Miracle In The Gulf Of Mexico


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How John Hutchison and Nancy Lazaryan are removing oil and toxins from the Gulf of Mexico through the generation of resonant frequencies.

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Miracle In The Gulf Of Mexico

  1. 1. Miracle in the Gulf of Mexicoby Heather Dodge – 12/10/10 – published in OpEdNews.comContact atlantis12@sbcglobal.net - 216-269-4433BackgroundThe BP oil disaster in the Gulf of Mexico, which began with the explosion of theDeepwater Horizon rig on April 20, may seem to many people like old news or a crisisthat’s been resolved for the most part. However, the poisoning of the Gulf has persisted,long after the well was capped.As the following illustration by BK Lim, Geohazards Specialist, reveals, oil and methanehydrates continue to leak from the cracked seafloor, the result of deepwater drillingadjacent to a salt dome, and a geologic system undermined by eighty-seven straight daysof gushing under extreme pressure, “which forced the upsurging hydrocarbons to findweaknesses throughout the greater system . . . through which the hydrocarbons couldtravel all the way to the seafloor and into the GOM,” notes Dr. Tom Termotto, whopublished the findings of the Gulf Oil Spill Remediation Conference, conducted overseven months. The Gulf of Mexico is Dying, A Special Report on the BP Gulf Oil Spillpermission to post illustration granted by BK Lim
  2. 2. Official PrognosisThe opening paragraph of the Special Report spells out circumstances so dire, that anyefforts at remediation by humans seems impossible: “It is with deep regret that we publish this report. We do not take this responsibility lightly, as the consequences of the following observations are of such great import and have such far-reaching ramifications for the entire planet. Truly, the fate of the oceans of the world hangs in the balance, as does the future of humankind.”As Dr. Termotto points out, “the existing situation is only going to get progressivelyworse.” And, “there currently does not exist the technology or machinery or equipment torepair the damage . . .”Scientific Miracle in the GulfJohn Hutchison is world-famous for his alternative energy, anti-gravity, and frequenciesresearch and other out-of-the-physics-box experiments and discoveries. Nancy Lazaryanis an intuitive from Minnesota. She works with the beneficial power of harmonics.Cara Fay, a friend of both John and Nancy, brought samples of Gulf water to John’s labin Vancouver, BC, in July. Together, John and Nancy worked to identify certain ancientharmonics used in healing over the course of millennia. The frequencies were thenapplied to the polluted water samples with both audio and radio waves, which succeededin reducing the toxic ppm (parts per million) to zero.The sample success proved sufficient for them to pack up 6,000 pounds of lab equipmenton a borrowed trailer and haul it with a farm truck from Canada to the Gulf of Mexico,where they began their experimental work on Perdido Bay. According to Cara Fay, “Thechemical analysis from the first ‘open air frequencies’ experiment in Perdido Bay has
  3. 3. shown the Gulf water can be restored to health — restored without the use of dispersants,chemicals or burning — restored by use of solfeggio tones, also known as Gregorianchants, and a harmonic stream of sound.”One of the tones used by Hutchison, 528 hz, is the frequency of the planet Jupiter and thesame frequency known by the ancients as the healing frequency for repairing DNA. Theinspiration for these harmonics comes from the Essenes, a group of Israelites whichincluded Jesus as a member and who taught the “stream of sound” as the harmonics ofthe creator, or universe.Working from the shoreline, Hutchison and Lazaryan collected samples of water in quartjars on Oct. 18. These control samples, wrapped in several layers of aluminum foil, weretaken 60 miles away from the effects of the frequencies. Samples following harmonictreatment were collected on Oct. 22. All samples were tested on Oct. 26, showing that theamount of oil and grease before the frequency treatment was measured at 7 ppm, whilethe samples that had undergone the frequency exposure measured less than 1 ppm, asignificant, even miraculous reduction in toxic chemical composition.Not only that, but sea life was returning. Nancy, who has recorded the frequencytreatment events, said that the day following their test, “The fish were jumping . . . thewater that had been murky brown was a clear green. Two dolphins came into 5 feet ofwater to visit. Lots of schools of fish and crabs were very active in the healed waters.”Hutchison estimates his frequency generator is clearing nearly a mile radius of pollutedwaters in the Gulf in 24 hours. The two proceeded to move eastward along the coastline.The ongoing frequency treatment has been documented by chemist Bob Naman,President of Analytical Chemical Testing Laboratory, Inc. (ACT) of Mobile, AL. Hisreport concludes, in part: Based on testing performed from samples received, the frequency exposure resulted in the complete removal of Oil and Grease from the after treatment sample source tested. ACT recommends investigation of this process further to determine large-scale capabilities in cleaning water bodies and areas affected by the dissolved oil/dispersant in water. This applied Frequency Exposure process may have extreme value in the removal of petroleum contamination from a large body of water. It is the opinion of this analyst that the persons involved with this process could have a very serious positive effect on the removal of hydrocarbon contamination from bodies of water. If this process proves to be capable of clean-up then it should be given an opportunity to have the process showcased to any interested party, including The US Federal Government, US EPA, Homeland Security, as well as BP and any other interested State Environmental Agencies. The process may be proven to be an excellent manner to approach the petroleum-contaminated water columns that are currently present in the Gulf of Mexico.
  4. 4. While the technology is not completely understood by the undersigned, it is clear that the process may have extreme value, and it should be given a chance to be presented and tested on a large scale basis. At this point the undersigned is not aware of any entity that has attempted to undertake the biggest remaining problem that currently exists in the Gulf of Mexico, which is water column contamination by dissolved petroleum due to dispersant use in the Deepwater Horizon Spill.So how exactly does the application of this “stream of sound” work? What happens to theoil and various pollutants in the water? Where do they go?The Nature of WaterIn the recommended documentary, Water – The Great Mystery, scientists admit that eventoday in the 21st century, water, the most common substance on earth, remains a mystery.But based on experimentation, scientists conclude it’s not the composition of water, H2O,that’s important, it’s the structure. Modern instruments have made it possible to recordthe fact that water has memory that’s imprinted by what affects it. Within each of water’smemory cells there are 440,000 information panels, each of which is responsible for itsown type of interaction with the environment.Allois Gruber, Austrian researcher, states, “We pollute water spiritually and this happenson a huge scale. The water adopts all of the hatred, all of the malice, the stress. The wateris almost dead by the time it enters our body.”Water can help us or hurt us depending on how its structure is imprinted and altered byenvironmental influence. Simplistically stated, as the “chanting” fans out in waves acrossthe Gulf waters, the pollutant molecules are literally “dispelled” from the watermolecules. And this is the point where science, mystery and miracle converge.Nancy Lazaryan explains the harmonic imprinting process in the Gulf of Mexico.“It is hypothesized that everything is water, that water is the ‘mother’ of all other matter.In evaluating and observing things, everything is frequency. Or more specifically,everything emits a frequency. If a table is a particular frequency, then it is not thefrequency of a glass jar.“Frequency (or resonance and sound, the same concept) is measured in wave patterns.Water creates wave patterns. We are sending wave patterns into the water. This wavepattern we are sending contains information. The information is the harmonics ofbalance.“How did we decide to use these particular harmonics? We had tap water, clean PacificOcean water and polluted water from the Gulf. We used an oscilloscope to read thefrequencies of each water sample. The tap and Pacific water were almost identical. TheGulf water was bizarre, totally "off the scale" of the oscilloscope. We had to go find it,
  5. 5. expanding the deflection vertically because the reading was so different from the others.“We tried different techniques in John Hutchisons lab, including high voltage andspecific, individual radio frequencies.“It was the combination of the solfeggio tones, along with the radio frequencies that‘reset’ the polluted water from the Gulf of Mexico. I say ‘reset’ in that after using thesefrequencies, the polluted Gulf water suddenly was the same frequency as clean Pacificocean water.“Long before the Gulf Oil Disaster I had been researching solfeggio tones, in conjunctionwith work John Hutchison and I were doing on his crystal power cells (batteries thatnever need to be recharged). We were experimenting with setting the electrical memoryof the power cells while applying certain tones, or frequencies. The solfeggio tones wereamong the resonances we were experimenting with involving the crystal power cells.Since water is crystal, as in snowflakes, it made sense to apply them to polluted water.The experiment worked.”Balanced Water = Balanced LifeThe oil disaster in the Gulf of Mexico, the Valdez spill in Alaska, and countless othersthat have occurred and continue to occur at an alarming rate around the planet as oilcompanies drill deeper into fragile sea beds and the planet responds with catastrophicchanges must be a constant reminder to us all that water is life itself. Our bodies are 75%water, our brains are 85% water. When water is polluted and out of balance, humans,plants, animals, even the way we think become polluted and out of balance.John Hutchison and Nancy Lazaryan went to the Gulf of Mexico to help heal MotherNature. With assistance they can head out into the open waters and expand their range oftreatment. They are now just two people who, if multiplied by many, could initiate abenign water remediation treatment that could employ thousands of people in the nearfuture around the globe. Their work is a gift, but they need the following to continue theirwater healing efforts.
  6. 6. Land needs: A beach along the west coast of Florida and something they can back thetrailer into so that it projects out towards the water. And they need the ability to plug intoa normal household 110/20 amp outlet.Open water needs: A large boat that can handle 6,000 lbs of equipment, preferably abarge with a tug, so they can travel along the coast and bounce the frequencies back andforth from boat to land. If they are able to do this, they can create a "dominos effect" andreset the water frequency more quickly.Nancy’s final comment, “Many people have sent videos on scientists doing work in labswith water and sound. It would be nice if those scientists would join us in the Gulf.”If you can help supply any of their needs, please contact Nancy atnancylazaryan@yahoo.com or 612-703-5533.