Yokohama is
  8. 11. Our exhibition space– Shinko Pier
  9. 12. Opening reception of Yokohama Triennial
  10. 13. Opening reception of Shinko Pier
  11. 14. Exhibitions: alternative Space showcase
  12. 15. Exhibitions: the Zoo
  13. 16. Exhibitions
  14. 17. Our booth and Mr.Eyeball’s works
  15. 18. Mr. Eyeball’s performance and stage setting
  16. 19. Self-made Ramei (Noodle Shop )
  17. 20. Street Scene Artists’ Studio and wroks