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The making of a servant leader


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Contrary to the common notion, most people think that a title is required for one to be a leader. However, according the biblical leadership master teacher Dr. J. Robert Clinton, "Leadership is a dynamic process in which a man or woman with God-given capacity influences a specific group of God’s people toward His purpose for the group." This workshop will explore the five stages of a leader’s life-long development. We will focus on what God’s purpose upon us is; what our God-given capacity is and see how one’s inner life growth will affect one’s life time ministry. This workshop is for all those emerging leaders that want to be faithful to the Lord not just for a short endeavor but their whole life. Ken Law.

Presented at West Coast Chinese Christian Conference, December 2018.

Published in: Spiritual
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The making of a servant leader

  1. 1. December 2018 The Making of a Servant-Leader – An Introduction 僕人領袖的建立 Ken Law I. Objective of this workshop 研習班的目的 1. To identify an adequate definition of servant-leadership 僕人領袖的定義 2. To have a glimpse of how a servant-leader is made, and start preparing 僕人領袖建立簡介 II. Your (and my) time-line 你(與我)的人生歷程 III. The five stages of leadership development 僕人領袖建立五階段 1. Sovereign foundation 生命主權基礎 2. Inner life growth 內在生命成長期 3. Ministry maturing 事奉漸趨成熟期 4. Life maturing 生命漸趨成熟期 5. Convergence 生命配合事奉期 IV. A servant-leader’s “Inner Life Growth” 僕人領袖的 “內在生命成長” 1. Integrity 忠誠 2. Obedience 順服
  2. 2. 3. Word 神的話 4. Ministry task 事工