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DevOps, we need you.


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We really need DevOps

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DevOps, we need you.

  1. 1. we're looking for people to make a big impact
  2. 2. Small =/= Weak Kyle, Junyu, (June), Henry with a whole team support behind
  3. 3. Single =/= DevOps just personal life style
  4. 4. Pressure =/= DevOps Opportunities: Everywhere
  5. 5. Tedious =/= DevOps Automate Everything
  6. 6. Everything works itself
  7. 7. Changes &Chances It is too late when everything ready
  8. 8. Yep, the Gap is huge now It comes with great chances
  9. 9. 關乎設計 Cloud Design Pattern Service Maintenance
  10. 10. Ops 游泳池 everything
  11. 11. Imagination & Experiment More than you could expect
  12. 12. boto
  13. 13. If you dare to… challenge what you believe do the change from scratch
  14. 14. you will … be more brave to the changes be close to the gurus in this world get the whole picture