10 Secret Social Media Tools


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Excellent Social Media Tools for non experts.

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10 Secret Social Media Tools

  1. 1. 10 Secret Social Media Tools Hammad Siddiqui http://hammadsiddiquiblog.com http://twitter.com/hammads
  2. 2. “Market for socialmedia management tools growover 100% to $970 million in 2016, from $389 million this year.” – Bloomberg
  3. 3. 10 Secret Tools can help you useyour social media more effectively!
  4. 4. EditFlowIt is a plugin from open source content managementsystem WordPress that allows you to manage youreditorial team seamlessly.With it, you can get a snapshot of your month-to-monthcontent with the calendar feature. It also offers improvedcontent status beyond WordPress default draft andpending review. And user groups can help you keep yourteam of writers organized by department or function.
  5. 5. TweetReachThis tool allows you to see how far your tweets travel.For example, with TweetReach I can search my blogand come up with these results. It breaks down howmany people your messages reach and how manytweets it took to reach them. For instance, TweetReachcan tell you how many times your tweets have beenshared by retweets, replies and other standard tweets.
  6. 6. ArgyleSocialThis Durham, N.C.-based startup is a social media platform thataims to help marketers connect the business dots with the socialmedia dots. ArgyleSocial offers a single dashboard to monitorFacebook and Twitter that allows you to delegate tasks to yourteam. It also offers easy reporting on the ROI of your socialmedia efforts. If youd like to be an affiliate, you can use ArgyleSocials whitelabel brand and resell the social media platform to your clients.All of your accounts can be wrapped up into one bill and sent toyou to distribute or absorb as an included service.
  7. 7. HootSuite for iPadHootSuite users should be happy with this iPadapplication. It includes a stationary column in the sidebarthat keeps track of all streams being tracked. Among the other things HootSuite says you can do withthis iPad app include checking in using a Foursquareaccount, scheduling messages to send at a later time,examine click-through statistics, add geo-locationcoordinates to messages and shorten URLs with a built-in Ow.ly tool.
  8. 8. TweetLevelYou might be thinking you dont need another Tweet metric tool,but TweetLevel, allows you to specifically search for hashtags,which can lead you to insights on who to follow based uponconversation versus person.Once youve found someone youd like to follow, you can useTweetLevel to help measure his or her social influence. You canalso evaluate the buzz around a certain topic to determine if its atrend worth paying attention to. Then take a peek at relatedphrases around your topic to gauge the true scope of thetrending idea.
  9. 9. ReFollowWhen it comes to Twitter, numbers might not be as important asthe people you follow and who follows you. ReFollow is anapplication that allows you to lock in those followers that youveconnected with and make sure they continue to follow you.Other features include filtering a search on Twitter to uncoverinsights, such as what you have in common with certainfollowers. This can lead you to connecting with someone whomaybe youre Twitter conversation has been close to zero, butwith a simple direct message to that person you can make aconnection and build a business relationship.
  10. 10. TwitterSearchYouve probably heard of TwitterSearch but, more than likely,you arent using it correctly.New media expert Thomas Baekdal offers a number of little-known tips for using TwitterSearch. For instance, to see whatpeople are saying about your competitors, search withto:competitor or from:competitor. Replace "Competitor" with thatcompanys Twitter handle.To uncover top trending topics search that topic plus –rtfilter:links. For example, "digital marketing-rt filter:links". Thatcode will remove all of the retweets from the search
  11. 11. TraackrOne simple way to find and follow people who are influential inyour space is to use Traackr. It allows you to identify the"authorities" in your industry who can mean the most to yourbusiness or your clients.Whats also useful about Traackr is that you can watch howsocial media leaders are responding and contributing to contentyou are sharing. An ad agency, for example, can see who itshould target to help social media campaigns get off the ground,build its engagement strategies based upon Traackrs uniqueintelligence and then see results of those campaigns.
  12. 12. SocMetricsThe Topical Influencer platform by SocMetrics is a web-based tool that allows you to identify influencers,understand who these people are, interact with themand then monitor your campaign.The "Competitive Influence" feature allows you tospecify brands and drill down for detailed influencers.Whats slick about this tool is that you can narrow yoursearch to a long-tail keyword, seeing who is trulyinfluential.
  13. 13. Social ScopeFor BlackBerry users whove longed for an app thatcombines Twitter and Facebook on one screen, such asTweetDeck for your desktop, consider trying SocialScope.And on that same screen youll see a thumbnail image ifsomeone shares something from TwitPic. It also has abuilt in retweeting feature, hash tag search and will alsolet you see the entire URL to know where a truncatedURL is pointing.
  14. 14. http://hammadsiddiquiblog.com http://twitter.com/hammads Credits for this compilation go to Neil PatelNeil Patel is co-founder of KISSmetrics, a customer analytics platformbased in San Francisco.