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Lahore membership development


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Hammad Siddiqui's session at Lahore Workshop - Chambers and Associations workshop

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Lahore membership development

  1. 1. CIPE’s South Asia Regional Program Lahore 20 & 21 September 2013
  2. 2. Generic Roles of a Chamber/Association • Work proactively to improve the sector's / region’s profitability and competitiveness (R&D) • Work effectively to represent the sector's interests at all levels of the legislative regulatory process (Policy Advocacy) • Supply sound information and advice for members (PR & Communications) • Promote exports and other market opportunities (Trade facilitation) • Promote training and education (Training) • Work to ensure practice of principals of good governance (Ethics)
  3. 3. Vision/Mission Goals, objectives & strategies Action Plans & Accountability Strong and Vibrant Organization
  4. 4. Your Challenges as Board and CEO • Remain ethical • Improve Skills • Hire quality HR • Train and Retain • Be creative • Make Profits • Build a professional organization
  5. 5. Role of Office Bearers • Develop specific objectives and business plan. • Support and Execute business plan. • Proactively participate in policy advocacy initiatives. • Promote Chamber’s image.
  6. 6. Key Issues with Business Associations • Inability to run chamber as a Business • Lack of Vision, Mission, Objectives, Strategic Plan • Poor financial management (budgeting, fund raising, expense projection) • Poor networking (no membership drive) • Lack of staff capacity (inability to attract and retain quality staff) • Inability to attract member attention / support • Inability to attract donor funds • Lukewarm efforts for organizational development
  7. 7. Association Governance
  8. 8. 21st Century Business Associations 1. Expectations - What our members expect from our association? 2. Vision – is our mission is member driven or board driven? 3. Mission – is our mission aligned with our vision? 4. Communication with Board members – do we communicate vision/Mission with board members? 5. Trustworthiness – do we do what we say? 6. Communication – do we communicate effectively with our stakeholders? 7. Partners – are our partners are satisfied? 8. Board members – Are our broad members credible? 9. Committees – how effective and empowered our committees are? 10. Performance – Do we have a performance review system? 11. Monitoring – Do we have an effective monitoring system? 12. Leadership Development – Do we have succession planning in place? 13. Financial Management – Do we have a financial management system? 14. Governance and Ethics – Do we have any codes and do we implement? 15. Appreciation – Do we rejoice success?
  9. 9. Is survival a challenge for your organization?
  10. 10. Chamber Survival Challenge Chamber’s survival depends upon how well you can prioritize items in a relatively unfamiliar environment. This exercise will be based on ranking and will be compared with results of the other groups. • Your Task You have 25 items. Your task is to rank these items according to their importance in aiding your Chamber to come back to the normal footing…! Start ranking below boxes with "1" the more important, to "25" the least important. You should assume that your team is your group, you have agreed on priorities you set.
  11. 11. • Vision, Mission and Objectives • Organizational Structure • Code of Conduct • Staffing and Empowering secretariat • Member Services • Effective Board Members • Membership Development & Retention • Revenue Generation • Financial Management • Effective Communication • Reputation, Recognition and Branding • Strategic Planning • Regulatory Compliance • Physical Infrastructure • Leadership Development & Succession Planning
  12. 12. Membership Development
  13. 13. Why Focus on Members? Why Members Subscribe?
  14. 14. Why Focus on Members? • Members are the first element of an organizational structure. • A member voluntarily invests money by payment of dues on a regular basis in exchange for a perceived value from the chamber. • Members are both owners and customers.
  15. 15. Members Subscribe for… • Prestige • Work / Services • Networking • Improving business environment • Business development • Knowledge sharing • Community development
  16. 16. There are More Choices – Less Time! Choices Time Can you hit this point again and again
  17. 17. Be Creative!
  18. 18. Creativity is not about Creating Something new, its about giving a new experience Richard Branson
  19. 19. To attract More Members You Need 3 Key Skills Ability to Innovate (or create) Ability to Implement your Ideas Ability to Outreach
  20. 20. KYC
  21. 21. Membership Development Process Identification Introduction Making a Pitch Addressing Concerns Membership Renewal
  22. 22. Retention Development
  23. 23. What is the retention process?
  24. 24. Retention Satisfaction
  25. 25. Membership Life Cycle 28
  26. 26. Member Services
  27. 27. What Services does your organization offer to members?
  28. 28. Chamber Services • Networking opportunities • Advocacy • Member to Member Discount Program • Learning opportunities • Community development through effective CSR • Trade leads • Referral services • Employment exchange • Subsidized consultancy services • Promotion and advertising