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West Coast Chinese Christian Conference - 2017 Handbook


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Conference handbook for WCCCC 2017. 78 pages, color.

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West Coast Chinese Christian Conference - 2017 Handbook

  1. 1. FOLLOW IN HIS STEPS1 WCCCC Handbook 2017-HC-v6.indd 1 12/27/17 1:45 PM
  2. 2. FOLLOW IN HIS STEPS2 Scavenger Hunt!!! (Finish at least 12 items throughout the entire conference individually): 1. Take a pic with your cabin sharing group - Instagram/ FB 2. Form a human pattern of the word “follow” with fellow conferees - Instagram/FB 3. Take a pic with your bible study group - Instagram/FB 4. Get an autograph from both main speakers on the handbook 5. Get a picture with at least two workshop speakers - Instagram/FB 6. Get the contact info from all of your members in cabin sharing group and stick it to your handbook 7. Like/Follow W4C FB page and Instagram 8. Attend PC elections (Student/Young Adult) - Sticker 9. Check-in on FB and tag three of your fellow conferees 10.List 4 worship songs that we sang at the conference in the handbook 11. Take a picture with two worship team members - Instagram/FB 12.Meet and greet at least 10 new friends and get their contact info stickers in the handbook 13.Proof of morning devotion for at least two days (notes, etc.) handbook 14.Get to know and write down three fun facts about one Planning Committee Member - handbook 15. Visit any Display Booths and get a souvenir. Have FUN!!! WCCCC Handbook 2017-HC-v6.indd 2 12/27/17 1:45 PM
  3. 3. FOLLOW IN HIS STEPS3 你們蒙召原是為此;因基督也為你們受過苦,給你 們留下榜樣,叫你們跟隨他的腳蹤行。 利未記 19: 1-2 “For you have been called for this purpose, since Christ also suffered for you, leaving you an example for you to follow in His steps,” 1 Peter 2:21 NAME CABIN WCCCC Handbook 2017-HC-v6.indd 3 12/27/17 1:45 PM
  4. 4. FOLLOW IN HIS STEPS4 2017 WCCCC Table of Contents General Informa- tion..................................................................................................... About WCCCC..................................................................................... Main Speakers...................................................................................... Workshop Speakers............................................................................. Interpreters............................................................................................. Worship Team....................................................................................... Day 1 Evening Message 1 Notes....................................................... Day 2 Morning Devotion 1 (English and Chinese)........................... Day 2 Morning Message 1 Notes...................................................... Day 2 Bible Study 1 Material (English and Chinese)........................ A Penny for Your Thoughts.................................................................... Day 2 Workshop A & B Description................................................... Day 2 Evening Message 2 Notes....................................................... Day 3 Morning Devotion 2 (English and Chinese)........................... Day 3 Morning Message 2 Notes...................................................... Day 3 Bible Study 2 Material (English and Chinese)........................ Join Our Team....................................................................................... Planning Committee Election............................................................... Day 3 Workshop C Description.......................................................... Day 3 Evening Message 3 Notes....................................................... Day 4 Morning Devotion 3 (English and Chinese)........................... Day 4 Morning Message 3 Notes...................................................... Day 4 Bible Study 3 Material (English and Chinese)........................ Behind The Scenes (2017 PC Committee Member)........................... Front Line Servants (2017 EC Committee Member)................................ New Friends.......................................................................................... The Challenge Goals For 2018............................................................ WCCCC 2018 Preview ....................................................................... Share Your Testimony ........................................................................... Conference Time Table.......................................................... 6 8 10 12 16 17 18 20 26 28 32 34 38 40 44 46 50 51 52 54 56 60 62 66 68 70 73 74 76 back cover WCCCC Handbook 2017-HC-v6.indd 4 12/27/17 1:45 PM
  5. 5. FOLLOW IN HIS STEPS5 WELCOME! Messages from the Chairpersons “It is truly my honor to be able to serve you all this year! As I am serving in this ministry, I’m learning to be humble and to work as a family in Christ. I believe that God brought you to this conference for His reason! Be ready to receive what He wants you to experience through the conference. I pray that this conference will not a routine for you, but a life changing experience between you and God! Let’s enjoy these 4 days together!” In His Love, Jimmy Luk 2017 Excutive Committee Chairperson “Welcome to West Coast Chinese Christian Conference 2017! I thank God for bringing you all here safetly from various parts of this vast country and also from our neighboring country. We, the Planning Committee members, are so excited to welcome you. Even before you arrived, we have been praying for you, that the Holy Spirit will have a special blessing prepared for you and that He will open your mind to understand what God is trying to tell you. 2017 brought a series of devastating natural disasters, from powerful hurricanes to raging wildfires. While we are amazed by a total solar eclipse, the worst mass shooting on the other hand has brought us to tears. Our confusing world desperately needs Jesus to come and make it new. t’s our prayer that through this weekend you will be equipped to exercise care in passing down what you have learned from our LORD Jesus, the three key elements of authentic discipleship: self-denial, carrying one’s cross, and following in the footsteps of the Master. May the good Lord bless this conference and make it fruitful. Through which, our Christian faith becomes a “living faith”. “ Maisie Chan 2017 Planning Committee Chairperson WCCCC Handbook 2017-HC-v6.indd 5 12/27/17 1:45 PM
  6. 6. FOLLOW IN HIS STEPS6 Conference Registration ALL conferees must check-in with the Registrar, Daniel Fan. December 29, 2017 2:00 p.m. – 5:45 p.m. 9:30 p.m. – 10:00 p.m. Location: Newton Memorial - Cascade Room (upstairs, map B-4) December 30, 2017 December 31, 2017 10:40 a.m. – 11:45 a.m. 10:40 a.m. – 11:45 a.m. 9:30 p.m. – 10:00 p.m. 5:30 p.m. – 6:00 p.m. Location: Lakeside 621 (map C-3) Location: Lakeside 621 (map C-3) Parking Parking lots are located on Conference Drive, the main road to Mt. Hermon. Parking is available adjacent to most cabins. Avoid parking on private property. Do not park at the Post Office or in the loading zone. Cabin Maintenance Contact Marc Leong, our General Affairs staff, if there are conditions that arise with your cabin such as lack of heating, proper lighting, water leakage, or other maintenance issues. GENERAL INFORMATION Important Contacts we suggest that you save these contacts on your cellphone Jimmy Luk Executive Committee Chair Lakeside 625 (626)371-6489 Karen Yu Administration Vice Chair Lakeside 622 (415)640-4588 Daniel Fan Registrar Lakeside 621 (650)776-4583 Marc Leong General Affairs Lakeside 623 (408)438-6876 Annie Wu First Aid Team Leader Lakeside 626 (415)823-9344 WCCCC Handbook 2017-HC-v6.indd 6 12/27/17 1:45 PM
  7. 7. FOLLOW IN HIS STEPS7 Meals Your name tag is your Meal Ticket. If you lose it, see the Registrar, Daniel. If you or a cabin mate are too sick to attend a meal, “take outs” are available. Ask a dining room server for assistance. Lost and Found Don’t panic...yet. The Lost and Found is located at the back of the Auditorium. Basic Rules Just a few friendly reminders... • Please be on time. • Please always be aware of your belongings, and do not leave valuables in your cabin. • Please be respectful to the camp site, help keep common areas clean. • Please conserve electricity. Turn off the lights and lower the thermostat when a room is vacant. Avoid setting the thermostat above 72°F. • Smoking, alcohol, illicit drugs and gambling are prohibited. No mahjong, please! • Open flames are prohibited. • Do not move (or remove) furniture (especially pianos) without permission from Mt. Hermon staff. • Please turn off all personal mobile devices in the auditorium and workshop rooms. • Please stay in your own cabin after 11pm. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Emergency For any emergencies, please contact WCCCC or Mt. Hermon staff member immediately. In case of an earthquake, fire, storm, landslide, or other emergencies: During mealtime (Dining Commons) or worship time (Auditorium), please remain calm and stay where you are until further notice from the staff. During any other time (quiet time, or late night), please go to the nearest designated location indicated on the map (Recreation Field, Victory Circle parking lot near Rustic Dell, etc.) and remain there until further notice from the staff. LOCAL MEDICAL FACILITIES: Scotts Valley Urgent Care - (831) 458-6330 Doctors On Duty - (831) 425-7991 Dominican Hospital - (831) 462-7700 FIRE OR AMBULANCE: 911 WCCCC Handbook 2017-HC-v6.indd 7 12/27/17 1:45 PM
  8. 8. FOLLOW IN HIS STEPS8 ABOUT WCCCC OUR HISTORY WCCCC began in 1969 when a group of foreign-born Chinese Christian students gathered for fellowship over the Christmas break. This winter retreat continued up through 1971. In 1972, the winter retreat planning committee placed their efforts in the planning of the North American Congress of Chinese Evangelicals (NACOCE). After the NACOCE meeting, this winter retreat began its transformation into a full-fledged “Winter Conference”. From this beginning, WCCCC has grown into a regional conference ministering to students and young adults, both foreign and American born, from over 100 different groups and churches. OUR VISION WCCCC’s vision is to co-work with West Coast Chinese churches to bring about a grass roots revival. OUR MISSION The primary mission of WCCCC is to plan, organize, and deliver an annual conference for West Coast Chinese Christians that will: • Stimulate conferees to grow in their walk with God; • Equip conferees with the knowledge and skills to fulfill their spiritual calling; • Enrich conferees with a knowledge and understanding of current and past events and movements relevant to Chinese Christians; • Promote conferees’ awareness of their social responsibilities. West Coast Chinese Christian Conference is an evangelical fellowship of Chinese Christians committed to challenging and equipping God’s people to serve on campuses or in the workplace, at the local church or on the mission field. Through a network of resources, training and encouragement, WCCCC aims to serve the West Coast Chinese Christian community. WCCCC Handbook 2017-HC-v6.indd 8 12/27/17 1:45 PM
  9. 9. FOLLOW IN HIS STEPS9 OUR DISTINCTIVENESS A Community Within Diversity Conferees come from throughout the West Coast representing diverse backgrounds. Through group Bible studies, cabin sharing and other activities, fellowship is fostered to promote a genuine community. A Wealth of Perspectives Conferees are challenged and stimulated through interaction with our numerous speakers on a broad range of topics regarding spiritual growth, Christian service and contemporary issues. An Opportunity for Training Conferees are offered practical workshops to build leadership and evangelism skills, as well as in-conference opportunities to lead Bible study and to practice spiritual discipline. Committee members develop important strategic and tactical skills that provide a valuable foundation for future ministries. OUR BELIEFS Although we come from various church denominations, the leadership of West Coast Chinese Christian Conference holds to the following statements of faith: • We believe that the Bible is uniquely inspired by God, and in its trustworthiness and authority. • We believe in the Deity of the Lord Jesus Christ and in His true humanity when He lived among us. • We acknowledge the necessity of Jesus’ substitutionary death on the cross for the redemption of the world. • We hold that salvation is by faith and through God’s grace alone. • We believe in the historic fact of the resurrection. • We acknowledge the presence and power of the Holy Spirit in the work of regeneration. • We fully expect the personal return of Jesus Christ in the future. WCCCC Handbook 2017-HC-v6.indd 9 12/27/17 1:45 PM
  10. 10. FOLLOW IN HIS STEPS10 MAIN SPEAKERs MORNING BIBLE EXPOSITOR Dr. Gil Stieglitz Executive Pastor, Adventure Christian Church (Roseville, CA) Professor, Western Seminary President, Principles to Live By Master of Divinity from Talbot School of Theological Doctor of Ministry from Talbot School of Theology Dr. Gil Stieglitz is an author, speaker, catalyst, pastor, professor, and leadership consultant. He has helped Christians, churches, and leaders all over the United States and around the world maximize their impact. He is the executive pastor at Adventure Christian Church in Roseville CA, a professor at Western Seminary, and President of Principles to Live By. He was a Senior pastor in Southern California at Twin Lakes Community Church for 17 years and denominational executive for the EFCA for 13 years. His skills and passion include helping people, organizations, and leaders maximize their potential for God’s glory. He now resides in Roseville, California, with his wife Dana and their three daughters. WCCCC Handbook 2017-HC-v6.indd 10 12/27/17 1:45 PM
  11. 11. FOLLOW IN HIS STEPS11 EVENING SPEAKER Rev. Mitchell Herring Rev. Mitchell Herring remembers that as a small child, his father would take him and his younger brother to visit their grandparents every Sunday morning. They would pass a church with a huge sign reading “Christ died for our sins.” Even then he often wondered what that meant. Later, while a student at Rutgers University, he read the Gospels for himself and was deeply moved by the purity and holiness of Christ and by His promise, “…and behold, I will be with you always, even unto the end of the world.” Believing the Bible’s declaration that it was his sin that separated him from the holy and eternal God, and that it was Christ who paid the price for his sin by His death on the cross, he came to Christ as his Savior and Lord in 1974. Pastor Herring came to know many Chinese friends at Rutgers and took his first Chinese course as an elective in fall of 1972. His great interest led him to continue in Chinese studies. After coming to Christ, he was introduced to and became involved with the Chinese Student Bible Study Group on the Rutgers Campus. Upon the conviction of the Lord’s call into full-time ministry, in 1982 he entered China Evangelical Seminary in Taipei, Taiwan as the only American student in a school of over 100 Chinese students. Pastor, Rochester Chinese Christian Church (RCCCC) Master of Divinity from China Evangelical Seminary (Taipei, Taiwan) Master of Theology from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School WCCCC Handbook 2017-HC-v6.indd 11 12/27/17 1:45 PM
  12. 12. FOLLOW IN HIS STEPS12 WORKSHOP SPEAKERS Workshop: A2-UNDERSTANDING DIFFERENT DENOMINATIONS Dr. Samuel Ho Samuel Ho 聖言資源中心副會長 聖言講道學院副院長兼教務長 學歷:PhD Graduate Theological Union, Berkeley, USA. PhD Trinity Theological Seminary USA. DTS Columbia Evangelical Seminary USA. STM Yale University Divinity School USA. 道學碩士 香港中國神學研究院 1986 哲學碩士 香港中文大學 1983 文學士 香港中文大學 1981 事奉簡略:美國基督工人神學院 教 務長、系統神學副教授、教牧學博士課程主任2011-15 澳洲維省宣道會宣信堂 創堂 宣教士及堂主任 1987-1990 西雅圖華人宣道會 主任牧師 2004-2011 加拿大恩道 華人神學院 客座教授 2011至今 加拿大克理威廉神學院 客座教授 2006至今 香港 中國神學研究院 副教授兼中國文化研究中心研究員 1998-2003 香港基督徒藝術 協會 主席 1998-2009 著述:Faith and Practice: Liturgical Renewal in Chinese Churches, (主編1998)《名畫與聖誕》(CD, 1998)《心弦蜜語:傳道書的幽默與真善 美的追尋》(1998)《心筆在絃:靈修小品》(2006)《超然的啟視:從藝術到靈性》(2007) 《回眸聖言:十步文萃》(主編) (2016) Cantonese Workshop:B2-LIVINGINABROKENWORLD:HOWDOWEINFLUENCETHE WORLD? Rev. Kaho Jim 詹牧師於2009年開始於三藩市南灣牧會,負責粵語部青 年事工。除了關顧羣羊之外,詹牧師更致力於透過釋經 法研經和敬拜領袖訓練,來建立平信徒領袖。他於2012 年被按立為牧師,現為Talbot神學院的教牧學博士候選 人(D.Min. [ABD]),主修釋經講道學。因著從主而來的清 晰異象和信念,詹牧師於2015年年中與另一位教牧同工 憑信心開始了在南灣的植 堂事工,先以家庭教會的形 式,與十位委身的信徒一同開始建立了「 天行聖經教會」 Skywalk Bible Church,旨在幫助該社區的人能夠與神聯 繫、建立親密關係,並建立基督的門徒。 WCCCC Handbook 2017-HC-v6.indd 12 12/27/17 1:45 PM
  13. 13. FOLLOW IN HIS STEPS13 Workshop: C2-A BIBLICAL APPROACH TO CONFLICT MANAGEMENT Dr. Melvin Wong Dr. Wong was born and raised in Hong Kong but educated and stayed in the U.S. since 1970. He was Honorary Director of the Pastoral Counseling Program at the Hong Kong Baptist Theology Seminary as well as co-worker at CCM中信and CFFC家新. He was Assistant Professor of Psychiatry at UCSF school of medicine and Attending Psychologist at SF General Hospital: African-American Psychiatric unit 6-B. He has done volunteer teaching at many universities and seminaries in Asia and China. He has completed 6 years of earthquake relief work in Sichuan as well as volunteer work in Cambodia where he assisted/supervised the prevention and aftercare of human trafficked victims. 25% of his time is for missional volunteer work abroad in Leadership Development, Clinical Training and cross-cultural psychology. WCCCC Handbook 2017-HC-v6.indd 13 12/27/17 1:45 PM
  14. 14. FOLLOW IN HIS STEPS14 Workshop: A1-LOCAL MISSIONS Pastor Roger Huang Founder of San Francisco City Impact, Roger has been serving in the inner city of San Francisco for 33 years. After overcoming the odds to escape an abusive home, he fought through homelessness and loneli- ness to find the American dream and his French bride, Maite. Right in San Francisco’s most impoverished district, the Tenderloin, Roger witnessed a traumatic event happen to a young boy, which prompted him and his wife to pass out 50 sandwiches the very next day. This simple act to intervene turned into what is now City Impact’s Rescue Mission, K-8 school with roughly 100 students, a food bank, health and wellness center, adopt a building initiative, a thrift store and a school of ministry. Roger has led many in discovering the power of prayer, fasting, and serving hands-on in a community starved for hope. He is now witnessing the next generation of leaders come through San Francisco City Impact to serve and be trained in the inner city of San Francisco. Workshop: B1-OVERSEAS MISSIONS Rev. Mark Tsujimoto Rev. Mark Tsujimoto is a mission mobilizer for Gospel Operation International. He is an ordained minister who previously served as children/youth minister for two Chinese churches in the Bay Area. His passion is for Christians and churches to find their unique role in building God’s Kingdom. He does this through mentoring, writing and preaching/teaching Workshop: C1-HAS GOD PREPARED “THE ONE” FOR ME? WHAT IS MY RESPONSE? Brian and Charlene Wong Brian and Charlene have been married nearly 9 years. They currently reside in Roseville, CA with their two boys, Joshua and Jake. Before moving to Ros- eville, they lived in beautiful San Luis Obispo and were advisors for Chinese Christian Fellowship at Cal Poly. They were involved in mentoring/discipling a number of students, including several in romantic relationships. They love sharing their story of God’s work in their marriage and family. English WCCCC Handbook 2017-HC-v6.indd 14 12/27/17 1:45 PM
  15. 15. FOLLOW IN HIS STEPS15 Workshop: A3-PROGRESSIVE REVELATION OF GOD’S KINGDOM (聖經中神的國或天國是什麼?) George Shen 他出生於中國上海,在香港長大。他去芝加哥伊利諾伊大學學習 信息工程。他在大三學年後接受了主,他的生命也變了,包括轉修 材料工程。在學士學位和碩士學位之間,他去芝加哥的穆迪聖經 學院修謮了一年和遇到了他未來的妻子樂兒。曾任百時美施貴寶 骨科分公司捷迈新產品開發經理和臨床事務專家,有5個專利執 照。搬到加州後,他擔任捷迈,輝瑞和史赛克骨科公司貨品銷售代 表。曾任中國教會,會議和書籍翻譯員多年和主日學校教師。他也 是全球伊甸園古語團隊的中文成員,為“語言的起源,語言智能設 計”一書作出了貢獻。他發表的文章有牙科,骨科和中國考古學的 文章。他於2015年退休後但在2017年5月,他被南加州的醫學院聘 請為骨科研究特定教師。 Mandarin WCCCC Handbook 2017-HC-v6.indd 15 12/27/17 1:45 PM
  16. 16. FOLLOW IN HIS STEPS16 INTERPRETERS George Shen He was born in Shanghai, China and grew up in Hong Kong. He went to University of the Illinois in Chicago to study Information Engineer- ing. After he accepted the Lord in his junior year, his life changed and it also included a major change to Materials Engineering. Between his BS and MS program at U of I, he went to study at Moody Bible Institute in Chicago for a year where he met his future wife Lois. He worked as a New Product Development Manager and Clinical Affairs on orthopedic implants for Bristol Myers’ subsidiary Zimmer and holds 5 patents. After moving to California, he worked as a sales rep of orthopedic implants for Zimmer, Pfizer and Stryker. He has served as a Sunday School teacher since college and translator at Chinese churches, conferences and books for many years. George is a member of the Global Edenics Team in Chinese and contributed to the book “The Origin of Speeches, Intelligent Design in Languages”. He has co-authored articles on dental prosthetics, orthopedic implant and archeology. He retired in 2015 but in May 2017, he received an appointment from a Medical School in south- ern California the position of Adjunct Research Instructor of Orthopedic Surgery. Paul Pham Paul Pham was born in Ho Chi Minh City (the former Saigon), Vietnam to Chinese parents in a nominal Christian home. In 1975, God mi- raculously brought him and his family to the U.S. as refugees. He then was able to study Pharmacy at the University of Minnesota. After his graduation, he proceeded to work as a Pharmacist in California and Minnesota. Sometime during the 1980s, he got saved and born again. He ultimately was able to continue his studies at Oral Roberts University in Theology and Ministry. After becoming a Christian, he got involved in various ministries and short-term mission trips. He is currently serving in an in-home prayer ministry, adopt-a-block at the L.A. Dream Center as well as ministers as an interpreter and in the choir. WCCCC Handbook 2017-HC-v6.indd 16 12/27/17 1:45 PM
  17. 17. FOLLOW IN HIS STEPS17 WORSHIP Team Association of Christian Music Ministry – Los Angeles (ACMLA) ACMLA (Association of Christian Music Ministry – Los Angeles) was estab- lished in 2015 as a subsidiary of HKACM to host annual evangelical concerts in the Southern California area. Through collaborating and serving with different churches and Christian organizations in Los Angeles, ACMLA aims to help local worship/praise teams advance their technical skill sets and musical knowledge/ disciplines. Team members are constantly learning to disciple each other through these close interactions – and to influence and transform lives in the community – one at a time. As a music crusade that believes in the Statement of Faith, ACMLA uses different musical channels (i.e. via contemporary music and various ministries) to draw people to God; help spread HIS scripture and love; and to equip fellow Chris- tians with enhanced knowledge and skills. Working with local organizations and musicians, ACMLA also serves as a coordinator and catalyst to help promote Christian music in the bigger Southern California community. WCCCC Handbook 2017-HC-v6.indd 17 12/27/17 1:45 PM
  18. 18. FOLLOW IN HIS STEPS18 DAY 1 Evening Message 1 NOTES Rev. Mitchell Herring WCCCC Handbook 2017-HC-v6.indd 18 12/27/17 1:45 PM
  19. 19. FOLLOW IN HIS STEPS19 WCCCC Handbook 2017-HC-v6.indd 19 12/27/17 1:45 PM
  20. 20. FOLLOW IN HIS STEPS20 Jesus’ Intentions (Matthew 9:9-13) Good morning! Let’s thank God that we can wake up early and draw close to Him by reading His Word. The theme of this conference is “Follow in His Steps”. We will read Matthew 9:9-13 (ESV) and reflect on our current mindset of following Jesus. Please read the passage closely and slowly three times: Jesus Calls Matthew 9 As Jesus passed on from there, he saw a man called Matthew sitting at the tax booth, and he said to him, “Follow me.” And he rose and followed him. 10 And as Jesus reclined at table in the house, behold, many tax collectors and sinners came and were reclining with Jesus and his disciples. 11 And when the Pharisees saw this, they said to his disciples, “Why does your teacher eat with tax collectors and sinners?” 12 But when he heard it, he said, “Those who are well have no need of a physician, but those who are sick. 13 Go and learn what this means: ‘I desire mercy, and not sacrifice.’ For I came not to call the righteous, but sinners.” DAY 2 morning devotion 1 There was an obvious distinction between the Pharisees and those regarded as social outcasts (e.g. tax collectors and sin- ners). To be in one group or another basically sets the stage as to how society sees that person. Jesus’ intention was to heal the sick and the broken; He addressed each kind of sick and broken as He saw fit. He was also here to glorify God by expressing His love to all people. Despite their social differ- ences, the Pharisees and the social outcasts were all one and the same in Jesus’ eyes: sick and broken. WCCCC Handbook 2017-HC-v6.indd 20 12/27/17 1:45 PM
  21. 21. FOLLOW IN HIS STEPS21 Reflection and Prayer 1. It is an inevitable truth that we are all broken and lost in one form or another. Do you recognize it within yourself? 2. If society’s standards, or even your own standards, do not matter to Jesus, what is stopping you from accepting your brokenness and coming before Him? 3. Is it important to be a highly regarded person in the eyes of others so that you can be accepted? How can you live a life that lines up with the Word of God, not the social and cultural norm of the world? PRAYER Good morning Lord! I am so thankful that You have drawn me close to You and have called me to do Your will on earth. I am grateful for Your plan of salvation through Jesus, and the power You bestowed upon me from Your Holy Spirit. Please give to me a clear mind, a pure heart, and a touch of Your wisdom to do what is good and right in Your eyes today. May my life glorify You and be pleasing in Your sight. In Jesus’ name I pray, Amen. WCCCC Handbook 2017-HC-v6.indd 21 12/27/17 1:45 PM
  22. 22. FOLLOW IN HIS STEPS22 NOTES WCCCC Handbook 2017-HC-v6.indd 22 12/27/17 1:45 PM
  23. 23. FOLLOW IN HIS STEPS23 WCCCC Handbook 2017-HC-v6.indd 23 12/27/17 1:45 PM
  24. 24. FOLLOW IN HIS STEPS24 耶穌的意向(馬太福音9:9-13) 早上好!讓我們來感謝上帝,使我們一早醒來,透過閱讀祂的話語來親近祂。 今年大會的主題是“跟隨祂的腳蹤行”。我們將會讀馬太福音9章9-13節,反思我 們目前跟隨主耶穌的心態。請仔細和慢慢地誦讀經文三遍: 馬太被召 9耶穌從那裡往前走,看見一個人,名叫馬太,坐在稅關上,就對他說:「你跟從我 來!」他就起來跟從了耶穌。10耶穌在屋裡坐席的時候,有好些稅吏和罪人來,與 耶穌和他的門徒一同坐席。11法利賽人看見,就對耶穌的門徒說:「你們的先生 為什麼和稅吏並罪人一同吃飯呢?」12耶穌聽見就說:「康健的人用不著醫生,有 病的人才用得著。13經上說:『我喜愛憐恤,不喜愛祭祀』,這句話的意思你們且 去揣摩;我來本不是召義人,乃是召罪人。」 DAY 2 morning devotion 1 在社會上,法利賽人和那些認為是被社會排斥的人(例如:稅吏和 罪人)之間存在着明顯的區別。人們怎樣看待一個人,就基於他所屬的群 體。耶穌定意要醫治有病及生命破碎的人;祂針對着不同人的需要去 根治他們的病和破碎。祂也透過向所有的人表達祂的愛來榮耀神。儘管人 們在社會上的地位懸殊,但法利賽人和被社會排斥的人在耶穌眼中 都是一樣的:有病和破碎。 WCCCC Handbook 2017-HC-v6.indd 24 12/27/17 1:45 PM
  25. 25. FOLLOW IN HIS STEPS25 默想和禱告 1. 事實上,在某程度來說,我們都是破碎和迷失的。你 有意識到嗎? 2. 無論是社會的標準,甚至是你自己的標準,對耶穌來 說都沒有關係。那麼,是甚麼阻礙你接受你自己的「 破碎」及去到祂面前呢? 3. 對你來說,在別人眼中成為高度被重視的人而感到 被人接納,是否重要呢?你怎樣去過一個與神話語相 符的生命,而不是過一個在社會和文化規範下的生 命? 禱告: 早安,天父爸爸!感謝袮用袮的話語把我拉近到袮面前, 並呼召我遵行袮的旨意。我感謝袮藉著耶穌給我的拯 救,以及袮從聖靈賜給我的能力。請給我一個清醒的頭 腦,一顆純潔的心,以及從袮而來的智慧,今天去做袮 眼中看為好的、美善的事。願我的生命榮耀袮,在袮眼前 蒙悅納。 奉主名求。阿們。 NOTES WCCCC Handbook 2017-HC-v6.indd 25 12/27/17 1:45 PM
  26. 26. FOLLOW IN HIS STEPS26 NOTES DAY 2 morning Message 1 Dr. Gil Stieglitz WCCCC Handbook 2017-HC-v6.indd 26 12/27/17 1:45 PM
  27. 27. FOLLOW IN HIS STEPS27 WCCCC Handbook 2017-HC-v6.indd 27 12/27/17 1:45 PM
  28. 28. FOLLOW IN HIS STEPS28 Matthew 16:13-28 “Take up your cross and follow Me” Learning Objective Conferees will understand that following Christ requires setting our minds, time, and priority completely to God and towards His redemp- tive plan of the Gospel. If we follow Jesus, we must be prepared to experience suffering and persecution just like Jesus did. Discussion Questions 1. Who revealed the identity of Jesus to Peter? Why would he reveal this to Peter? 2. What is the Rock the Church built upon? Why does that make the power of death not able to overpower the church? 3. Why doesn’t Peter want Jesus to go to His death? 4. According to Jesus, what is the basic requirement to be His diciple? 5. Between the cross and gaining the whole world, which one does the disciples prefer? Application Question 1. What crosses are you carrying today? DAY 2 DAY 2 bible study 1 WCCCC Handbook 2017-HC-v6.indd 28 12/27/17 1:45 PM
  29. 29. FOLLOW IN HIS STEPS29 NOTES WCCCC Handbook 2017-HC-v6.indd 29 12/27/17 1:45 PM
  30. 30. FOLLOW IN HIS STEPS30 第二天查經:“當背起自己的十字架跟從主” (馬太福音16:13-28) 學習目標: 讓弟兄姊妹明白,跟隨基督是要把我們的心思,時間和優先次序完全交給上帝, 並且完全跟隨祂的福音救贖計劃而行。如果我們跟隨耶穌,我們必須準備像耶 穌一樣地經歷苦難和逼迫。 討論問題: 1. 誰向彼得透露了耶穌的身份? 他為何要告訴彼得? 2. 教會的盤石是建基在什麼之上? 它如何使死亡的能力不能勝過教會呢? 3. 彼得為什麼不想耶穌被殺呢? 4. 根據耶穌的教導,做祂門徒的基本要求是什麼? 5. 在「十字架」和「賺得全世界」之間,門徒選擇哪一樣呢? 應用問題: 1. 你今天為神背起哪些十字架呢? DAY 2 DAY 2 bible study 1 WCCCC Handbook 2017-HC-v6.indd 30 12/27/17 1:45 PM
  31. 31. FOLLOW IN HIS STEPS31 NOTES WCCCC Handbook 2017-HC-v6.indd 31 12/27/17 1:45 PM
  32. 32. FOLLOW IN HIS STEPS32 DID GOD CREATE THE WORLD IN 6 DAYS? DAY 2 DAY 2 a Penny for your thoughts WCCCC Handbook 2017-HC-v6.indd 32 12/27/17 1:45 PM
  33. 33. FOLLOW IN HIS STEPS33 NOTES WCCCC Handbook 2017-HC-v6.indd 33 12/27/17 1:45 PM
  34. 34. FOLLOW IN HIS STEPS34 A1 LOCAL MISSIONS A2 UNDERSTANDING DIFFERENT DENOMINATIONS A3 PROGRESSIVE REVELATION OF GOD’S KINGDOM Speaker: Pastor Roger Huang Language: English Let’s learn about important social issues that impact our local community. Interactive work- shop challenges us to take action. Speaker: Dr Samuel Ho Language: Cantonese We often hear of different denominations for churches like Alliance, Baptist, Nazarene, and Presbyterian. What are the differences between them? How does each denomination serve the body of Christ in diversity and unity? Speaker: George Shen Language: Mandarin The term Kingdom of Heaven has been used frequently in sermons and books but little is known about it. The Gospels spoke of it as a mystery. The Lord’s Prayer mentioned about ask- ing God for His Kingdom to come. Is there a difference between Heaven and the Kingdom of Heaven? Newton Cascade Newton Creekside Fireside Lounge DAY 2 DAY 2 WORKSHOPs A WCCCC Handbook 2017-HC-v6.indd 34 12/27/17 1:45 PM
  35. 35. FOLLOW IN HIS STEPS35 NOTES WCCCC Handbook 2017-HC-v6.indd 35 12/27/17 1:45 PM
  36. 36. FOLLOW IN HIS STEPS36 B1 OVERSEAS MISSIONS B2 LIVING IN A BROKEN WORLD: HOW DO WE INFLUENCE THE WORLD? Speaker: Rev. Mark Tsujimoto Language: English Are you ready to be used by God: anywhere, anytime? Explore the challenges of short-term (and longer) overseas mission trips. Speaker: Rev. Ka Ho Jim Language: Cantonese Jesus taught us to pray, “Your kingdom come, your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.” How can we maintain our spiritual identity as God’s chosen people despite the overwhelm- ing pressure to conform? How do we participate in God’s world-repairing project? Newton Creekside Newton Cascade DAY 2 DAY 2 WORKSHOP B WCCCC Handbook 2017-HC-v6.indd 36 12/27/17 1:45 PM
  37. 37. FOLLOW IN HIS STEPS37 NOTES WCCCC Handbook 2017-HC-v6.indd 37 12/27/17 1:45 PM
  38. 38. FOLLOW IN HIS STEPS38 NOTES DAY 2 Evening Message 2 Rev. Mitchell Herring WCCCC Handbook 2017-HC-v6.indd 38 12/27/17 1:45 PM
  39. 39. FOLLOW IN HIS STEPS39 WCCCC Handbook 2017-HC-v6.indd 39 12/27/17 1:45 PM
  40. 40. FOLLOW IN HIS STEPS40 Luke 9:57-62 The Requirements of Following Jesus Good morning! Please take three minutes to reflect on what you have gone through yesterday. Did you allow God to begin working in you in order to do what is pleasing in His sight? This morning’s scripture reading is from Luke 9:57-62 (ESV). Please read the following pas- sage closely and slowly three times: The Cost of Discipleship 57 As they were going along the road, someone said to him, “I will follow you wherever you go.” 58 And Jesus said to him, “Foxes have holes, and birds of the air have nests, but the Son of Man has no- where to lay his head.” 59 To another he said, “Follow me.” But he said, “Lord, let me first go and bury my father.” 60 And Jesus said to him, “Leave the dead to bury their own dead. But as for you, go and proclaim the kingdom of God.” 61 Yet another said, “I will follow you, Lord, but let me first say farewell to those at my home.” 62 Jesus said to him, “No one who puts his hand to the plow and looks back is fit for the kingdom of God.” DAY 3 morning devotion 2 WCCCC Handbook 2017-HC-v6.indd 40 12/27/17 1:45 PM
  41. 41. FOLLOW IN HIS STEPS41 Reflection and Prayers This passage describes three different conversations with Jesus: 1. One person wants to follow Jesus, but Jesus replies by saying “... the Son of Man has nowhere to lay his head.” (v57-58) 2. Jesus invites a person to follow Him, but the man needs to bury his father first. (v59-60) 3. One person offers himself to Jesus, but has other priorities he has to take care of first. (v61-62) Jesus gave up His honor and prestige in heaven to walk among His people, only to come to Earth despised and rejected. He humbled Himself while He was on Earth, but ended up being nailed onto the cross. If we follow Jesus, we will be despised and rejected as well. How are you preparing yourself to follow in His steps knowing full well that you will be rejected by the world? Sometimes when Jesus calls us, we give ourselves time to tie up any loose ends or to make sure the rest of our life is stable before we answer His call. Answering Jesus’ call is never about being on our time, but on His time. Write down the priorities you are placing above God’s calling. Prayer: Lord Jesus, Forgive me when I’ve put my own priorities in front of You. Many times I’ve treated You more like a servant or an equal rather than my Sovereign King and Lord. Forgive me and have mercy on me. Please help me to answer without any excuse when You call. Although I constantly waver on how to live a God-centered life, I ask for Your help and strength to be a disciple You can count on. In Your powerful Name I pray, Amen. WCCCC Handbook 2017-HC-v6.indd 41 12/27/17 1:45 PM
  42. 42. FOLLOW IN HIS STEPS42 跟隨耶穌的代價(路加福音9:57-62) 早上好!請花三分鐘時間反思昨天的經歷。你有沒有讓神開始在你裡頭作工,以 致你能行出祂所喜悅的事呢?今天早上的經文是選自路加福音9章57-62節。請 仔細閱讀以下經文,並慢慢讀三次: 跟從主的代價 57他們走路的時候,有一人對耶穌說:「你無論往哪裡去,我要跟從你。」58耶穌 說:「狐狸有洞,天空的飛鳥有窩,只是人子沒有枕頭的地方。」59又對一個人說: 「跟從我來!」那人說:「主,容我先回去埋葬我的父親。」60耶穌說:「任憑死人埋 葬他們的死人,你只管去傳揚神國的道。」61又有一人說:「主,我要跟從你,但容 我先去辭別我家裡的人。」62耶穌說:「手扶著犁向後看的,不配進神的國。」 DAY 3 morning devotion 2 WCCCC Handbook 2017-HC-v6.indd 42 12/27/17 1:45 PM
  43. 43. FOLLOW IN HIS STEPS43 NOTES 默想和禱告 以上經文描述了三段與耶穌不同的對話: 1. 一個人想跟隨耶穌,但耶穌回答說:“...人子沒有 枕頭的地方。”(v57-58) 2. 耶穌邀請一個人跟隨他,但是那人需要先埋葬他 的父親。(v59-60) 3. 一個人把自己獻給耶穌,但他還有其他的事項要 優先處理。(v61-62) 耶穌放棄了他在天上的榮耀和尊貴,走到祂的子民 中間,只是來到地上被藐視和被拒絕。祂謙卑自己來 到地上,但最後竟被釘在十字架上。如果我們要跟隨 耶穌,我們也會同樣地被藐視和被拒絕。當你很清楚 知道要跟隨主的腳蹤時,你會被世界所拒絕,你要怎 樣準備好自己呢? 有時,當耶穌呼召我們,我們常常給自己時間先完成 自己既定的目標,或在回應祂的呼召之前確保我們 的餘生已夠安穩。回應主耶穌的呼召絕不是要在我 們認為合適的時間,而是要在主呼召我們的時間。寫 下現在你看為比神的呼召更優先的事。 禱告: 主耶穌,當我把自己的事看為比袮的呼召更優先,請 袮原諒我。很多時候,我把袮當作一個僕人,或一個 與我平起平坐的人,而不是我的主、我的王。懇求袮 原諒我,憐憫我。當袮呼召我的時候,求袮幫助我,不 要以藉口來推搪我對袮的回應。雖然我一直不夠堅 持去過一個以神為中心的生活,但求袮幫助我,並賜 我力量成為一個袮可以託付的門徒。奉主耶穌袮大 有能力的名字而求。阿們。 WCCCC Handbook 2017-HC-v6.indd 43 12/27/17 1:45 PM
  44. 44. FOLLOW IN HIS STEPS44 NOTES DAY 3 morning Message 2 Dr. Gil Stieglitz WCCCC Handbook 2017-HC-v6.indd 44 12/27/17 1:45 PM
  45. 45. FOLLOW IN HIS STEPS45 WCCCC Handbook 2017-HC-v6.indd 45 12/27/17 1:45 PM
  46. 46. FOLLOW IN HIS STEPS46 Learning Objective: Conferees will understand that true followers of Jesus requires a complete surrendering of their heart, soul, mind, and strength. The commitment to follow Jesus should be a highest priority, even above oneself. Discussion Questions: 1. Why did Jesus say that one cannot be his disciple unless he “hates his own father and mother and wife and children and brothers and sisters, and even his own life”? 2. What did Jesus mean when He said that someone must “carry his own cross and come after Jesus”? 3. Why does Jesus emphasize that someone has to give up all his possessions in order to become a disciple of Jesus? 4. Why are there “Christians” who give up midway? Why are they not able to finish building their tower? Why were they unable to win the war? 5. What is the “saltiness” of a Christian? What happens when a Christian loses this “saltiness”? 6. Which aspects in your life have you not fully given to Jesus? Application Questions: 1. What drives you to become and continue to be a Christian? What can you do to love the Lord with all your heart, life, and strength? 2. What should you do to maintain your commitment in Jesus as the highest priority in your life? 3. Do you think you have “saltiness” in yourself? What can cause you to lose your “saltiness”? What can you do to increase/regain your “saltiness”? DAY 2 DAY 3 bible study 2 Luke 14:25-35 “He Who Has Ears to Hear, Let Him Hear.” WCCCC Handbook 2017-HC-v6.indd 46 12/27/17 1:45 PM
  47. 47. FOLLOW IN HIS STEPS47 NOTES WCCCC Handbook 2017-HC-v6.indd 47 12/27/17 1:45 PM
  48. 48. FOLLOW IN HIS STEPS48 第三天查經:“有耳可聽的,就應當聽。” (路加福音14:25-35) 學習目標:讓弟兄姊妹明白,真正的基督徒需要完全盡心、 盡性、盡意、盡力愛主我們的神。承諾去跟隨耶穌是生命中 最首要的事情,甚至超過自己的需要。 討論問題: 1. 為什麼主耶穌說,除非人“恨自己的父母,妻兒,兄弟姐妹,甚至自己的生命”, 否則不能成為祂的門徒呢? 2. 當主耶穌說人必須“背著自己的十字架來跟從祂”時,祂的意思是什麼? 3. 為什麼主耶穌強調成為祂的門徒必須撇下一切所有的? 4. 為什麼有中途放棄的“基督徒”?為什麼他們不能完成他們要蓋的樓?為什麼 他們無法贏得他們所打的仗? 5. 基督徒的“鹹味”是什麼?當基督徒失去這種“鹹味”時會發生什麼? 6. 你生活中哪些方面沒有完全交給主耶穌? 應用問題: 1. 是什麼促使你成為並繼續作基督徒?你能做什麼去盡心、盡性、盡意、盡力愛 主你的神? 2. 你如何才能將你對耶穌的承諾保持在你生命中最首要的位置? 3. 你覺得自己有基督徒的“鹹味”嗎?什麼會導致你失去你的“鹹味”呢?你能 做些什麼來增加或恢復你的“鹹味”呢? DAY 2 DAY 3 bible study 2 WCCCC Handbook 2017-HC-v6.indd 48 12/27/17 1:45 PM
  49. 49. FOLLOW IN HIS STEPS49 NOTES WCCCC Handbook 2017-HC-v6.indd 49 12/27/17 1:45 PM
  50. 50. FOLLOW IN HIS STEPS50 JOIN OUR TEAM!DUTIES & QUALIFICATIONS Duties • Plan for the functions of the Conference (e.g. in-conference program, speakers, budget, publicity strategy etc.) • Plan for the spiritual contents of the Conference (e.g. conference theme, long-term direction etc.) • Attend monthly PC meetings throughout the term • Complete individual or group assignments prior to the monthly meetings. • Maintain open and effective communication with the team for mutual support and facilitation of conference planning. Qualifications • Full-time conferee with passion in WCCCC ministry • Born-again Christian • No major conflict with other Christian service commitments during the term. • Attending (and serving) in a local church. • Committed to carry out PC duties. • Maintaining a healthy spiritual life. Nominations • Each nominee should fill out a nomination form (available at the back of the auditorium) endorsed by two nominators. • Nomination forms should be submitted to a current PC member. • Nomination will be closed at noon on December 29th, unless the total number of nominees is fewer than eight. • Each nominee should prepare a brief summary on why you want to serve. Election procedures • The respective election host will briefly introduce the nominees. • Each nominee will share why he/she wants to serve, followed by Q&A session from the floor. • All full-time conferees are eligible to cast their vote during the election. • If there are 3 or less nominees, those who get two-third of the votes will be voted in. • If there are more than 3 nominees, the top 3 candidates who received the most votes will be voted in. WCCCC Handbook 2017-HC-v6.indd 50 12/27/17 1:45 PM
  51. 51. FOLLOW IN HIS STEPS51 HOW TO BECOME A PC? COME SUPPORT! PLANNING COMMITTEE ELECTION STEP 1: Read the qualification and position description carefully (P. 50) STEP 2: PRAY STEP 3: Fill out an application form STEP 4: Submit your application to one of our staff Students - Paul Materum Young Adult - Maisie Chan STEP 5: Be ready for your interview at the election location early Student - Brookside Young Adult - Auditorium STEP 6: PRAISE GOD (no matter what the result is) INTERVIEW, ASK QUESTIONS, & VOTE! All full-time conferees are qualified to vote for next year’s planning committee members. So, they should attend their respective PC election! When you are not running, it’s important that you ask the questions you need to decide the best candidate for the planning committee team. Here are some sample quesitons to get you started: Please describe your current spiritual walk with God. What is your potential greatest asset to the PC team? What the thing you’d like to improve most about WCCCC? Why did you come to WCCCC this year? WCCCC Handbook 2017-HC-v6.indd 51 12/27/17 1:45 PM
  52. 52. FOLLOW IN HIS STEPS52 DAY 3 workshops c C1 HAS GOD PREPARED “THE ONE” FOR ME? WHAT IS MY RESPONSE? C2 A BIBLICAL APPROACH TO CONFLICT MANAGEMENT Speaker: Brian and Charlene Wong Language: English Has God prepared a specific person that I am destined to marry? If there is “THE ONE”, why do many Christians still break up? How do we approach dating in a way that glorifies God? Speaker: Melvin Wong Language: Cantonese As Christians, there are many times when we are caught in an argument or are put into a position to act as a peacemaker between two people. What is the biblical approach to resolving conflict? Newton Cascade Newton Creekside WCCCC Handbook 2017-HC-v6.indd 52 12/27/17 1:45 PM
  53. 53. FOLLOW IN HIS STEPS53 NOTES WCCCC Handbook 2017-HC-v6.indd 53 12/27/17 1:45 PM
  54. 54. FOLLOW IN HIS STEPS54 NOTES Evening Message 3 Rev. Mitchell Herring DAY 3 WCCCC Handbook 2017-HC-v6.indd 54 12/27/17 1:45 PM
  55. 55. FOLLOW IN HIS STEPS55 WCCCC Handbook 2017-HC-v6.indd 55 12/27/17 1:45 PM
  56. 56. FOLLOW IN HIS STEPS56 Luke 9:23 Sacrifice and Take Up Our Cross Good morning! Today is the last day of conference. We will meditate on one verse of scripture today from Luke 9:23 (ESV). 23 And he said to all, “If anyone would come after me, let him deny himself and take up his cross daily and follow me. Those who are use to reading this verse tend to overlook the magnitude of its meaning and let it fall into a Christian jargon. Don’t let your ingrained experience take away the impact and value of this verse. Let us reflect on the cost of following Jesus with a fresh mind. NOTES DAY 2 DAY 4 morning devotion 3 WCCCC Handbook 2017-HC-v6.indd 56 12/27/17 1:45 PM
  57. 57. FOLLOW IN HIS STEPS57 Reflection and Prayer 1. Does taking up your cross and following Jesus mean being willing to die for Christ in order to follow Him? What does this sacrifice mean to you? 2. It is a tough call to completely surrender yourself. What hope do you have in the Lord to endure this hard ship? 3. How has your mindset changed in the past three days about your readiness in taking up your cross daily? 4. Write down at least one thing that you would do to follow Jesus after leaving the conference. Prayer: Dear God, Thank You for sending Your Son to earth in the form of a child. I am humbled by the sinless life in which Jesus led in human form; overcoming all temptations and sacrificing His life for my sins. Please continue to change and mold me so that I can have a heart like Jesus. Your Word tells me that, “For whoever wants to save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for me will save it. What good is it for a man to gain the whole world, and yet lose or forfeit his very self?” (Luke 9:24-25). Thank You for giving me strength so that I could focus on Your precious and matchless reward. Lord, please help me focus more on You and Your presence in my life and less on me. In Jesus’ name I pray, Amen. NOTES WCCCC Handbook 2017-HC-v6.indd 57 12/27/17 1:45 PM
  58. 58. FOLLOW IN HIS STEPS58 犧牲並背起我們的十字架(路加福音9:23) 早上好!今天是大會的最後一天。我們今天要默想路加福音9章23節這一節經文。 23耶穌又對眾人說:「若有人要跟從我,就當捨己,天天背起他的十字架來跟從我。 我們可能因為常常接觸到這節經文而忽視了經文本身的深意,而讓這節經文成為 了基督教的術語。不要讓我們根深蒂固的經驗把我們帶離開這節經文的影響和價 值。讓我們來思考跟隨耶穌的代價。 DAY 2 DAY 4 morning devotion 3 WCCCC Handbook 2017-HC-v6.indd 58 12/27/17 1:45 PM
  59. 59. FOLLOW IN HIS STEPS59 默想和禱告 1. 背起你的十字架去跟隨耶穌,是否意味著 跟隨基督時,我們也願意為基督而死呢?這 犧牲對你來說有甚麼意義呢? 2. 完全捨棄自己是一個不容易的呼召。你在 主裡有什麼盼望以致能讓你忍受這種艱辛? 3. 過去三天,神有引導你在心態上改變,讓 你能每天都準備好去背起自己的十字架嗎? 4. 寫下至少一件你離開大會後要跟隨耶穌 而做的事情。 禱告: 親愛的上帝,感謝袮差袮的兒子耶穌基督來 到世界上,道成肉身,為我作一個無罪的典 範,克服所有的誘惑,為了我的罪而犧牲自 己的生命,讓我如今得以謙卑的來到袮的面 前。求袮繼續改變和塑造我,讓我有一個像主 耶穌一樣的心思意念。袮的話教導我:「凡要 救自己生命的,必喪掉生命;凡為我喪掉生 命的,必救了生命。人若賺得全世界,卻喪了 自己、賠上自己,有什麼益處呢?」(路加福音 9章24-25節)。謝謝袮給我力量,以致我可以 專注於袮寶貴且無可比擬的獎賞。主啊,請幫 助我更專注於袮和袮的同在,而不把生命的 焦點集中在自己身上。奉主耶穌基督的聖名 祈求。阿們。 NOTES WCCCC Handbook 2017-HC-v6.indd 59 12/27/17 1:45 PM
  60. 60. FOLLOW IN HIS STEPS60 NOTES morning Message 3 Dr. Gil Stieglitz DAY 4 WCCCC Handbook 2017-HC-v6.indd 60 12/27/17 1:45 PM
  61. 61. FOLLOW IN HIS STEPS61 NOTES WCCCC Handbook 2017-HC-v6.indd 61 12/27/17 1:45 PM
  62. 62. FOLLOW IN HIS STEPS62 1 Peter 2:11-25 “Follow in His Steps” Learning Objective: Conferees will understand that we should live a righteous life with joy and freedom. Therefore, all Christians must strive towards righteousness even if it causes them to suffer. Our suffering for His sake is minimal compared to the love that Christ showed us by bearing our sin on the cross. Discussion Questions: 1. How should Christians see themselves in this world? What should they do in response to this view? 2. How should Christians treat governmental authority in the world? Why should they do so? 3. How should Christians, who are servants, treat their master(s)? Why should they do so? 4. According to this passage, why is a person called to be a Christian? How do we follow in Christ’s steps? 5. What was Jesus’ response when He faced unjust opposition? Why would He do so? What did Jesus do that led to this suffering? 6. What do you need to do in order to follow the steps of Jesus? Application Questions: 1. What are the right things to do that would lead to suffering in these days? Are you doing it? How can you do it? 2. What are your responses to these sufferings? What are the right ways to respond to suffering? bible study 3 DAY 4 WCCCC Handbook 2017-HC-v6.indd 62 12/27/17 1:45 PM
  63. 63. FOLLOW IN HIS STEPS63 NOTES WCCCC Handbook 2017-HC-v6.indd 63 12/27/17 1:45 PM
  64. 64. FOLLOW IN HIS STEPS64 第四天查經 -“跟隨祂的腳蹤行” (彼得後書2:11-25) 學習目標:讓弟兄姊妹明白,我們應該以快樂和自由度過一個為義的生活。因 此,所有的基督徒都必須努力爭取行義,即使這樣做會叫他們受苦。與主基督因 着愛在十字架上所承受的痛苦相比,我們所受的苦難是何等微不足道。 討論問題: 1. 基督徒應該怎樣看我們在世的身份?我們又應該怎樣回應這個觀點呢? 2. 基督徒應該怎樣面對世界上的政府和權力呢?我們為什麼要這樣做? 3. 作為僕人的基督徒應該怎樣看待我們的主人呢?我們為什麼要這樣做? 4. 根據這段經文,一個人為什麼蒙召成為基督徒呢?我們應如何跟隨基督的腳 蹤呢? 5. 當主耶穌面對不公義的批判時,耶穌的回應是什麼?他為什麼要這樣做?耶 穌做了什麼,導致祂承受被釘在十字架上的痛苦? 6. 你需要做什麼才能跟隨主耶穌的腳蹤呢? 應用問題: 1. 在現今世代,我們做什麼正確的事會導致我們為神而受逼迫?你有這樣做 嗎?有的話,你如何忍受去過這樣痛苦的日子呢? 2. 你對這種痛苦的回應是什麼?我們應該用什麼方式來正確地面對苦難? bible study 3 DAY 4 WCCCC Handbook 2017-HC-v6.indd 64 12/27/17 1:45 PM
  65. 65. FOLLOW IN HIS STEPS65 NOTES WCCCC Handbook 2017-HC-v6.indd 65 12/27/17 1:45 PM
  66. 66. FOLLOW IN HIS STEPS66 BEHIND THE SCENES Every year, amazing volunteers work together to bring you WCCCC. This year, 10 Planning Committee (PC) members worked very hard throughout the year to prepare this winter conference. It is a challenging commitment, but there are many reasons for brothers and sisters to join the team year after year. 2nd year PC 1st year PC Maisie Chan Bithiah Hon Marc Leong Erik Lui Daniel Fan Maggy Cheung Jimmy Luk Jenessa Wu Paul Materum Angie Chu Karen Yu Get to know your 2017 PC Team below. WCCCC Handbook 2017-HC-v6.indd 66 12/27/17 1:45 PM
  67. 67. FOLLOW IN HIS STEPS67 The Planning Committee consists of 12 members (6 students and 6 young adults) who take up the responsibilities for planning and directing future conferences. Those elected will serve for 25 months. At each December conference, 6 members are elected to re-place the 6 outgoing members: 3 to be elected from and by the student conferees, 3 to be elected from and by the young adult conferees. It is customary for PC members to continue serving in the execution phase to put together the conference that they planned. WCCCC Handbook 2017-HC-v6.indd 67 12/27/17 1:45 PM
  68. 68. FOLLOW IN HIS STEPS68 FRONT LINE SERVANTS YOUR EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE Executive Chair Display Booth Coordinator Database Manager Audio Processing Check-in Manager Handbook Production Treasurer Transportation Cordinator South Secretary Info Processing Team Leader External Webmaster Prayer Session Coordinator First Aid (Team Leader) Editor-in-Chief Data Entry Team Leader Mass Media/ Video Production Speaker Coordinator Registrar Graphic Template Provider Survey Evaluator General Affairs Social Media Public Relations Transportation Cordinator North Cabinet Administration VC Communication VC Jimmy Luk Marc Leong Calvin Fan Karen Yu Jenessa Wu Marc Leong Hannah Cheung Henry Wong Calvin Fan Karen Yu Margi Lui Jim Hsia Joseph Chan Annie Wu Karen Yu Terry Wong Rose Chan Erik Lui Nicole Lee Marc Leong Daniel Fan Tom Ma Internal Webmaster WCCCC Handbook 2017-HC-v6.indd 68 12/27/17 1:45 PM
  69. 69. FOLLOW IN HIS STEPS69 Morning Devotional Coordinator NorCal ST Small Group Coordinator SoCal YA Small Group Coordinator SoCal ST Small Group Coordinator Counseling & Follow-up Coordinator Bible Study Coordinator Publicity VC (North) Publicity VC (South) Bithiah Hon Heywood Chan Student and Young Adult Publicity Student VC Young Adult VC Celia Szeto Paul Materum Maisie Chan Kwok Yeung Tsang Joseph Chan Erik Lui Here’s our 2017 EC Team. Each one of us joined the team at different times, with different backgrounds, but for the same reason - to use the gifts given by our God to serve His ministry. We sincerely invite you to contact us if you are interested in joining us next year, we promise it will be a journey full of blessings and miracles! Area Representatives (San Francisco) Area Representatives (South Bay) Area Representatives (East Bay) Area Representatives (Sacramento) Area Representatives (Central Cal) Area Representatives (Los Angeles) Area Representatives (West San Gabriel Valley) Area Representatives (East San Gabriel Valley) Area Representatives (Orange County) Area Representatives (San Diego) Area Representatives (Las Vegas) Area Representatives (Logan) Erik Lui NorCal YA Small Group Coordinator WCCCC Handbook 2017-HC-v6.indd 69 12/27/17 1:45 PM
  70. 70. FOLLOW IN HIS STEPS70 NEW FRIENDS LET’S KEEP IN TOUCH! Every year, WCCCC continues to serve as a great networking platform for our conferees. We encourage you to keep in touch and continue forward with your spiritual journey with the support and love from your brothers and sisters. 1 2 3 4 65 WCCCC Handbook 2017-HC-v6.indd 70 12/27/17 1:45 PM
  71. 71. FOLLOW IN HIS STEPS71 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 WCCCC Handbook 2017-HC-v6.indd 71 12/27/17 1:45 PM
  72. 72. FOLLOW IN HIS STEPS72 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 WCCCC Handbook 2017-HC-v6.indd 72 12/27/17 1:45 PM
  73. 73. FOLLOW IN HIS STEPS73 THE CHALLENGE GOALS FOR 2018 WCCCC Handbook 2017-HC-v6.indd 73 12/27/17 1:45 PM
  74. 74. FOLLOW IN HIS STEPS74 wcccc 2018 preview MORNING BIBLE EXPOSITOR J.S. Park B.A. in Psychology from USF and M.Div from SEBTS From Devout Atheist to Skeptical Pastor J.S. Park (or Joon, pronounced “June”) is a former atheist/agnostic turned pastor, blogger, and a chaplain-in-training. He is a 5th degree black belt, a recovered porn addict, intense introvert, and loves Jesus. In 2012, he gave half his salary to One Day’s Wages to fight human trafficking, a check for $10,000, and matching contributions raised another 10k. He’s a contributing blogger for X3Church, a renowned nonprofit that fights porn addiction, and writes for ChurchLeaders andChurchPlants. J.S. graduated from USF with a B.A. in Psychology and from SEBTS with an MDiv. He runs a Q&A style blog for skeptics and skeptical Christians. He married the love of his life in December of 2014. He’s also written a few books. WCCCC Handbook 2017-HC-v6.indd 74 12/27/17 1:45 PM
  75. 75. FOLLOW IN HIS STEPS75 EVENING SPEAKER Rev. Lawrence Fung 馮牧師是華人福音普世差傳會的國際總主任(代)。他在香港出生長大.大學畢 業後在香港青年歸主協會事奉.曾任該會的執行總幹事和亞洲區訓練主任。一 九八一年到美國金門浸信會神學院進修,並開始在三藩市華人金巴崙長老會事 奉.先後在該校獲取神道學碩士(1984) 和教牧學博士 (1989) 學位.曾任該教會 之主任牧師廿多年.後在美國西方神學院獲取文化研究學博士學位 (2011)。馮 牧師跟倪彩環師母育有兩位已婚的兒女和兩個外孫. Lawrence serves as Acting International Director of Gospel Operation International (GOI). He was born and raised in Hong Kong. He began full time ministry at Hong Kong Youth for Christ after college, serving as their Deputy Executive Director and Asian Training Director. He went to Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary (GGBTS) in San Francisco for theological training, and began serving in Cumberland Presbyterian Chinese Church (CPCC) since 1981. Rev. Fung earned his Master of Divinity (1984) and Doctor of Ministry (1989) from GGBTS. He served as Senior Pastor of CCPC for over 20 years. Rev. Fung later earned his Doctor of Intercultural Studies degree (2011) from Western Seminary in Portland, Oregon, while he was serving at GOI. Rev. and Mrs. Loretta Fung have 2 adult children (married) and 2 grand-children. Director of Mobilization Gospel Operation International USA, (La Puente, CA) WCCCC Handbook 2017-HC-v6.indd 75 12/27/17 1:45 PM
  76. 76. FOLLOW IN HIS STEPS76 SHARE YOUR TESTIMONY! WCCCC consists of brothers and sisters that continuously support each other in their walks of faith. Sharing your testimony is one of the most effective things you can do to express your gratitude, inspire, and influence those around you. WHAT TO DO? Guidelines and Rules In order to provide opportunities for more conferees to share, please abide by the following guidelines: Be sensitive to the guidance of the Holy Spirit. Length Language Content If, for any reasons, you cannot share your testimony with us during the testimony time, we will still love to hear from you after the conference. Please write to us at With your permission, your sharing may appear in future WCCCC newsletters! 3 min. max. Be concise! English, Cantonese or Mandarin Please keep it directly related to the conference. We want to know how the conference has influenced you! Also, we love songs, but we would like to leave them out of the testimony time. WCCCC Handbook 2017-HC-v6.indd 76 12/27/17 1:45 PM
  78. 78. FOLLOW IN HIS STEPS78 CONFERENCE TIME TABLE DAY 1 12/29 DAY 2 12/30 DAY 3 s 12/31 DAY 4 1/1 7 3 11 7 9 5 1 9 8 4 12 8 10 6 2 10 11 CHECK-IN 2:00 - 5:45 DEPARTURE DINNER 6:00 - 6:45 DINNER 6:00 - 6:55 DINNER 6:00 - 6:55 TESTIMONIES 9:00 - 9:30 WORKSHOP A 2:45 - 4:15 WORKSHOP C 2:45 - 4:15 WORKSHOP B 4:25 - 5:55 LUNCH 12:30 - 1:15 LUNCH 12:30 - 1:15 LUNCH 12:30 - 1:15 Free Time/ Display Booth 4:15 - 6:00 A PENNY FOR YOUR THOUGHT 1:00 - 2:35 BIBLE STUDY 10:45 - 12:20 BIBLE STUDY 10:45 - 12:20 BIBLE STUDY 10:45 - 12:20 PLANNING COMMITTEE ELECTION + Group Picture 1:20 - 2:35 BREAKFAST 8:00 - 8:50 BREAKFAST 8:00 - 8:50 BREAKFAST 8:00 - 8:50 PERSONAL DEVOTION PERSONAL DEVOTION PERSONAL DEVOTION WORSHIP & BIBLE EXPOSITION 9:00 - 10:30 WORSHIP & BIBLE EXPOSITION 9:00 - 10:30 WORSHIP & BIBLE EXPOSITION 9:00 - 10:30 CLOSING CEREMONY 1:20 - 2:35 WORSHIP & EVENING MSG 6:50 - 9:20 WORSHIP & EVENING MSG 7:00 - 9:30 WORSHIP & EVENING MSG 6:50 - 9:00 CABIN SHARING 9:30-10:30 CABIN SHARING 10:15 - 11:15 CABIN SHARING 9:40 - 10:40 NEW YEAR’S EVE COUNTDOWN 10:50-12:05a see you next year! LATE CHECK- IN 9:30 - 10:00 WCCCC Handbook 2017-HC-v6.indd 78 12/27/17 1:45 PM