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Hsa2012 logo guidelines.


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HSA Foundation logo design guideline for use

Published in: Design
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Hsa2012 logo guidelines.

  1. 1. Logo Usage GuidelinesHSA FoundationEffective 06 2012©HSA Foundation. All rights reserved.
  2. 2. Color Requirements Pantone 320C Pantone Cool Gray 10CThe color diagram to the right identifies the color of each element of the HSA Foundation logo.Provided below is a color list that will assist in the correct reproduction of the HSA Foundation Pantone 584Clogo in the most commonly used media formats.Blue = Pantone 320CGray = Pantone Cool Gray 10C Pantone 320CYellow = Pantone 584C Pantone Cool Gray 10C AVAILABLE LOGO FORMATS 2
  3. 3. Layout Requirements XClear spaceClear space is defined as an area that is completely free of other objects orelements. A minimum area demonstrated in the diagram to the right mustsurround the logo in all situations. X X X Clear space requirementMinimum size 0.75 inchesPrint applications: 0.75" (19.05mm) wide (19.05mm)Electronic applications: 70 pixels wide Minimum size requirement for print 3
  4. 4. Incorrect UsageThe examples below illustrate common misuses of of the HSA Foundation Logo. ! OK LO ED VIS RE DO NOT distort a logo in any way DO NOT create other versions of a logo DO NOT create spot-color DO NOT add elements to a logo versions of a logo DO NOT alter the color of a logo F E AT U R I N G F E AT U R I N G F E AT U R I N G F E AT U R I N G DOAMDposition the logo over NOT Crossfire X AMD Crossfire X AMD Eyefinity AMD Eyefinity TECHNOLOGY T EC HN O LO GY MULT I-DIS P L AY T EC HN O LO GY MU LT I-DISPLAY TECH NOLOGY a busy or inappropriate area of a photographic background AMD Ready AMD Validated AMD Validated AMD Certified 4