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  • I will start with the basic argument about who is an entrepreneur in simple words.
  • I will speak about the important of a practical and exciting idea.
  • Passion is the key for any entrepreneurs to keep surviving in challenging environment.
  • Every entrepreneur needs these four basic skills.
  • It is important to check these three points to ensure the validity of a BIG Idea
  • This concept was introduced by Seth Godin. It’s a way to tell that an entrepreneur should have remarkable and unique ideas.
  • I will talk about the importance of creativity here.
  • Two examples of how simple creativity could be.
  • Some interesting quotes from Steve Jobs. Will explain exactly what these mean in narrative.
  • Successful Career Presentation

    1. 1. Success Redefined!Hammad Siddiqui
    2. 2. “Are some people just bornLucky and progress quickly!. . . or have they chosen tobe Lucky?”Life’s Little Question
    3. 3. Our EnvironmentYOUBeware the Bullets!Negative WorkEnvironmentBadExperiencesOuch!
    4. 4. Its for YOUOuch!Ouch!Ouch!Ouch!Ouch!Ouch!Ouch!Ouch! Ouch!
    5. 5. Choosing the Right Luggage
    6. 6. You’re going to get hit!The Problem With Dodging Bullets
    7. 7. Choice #2Wear Bulletproof Armor
    8. 8. 10 Key Points to Remember
    9. 9. Set Your Direction
    10. 10. Self-AssessmentStrengthsWeaknessesOpportunitiesThreats
    11. 11. Write Your Career Plan
    12. 12. Chart Your Career Path
    13. 13. Focus Your Target Market
    14. 14. Network with Right People
    15. 15. Go Viral on Social Media
    16. 16. Create Chain Reaction
    17. 17. Your elevator pitch
    18. 18. Dressing appropriately
    19. 19. Adapt reading habit
    20. 20. passionworkfocuspushideasimplementationServePersistence
    21. 21. Position yourself as an EntrepreneurBusinessman thinks for today – An entrepreneur has a longterm visionFor Businessman incremental growth is good - Anentrepreneur focuses on exponential growthBusinessman is cheeky - An entrepreneurs is customerfocusedBusinessman considers promotion as liability – Anentrepreneur thinks it as an investment
    22. 22. Single Biggest Success Factor
    23. 23. Your Biggest Challenge is…
    24. 24. You Need 4 Key SkillsAbility toInnovate (orcreate)Ability toImplementyour IdeasAbility toMarket aproduct,service or ideaAbility tounderstandnumbers
    25. 25. Is your idea big enoughis your idea not only uniquebut remarkableIs you outreach strategycool enoughFind out fast if an ideawould work
    26. 26. There are More Choices – Less Time!ChoicesTimeCan you hit this pointagain and again
    27. 27. Be Creative!
    28. 28. Creativity is not aboutCreating Something new,its about giving a newexperienceRichard Branson
    29. 29. Six Lessons from Steve JobsChanging you mind is truly a sign of intelligenceExperts are generally cluelessValue is not equal to PriceDesign CountsA-players hire A+ PlayersJump to the next curve
    30. 30. Your Ideas will Work if…. You enlightenyourself like this bulb!WorkFocusPushTalkListenImproveAskPersist
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