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  • Myth/fairytale allows us to interpret reality
  • Poss ch 25 end

    1. 1. Coursework titles• Consider the theme of possession in the novel.• Examine the use of fairytale and myth in the novel.Make notes on these for Friday.Think about:a. What you would includeb. How you can develop an argument or interpretation
    2. 2. The most dramatic moment in this section of the novel is…. The most satisfying moment is… The most significant moment is…
    3. 3. Chapter 26 How does the epigraph reflect the themes of freedom, naming, myth and fairytale? Find a quote for each theme and analyse • Do not include too much contextual detail (only worth 2%) • Avoid generalisations • Identify literary device (metaphors etc.) • Explore and analyse language • Explore and analyse structure or form • Try to construct an argumentExtension task: What do you notice about this poem (look back at the 1st chapter to help you)? Why has the writer done this?
    4. 4. Roland looks again at the images of Ash in his flat… Roland had once seen them as parts of himself. How much they had been that, to him, he only now understood, when he saw them as wholly distinct and separate, not an angle, not a bone, not a white speck of illumination comprehensible by him or to do with him. P. 467Why does Byatt return to these?What does the quote show about Roland and how can you link this to the theme of possession? What other quotes can you find in this chapter to support your reading?
    5. 5. Chapter 27How does the epigraph build up to the climax of the novel?Comment on both the theme of possession and the what the poem tells us about narrative structure.
    6. 6. What does the quote tell us about thetheme of possession and the structure of the novel?Everyone looked at Maud, who looked at Roland.This was the moment of truth. Also the moment of dispossession, or perhaps the word was excorcism. P. 480 Find another quote from this chapter that supports one of these ideas and analyse it
    7. 7. Chapter 28- Fairytale or Possession? What does the quote tell us?I was afraid you see, that you would wish to take her, you and your wife, for your very own- and she was mine, I bore her- I could not let her gop. 500 She sees me as a sorciere, a spinster in a fairytale, looking at her with glittering eye and waiting for her to prick her poor little finger and stumble into the brute sleep of adult truth. P.501 He said, ‘I haven’t told you. I’ve got three jobs. Hong Kong, Barcelona, Amsterdam. The world is all before me. [Clue: the number 3 and the story of the CHilde.] 505 Roland finally, to use an outdated phrase, entered and took possession of all of her white coolness that grew warm against him, so that there seemed to be no boundaries p. 507
    8. 8. PostscriptThe third person narrator appears here, to tell the reader another missing piece of the story, “how it was”. Why does Byatt end the novel in this way?