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Dream Destinations1


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A slide show about our company

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Dream Destinations1

  1. 1. Dream Destinations“Your Journey Begins Here”
  2. 2. Anne Schrader• Certified Travel Counselor (CTC) & Accredited Cruise Counselor (ACC)• Houston Director of NACTA –National Association of Career Travel Agents• ’86 U of Houston grad in hotel & restaurant management• Earned over 20 specialty designations from individual travel vendors
  3. 3. Hank Schrader• West Point ‘71, MS U. of Washington, MBA Long Island U• Visited 60 countries—Europe at least 10 times• Retired HS World Geography & AP Human Geography Teacher
  4. 4. Anne & Hank SchraderAMA River Cruise 2009
  5. 5. Crom Castle, Ireland
  6. 6. St. Patrick’sDay ParadeSligo, Ireland
  7. 7. Anne & Hank on the CelebrityEquinox 2010
  8. 8. Why You Should Use Us #1• #1 Reason—It costs you nothing for us to plan your travel!• 15 years experience—we are true professionals• We help you avoid the hassle & get the best value for your dollar—saves time & money• We will help you protect your travel investment• We can help you avoid problems & help you resolve travel problems—book it yourself & you are on your own
  9. 9. Why You Should Use Us #2• We will research & advise you on the best possible trip• We are honest, hard working with one goal— to serve you—we will do what is best for you, not us• We are small enough to give you personalized service, but big enough & experienced enough to get you the right trip
  10. 10. “Surprising Times a Pro Adds Value”• Booking a cruise.• “You can get the lowest prices and best travel berths from travel agents….”• Source: Money Magazine, April 2011 Issue page 95.
  11. 11. What We Do• We are the leisure travel experts• We specialize in cruises & travel to Europe• We organize several themed group travel experiences each year• We can help you with incentive travel• We can help you in fund raising• We can help you find special discounted rates
  12. 12. How We Can Help You Leisure Travel• We have help people plan vacations, destination weddings, honeymoons & reunions.• Most of our business is cruise or European travel.
  13. 13. How We Can Help You Cruises• We can help you find the right one—lots of choices & price points.• We have access to the whole world from large to small, ocean to river.• We cruise often, so you will benefit from our hands on experience & ship inspections• Cruising has to be one of the best overall values in travel—visit a lot of great destinations, meals & floating hotel included!
  14. 14. Cruise Lines We Have Sailed On• Ocean Cruises • River Cruises• Carnival, Royal • AMA Waterways Caribbean, NCL, Disney, • Sailed the Seine, the Celebrity, MSC Rhine, the Main & the• Sailed the Caribbean, Mosel & the Danube the Pacific, the Mediterranean, the Atlantic, the Baltic
  15. 15. Celebrity EquinoxPhoto Anne Schrader
  16. 16. AMA Amalyra
  17. 17. Dining RoomMS Amalyra River Boat
  18. 18. Nassau, Bahamas
  19. 19. White Cliffs of Dover, England Photo Anne Schrader
  20. 20. Old Medieval Town of Tallinn, Estonia Photo Anne Schrader
  21. 21. Harbor side, Helsinki Finland Photo Anne Schrader
  22. 22. Hermitage, St. Petersburg Russia Photo Anne Schrader
  23. 23. SampsonFountainPeterhof,St. PetersburgRussia PhotoAnne Schrader
  24. 24. Santorini, Greek IslesPhoto Anne Schrader
  25. 25. Hagia Sophia, Istanbul Turkey Photo Anne Schrader
  26. 26. Hank Schrader in front of theLibrary of Celus, Ephesus, Turkey
  27. 27. Seine River, Paris
  28. 28. Die Pfalz Castle collected tolls on the Rhine River Germany Photo Anne Schrader
  29. 29. Reichberg Castle, CochemMosel River Germany Photo Anne Schrader
  30. 30. How We Can Help You European Travel• We have been to 20 different countries, many multiple times.• We add value to your trip from our detailed knowledge• We have traveled on our own by car, train & with tours
  31. 31. Europe Quiz• What are the 2 things are required to visit the Hermitage in St. Petersburg?• What day should you never plan to go to the Louvre?• What should you plan for if you use Rick Steve’s advice to use his favorite budget hotels?• What day will limit you access to the Blue Mosque in Istanbul?
  32. 32. HankSchraderat the EifelTower, Paris
  33. 33. Colmar FrancePhoto Wikipedia
  34. 34. Brandenburg Gate, Berlin Germany
  35. 35. Rothenberg GermanyPhoto Anne Schrader
  36. 36. Munich GermanyPhoto Anne Schrader
  37. 37. Street Market Nuremberg Germany Photo Anne Schrader
  38. 38. Wine Tavern, Rudesheim Germany Photo Anne Schrader
  39. 39. Prague Castle, Czech Republic Photo Anne Schrader
  40. 40. St. Peter’s Basilica, Vatican Photo Anne Schrader
  41. 41. Lake Bled, SloveniaPhoto Anne Schrader
  42. 42. Dubrovnik Croatia
  43. 43. Acropolis, Athens, Greece Photo Anne Schrader
  44. 44. How We Can Help You Themed Group Travel• A group is a number of people with a common bond.• Some group examples—friends/family, H.S./College Reunion, Church Groups, Meetings or Continuing Education seminars
  45. 45. How We Can Help You Incentive Travel• Incentive travel is a way to reward an employee• Can be contest or just for good performance• If contest, how long will it last & when will it end?• Can be individual or group
  46. 46. How We Can Help You Cruise Fund Raising• Must be non-profit organization• What was the success of previous fundraising efforts?• What is the goal amount?• How much can we get in matching funds?• How will we promote this effort to insure success?• We will bring in a business development manager from a cruise line to help us meet your goals• We must understand your needs & priorities!
  47. 47. Fund Raising—Carnival Cruises• Benefits—unique fund raising event; event participants get something in return; risk free; We do the work!• Carnival will donate $10.00 per day per cabin booked by fundraising group (based on double occupancy)• We can mark up cruise price for additional fundraising
  48. 48. Fund Raising Example• 4 day Cruise—100 cabins• Mark up price by $50.00 per person ($100.00 per cabin)• Carnival donates $ 40.00 per cabin• 100 x $100.00 = $10.000.00 +• 100 x $40.00 = $4000.00• $14,000 raised for the cause!• Can be more—1 free cruise per 15 booked—does not include port charges & tax—offers raffle & other ways to increase revenue or reward group
  49. 49. How We Can Help You Special Discount Rates• Military (active & retired) & veterans• Seniors• Fire & Police• Educators• Residency• Each supplier has differing options but we will help identify a discount if possible!
  50. 50. What We Do Not Do• We generally can not help you find flights unless it is part of a cruise or tour package• We do not advise you if you got the best deal after you book yourself or book with someone else
  51. 51. Our Current Group Specials• 5 day Wine Cruise on the Celebrity Millennium sailing May 27 2012• 8 day Wine Cruise on the Celebrity Millennium sailing September 14 2012
  52. 52. Dream Destinations Your Journey Begins Here!• We want to be your travel consultants!• Please contact us at:• or• or• Call us at:• 832-244-0215 (Anne cell); 713-397-0188 (Hank Cell) or 713-436-5287