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a lot of people want to develop but they did not care about our earth because they only care about their self so now i want to suggest that they should look this power points and thinking carefully about how to save our earth.

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  1. 1. Types of greenhouses 1.Glass Greenhouse 2.Plastic Greenhouse
  2. 2.  Glass Greenhouses  - are filled with equipment such as heating, cooling and lightening, and might be control by computer.
  3. 3. GREENH Flowers Vegetables Transplanting of plants Crop such as tomatoes and potatoes
  4. 4. Greenhouse Ventilation and heating  Regulate temperature and humidity  To ensure the movement of air  To prevent build-up of plant pathognes  To ensure a supply of fresh air for photosynthesis and plant respiration, even pollination  Bumblebee are use for pollination  Colder climates  Solid opaque walls  natural gas or electric furnaces
  5. 5. • Gh- idea has been existed since Roman • Grew on the wheeled carts, warm by sunlight • Roman emperor Tiberius ate cucumbers a lot • AD-1450 >>> Korea could maintain the heat increasing and decreasing • 17th century Gh appeared in Netherland and England • Today Netherland has the largest Gh in the world • Millions of vegetables per year.
  6. 6. 1960 - greenhouse adapted using aluminum extrusions, special galvanized steel greenhouse in Netherlands - 10,526 hectares, or 0.25% of the total land area. - 150,000 workers - producing €4.5 billion worth of vegetables, fruit, plants, and flowers, some 80% of which is exported
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