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Power Point for DearMYRTLE's Find-A-Grave Webinar - 09/20/2012

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  • Going to talk about Find-A- GraveAs a Research Tool
  • Want to talk about:What is on Find-A-GraveWhat you might find thereHow to Request a PhotoHow to Contribute to Find-A-Grave
  • I had use F-A-G as a research tool, with my genealogy database programStarted with the Family Name, and Location, area, where they lived. Didn’t really know the Cemetery. So, I had to find it. Then Visit the Cemetery.What did I findHow did I record the findings
  • Will show some of the Features of F-A-GHow do to a searchHow to request a photoWhat can you expect
  • Will leave exploring of the website up to youFind Famous GravesFamous Grave SearchQuestions and AnswersFrequently Asked QuestionsFind GravesForums, Store
  • Here is what I knew:USANew JerseyHunterdon County
  • From the FAG WebsiteSelect Search for a Cemetery
  • Didn’t know the Cemetery Name for sureSelected United StatesTip: Cursor in Country field, hit the “U”, then “U” until United States Shows upSelected New JerseySelected Hunterdon County
  • Only 169 Cemeteries in Hunterdon CountyHad to Refine
  • Knew Name, but only entered SurnameFound to Start general, then refineICONS: Virtual Flowers Famous Person Sponsored Person Photo of Headstone for the individual
  • Three Cemeteries where Deats were buried37 Deats buried in Hunterdon County
  • 37 Deats3 CemeteriesLooked for Hiram Deats who Died in 1963
  • Scrolled down the previous screen3 Hiram DeatsClicked on the Cherryville Baptist CemeteryFlemingtonHunterdon CountyKnew Died in 1963
  • AddressSearch BoxLinksView InternmentsAdd a NameSubmit Spread Sheet - Later
  • Scrolling Down ScreenOther ViewsSatelliteHybridEarth
  • Gets an idea of the area Especially if you haven’t been there beforeLarge Fields on the Left side of the screen
  • Hybrid View adds Street Names and Cemetery NameZoom In / Out to get a feel for the area
  • Known so farMy GPS needs the full address
  • There may be hundreds / thousands of Interments in a cemeterySearched for Deats
  • 21 Deats in Cemetery
  • There is Hiram
  • Scrolling down, find that there are three Hiram DeatsBottom one Died 1963Check the Dates:Hiram Deats: Died 1887Hiram Deats, Jr: Born 1853Hiram E Deats: Born 1870Don’t jump to conclusions, or is there a story here.
  • Where I parked, found a Deats plotBut, where are the other Deats that were listedLooked around – Found another PlotTook pictures of everything
  • Drive to CemeteryGPSOr can get directions from mapNote: TreeMonument on LeftMonument on Right
  • Tree on Left of both pictures are the same treeClose … BUTFirst Monument: Hiram Deats, Jr, and a couple other’s, not the 21Second Monument: Hiram Deats and Hiram E. DeatsNOTE the railing around 2nd monument
  • Deats MonumentHiram E DeatsWife: Eva A Taylor (wife of Hiram E Deats)John Deats:Buried at Newark, OhioWatch for “In Memory of:” as they may not be buried there
  • Here is the FAG Page for Hiram E DeatsListed 2 years before a picture was posted.Note Monument and Foot StoneFoot Stones outer circleNote:Add a Photo for this PersonRequest a Photo
  • SurnamesMaudWilsonHoffLittleJulia Maud was the Wife of Ray C Wilson and Daughter of Porter C and Ellen Hoff Little 2 Generations shown
  • Look Around Monuments / Head Stones
  • Note Red CircleNote the list of Names who are Buried HereGPS Setting on RightTree2nd Monument
  • Take Pictures:First picture is something to identify the CemeteryRecorded all information that was on the HeadstoneOnce in my database, searched for Census Records, since I was building a family fileHouseholdsDates and RelationshipsCite the Sources from the CensusUse the Burial FACT to record the CemeteryHave a Source-Citation as a Cemetery Visit and the DateUse the Image at the Source-Citation Media
  • Changing ViewsYou can JoinIts FreeAll you need is an Email AddressCreates a ProfileContact – EmailBlog websiteContributionsFriends
  • Communicate to other FAG ContributorsQuick link to the Cemeteries that I contribute toNot covering Memorials but you can create Memorials
  • Contributor ToolsPhoto Volunteer10 mile radius of Zip CodeMy Cemeteries
  • Part of My Cemetery ListQuick Links to Cemetery
  • Requesting a Photo sends an email to a VolunteerGo to the Cemetery Page and Locate the person, or use the Link to the person from the Internment ListingIn this case, Union Cemetery in Hackettstown for Richard Van HorneClick on Request A Photo
  • Email Request:Name of the Person looking forCemeteryContactDetails are HelpfulHas Plot Number
  • This is what I did since the Cemetery of covered with SnowSnow on the ground doesn’t necessarily slow me down
  • Requesting a Photo sends an email to a VolunteerPrep for VisitPrint RequestSee if there are other Photo Requests – Print OthersLook for other Surnames, especially if the photo request is for a femaleLook at F-A-G Symbols for Photo ICONLook for others with the Same SurnameLook for Female SurnameDon’t Accept Request until I am walking out the door
  • Surname ListSee name of requested PhotoRIP ICON = Photo OnlineLook at that photo as it may give hints about the surroundings
  • Take PictureClick on Add a Photo
  • Add Photo ButtonUpload a SpreadsheetWhen spreadsheet accepted upload photos
  • Upload a Spread SheetEXCEL TemplateWill cover details shortly
  • For Veterans Day, took some Vets Photos:Show Birth Dates on two head stonesDifferent View
  • Different ViewFredrick and FredAlso, the Son is to the right of the Father
  • Different ViewFredrick and FredAlso, the Son is to the right of the FatherHead Stone: March 6Veterans Plaque: March 9Tell Story, if there is time
  • Watch for links.Since this is my person, I can create a link between Edward Lord Abblebey and Nettie Louise Smith ApplebeyMy wife’s grandparents.Generally, I enter information that is on the Headstone. I have additional information, so that if I am contacted, I can share information.What is here, for Nettie – First, her name has been in question within the family. Confirmed by Birth CertificateHer birth Surname is listed and shown in ItalicsThe relationships are set up with the Memorial #
  • Request for Georgia Lammason AnthonyGot out of car, saw Budd Anthony on closest Stone but it was Grace AnthonyConnection between Anthony and Budd
  • View of Budd / Anthony StoneAnthony StoneFrom the other direction – See Car
  • Dialog with person requesting photo as she was looking for those relationshipsI don’t try to understand the Relationships, but report findings
  • Wonder IF:Church RelatedDonaldson’s Farm is across the street from where I liveIt’s a Farm
  • Wonder what the Carpenter’s occupation wasGolfer
  • German Valley CemeteryVolunteer FirefighterFirehouse right down the streetFireman’s TagHun BunSmoker
  • What do I use to do all of thisFilenames of Photos are importantPicasa had TagsCemeterySurnameGeo Tags for Location
  • Showed the Template earlierWorked from there
  • Fields in that TemplateFill in what I know OR what is on the Headstone
  • Spreadsheet worked, but needed to expandI may use those pictures for:FAGFTMTombstone TuesdayGroup of Bloggers who post stories or pictures on Tuesdays
  • Additional FieldsFilename helps with Sorting of the FileHave added Cemetery ID NumbersHave added Memorial ID Numbers
  • Date Calculator:May have DateAged: Years, Months, Days (some times)FTM has that calculator
  • Three ICONs to watch for:GeneaBloggersGrave Yard Rabbit AssociationGrave Mappers
  • Find-A-GraveBlogMy Tombstone CollectionTombstone TuesdaysCan view by CemeteryBy SurnameHelp Family Tree Maker UsersHave a Member Family Tree on Ancestry for the Deats tree is onlineGenealogy Wise (groups)SurnamesLocationsFind-A-GraveAncestry Member TreeFamily Tree Maker
  • HandoutTableCemetery NotebookCemetery FilesGenealogy Books from Family Tree MakerQuestionsContactsNameEmailFamily Tree Maker BlogCemetery Blog
  • Find a-grave-webinar

    1. 1. A Research Tool
    2. 2. This Presentation Talk briefly about Find-A-Grave Genealogy Tool What is on Find-A-Grave What might you find How to Request a photo How to Contribute9/19/2012 Dear MYRTLE - Webinar Slide 2
    3. 3. Find-A-Grave Case Study Started as a project to help do research for a friend Name and Location Find the Cemetery Visit Cemetery Findings Record Findings9/19/2012 Dear MYRTLE - Webinar Slide 3
    4. 4. How to use Find-A-Grave What is available How to search How to request photo What can you expect9/19/2012 Dear MYRTLE - Webinar Slide 4
    5. 5. Opening Page9/19/2012 Dear MYRTLE - Webinar Slide 5
    6. 6. Find-A-Grave Cemetery Search ◦ USA ◦ New Jersey ◦ Hunterdon County9/19/2012 Dear MYRTLE - Webinar Slide 6
    7. 7. Search for a Cemetery9/19/2012 Dear MYRTLE - Webinar Slide 7
    8. 8. 9/19/2012 Dear MYRTLE - Webinar Slide 8
    9. 9. Find-A-Grave Cemetery Search ◦ USA ◦ New Jersey ◦ Hunterdon County ◦ 169 Cemeteries ◦ Refine Search9/19/2012 Dear MYRTLE - Webinar Slide 9
    10. 10. 9/19/2012 Dear MYRTLE - Webinar Slide 10
    11. 11. 9/19/2012 Dear MYRTLE - Webinar 11
    12. 12. Find-A-Grave Cemetery Search ◦ USA ◦ New Jersey ◦ Hunterdon County ◦ 169 Cemeteries ◦ Refine Search ◦ 37 Deats, 3 Cemeteries ◦ Hiram Deats d:19639/19/2012 Dear MYRTLE - Webinar Slide 12
    13. 13. 9/19/2012 Dear MYRTLE - Webinar 13
    14. 14. 9/19/2012 Dear MYRTLE - Webinar 14
    15. 15. 9/19/2012 Dear MYRTLE - Webinar 15
    16. 16. Satellite View9/19/2012 Dear MYRTLE - Webinar Slide 16
    17. 17. Hybrid View9/19/2012 Dear MYRTLE - Webinar Slide 17
    18. 18. Cherryville Baptist Cemetery 594 Cherryville Rd Flemington Hunterdon County New Jersey USA Postal Code: 08822 Interactive map and GPS data: GPS Coordinates: Latitude: 40.56326, Longitude: -74.903899/19/2012 Dear MYRTLE - Webinar Slide 18
    19. 19. 9/19/2012 Dear MYRTLE - Webinar 19
    20. 20. Cherryville Baptist Cemetery 594 Cherryville Rd Flemington Hunterdon County New Jersey USA Postal Code: 08822 Interactive map and GPS data: GPS Coordinates: Latitude: 40.56326, Longitude: -74.90389 21 Deats in Cemetery9/19/2012 Dear MYRTLE - Webinar Slide 20
    21. 21. 9/19/2012 Dear MYRTLE - Webinar 21
    22. 22. 9/19/2012 Dear MYRTLE - Webinar 22
    23. 23. Cherryville Baptist Cemetery Immediate findings Looked around Second Burial Ground Took Photographs9/19/2012 Dear MYRTLE - Webinar Slide 23
    24. 24. 9/19/2012 Dear MYRTLE - Webinar 24
    25. 25. Two Deats’ Plots9/19/2012 Dear MYRTLE - Webinar Slide 25
    26. 26. Deats Monument9/19/2012 Dear MYRTLE - Webinar Slide 26
    27. 27. Slid e9/19/2012 Dear MYRTLE - Webinar 27
    28. 28. Multiple Surnames9/19/2012 Dear MYRTLE - Webinar 28
    29. 29. Deats Monument9/19/2012 Dear MYRTLE - Webinar Slide 29
    30. 30. Deats Plot, using Family TreeMaker9/19/2012 Dear MYRTLE - Webinar Slide 30
    31. 31. Web Search from GenealogySoftware Census Records ◦ Family Groupings in Household ◦ Ages / Dates ◦ Relationships Source-Citations ◦ Census Record ◦ Burial Entry ◦ Photo as Source-Citation Media9/19/2012 Dear MYRTLE - Webinar Slide 31
    32. 32. 9/19/2012 Dear MYRTLE - Webinar Slide 32
    33. 33. Contributor Tools Friends Cemeteries Memorials9/19/2012 Dear MYRTLE - Webinar Slide 33
    34. 34. 9/19/2012 Dear MYRTLE - Webinar Slide 34
    35. 35. 9/19/2012 Dear MYRTLE - Webinar Slide 35
    36. 36. Request a Photo9/19/2012 Dear MYRTLE - Webinar Slide 36
    37. 37. 9/19/2012 Dear MYRTLE - Webinar Slide 37
    38. 38. Request Reply9/19/2012 Dear MYRTLE - Webinar Slide 38
    39. 39. Photo Request What happens to request Prep for Cemetery Visit What to look for Take Pictures9/19/2012 Dear MYRTLE - Webinar Slide 39
    40. 40. Look for other Surnames9/19/2012 Dear MYRTLE - Webinar Slide 40
    41. 41. Add a Photo9/19/2012 Dear MYRTLE - Webinar Slide 41
    42. 42. Photos to Find-A-Grave Uploaded photos to existing listings Uploaded Spreadsheet Uploaded photos to new listings9/19/2012 Dear MYRTLE - Webinar Slide 42
    43. 43. EXCEL Template9/19/2012 Dear MYRTLE - Webinar Slide 43
    44. 44. What you might find9/19/2012 Dear MYRTLE - Webinar Slide 44
    45. 45. But Look CloselyMar 6 Mar 99/19/2012 Dear MYRTLE - Webinar Slide 46
    46. 46. Relationships9/19/2012 Dear MYRTLE - Webinar Slide 47
    47. 47. Look Around9/19/2012 Dear MYRTLE - Webinar Slide 48
    48. 48. Anthony – Burd Plots9/19/2012 Dear MYRTLE - Webinar Slide 49
    49. 49. Details of Plot9/19/2012 Dear MYRTLE - Webinar Slide 50
    50. 50. Occupations9/19/2012 Dear MYRTLE - Webinar Slide 51
    51. 51. Names or Occupations9/19/2012 Dear MYRTLE - Webinar Slide 52
    52. 52. What you might find9/19/2012 Dear MYRTLE - Webinar Slide 53
    53. 53. Software Used USB Camera to PC Filed by Date (folder) Camera Filenames Picasa (version 3) ◦ Copy Files from Photo Folder to FAG Folder ◦ Reduces file size ◦ Can Delete what is not used EXCEL Windows Explorer (to Rename Filenames)9/19/2012 Dear MYRTLE - Webinar Slide 54
    54. 54. How to Track Spread sheet Basic Fields for Find-A-Grave9/19/2012 Dear MYRTLE - Webinar Slide 55
    55. 55. Tracking Information ForFind-A-Grave Prefix Last Name First Name Middle Name Suffix Maiden Name Birth Month Birth Day Birth Year Death Month Death Day Death Year Plot Inscription Notes9/19/2012 Dear MYRTLE - Webinar Slide 56
    56. 56. How to Track Spread sheet Basic Fields for Find-A-Grave Naming of files What is posted: ◦ Find-A-Grave ◦ Genealogy Database ◦ Tombstone Tuesday9/19/2012 Dear MYRTLE - Webinar Slide 57
    57. 57. Additional Fields State County Cemetery T.T. [ Tombstone Tuesday] F-A-G. [ Find-A-Grave] FTM [ Genealogy Database ] Filename ◦ State, County, Cemetery, Name9/19/2012 Dear MYRTLE - Webinar Slide 58
    58. 58. Photos to Data for Database Recorded Names Recorded Dates ◦ Date Calculator Recorded Relationships9/19/2012 Dear MYRTLE - Webinar Slide 59
    59. 59. Blog ICONs9/19/2012 Dear MYRTLE - Webinar Slide 60
    60. 60. Websites Find-A-Grave My Tombstone Collection ◦ By Cemetery ◦ By Surname Family Tree Maker Member Family Tree Genealogy Wise9/19/2012 Dear MYRTLE - Webinar Slide 61
    61. 61. Questions Russ Worthington hrworth @ headstonecollection.blogspot.com9/19/2012 Dear MYRTLE - Webinar Slide 62
    62. 62. TaphophiliaFrom the Greek words taphos, meaning "tomb" or "sepulcher“, and philia, meaning "attraction or affinity to something, in particular the love or obsession with something"9/19/2012 Dear MYRTLE - Webinar Slide 63