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Transforming HR Through Technology


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HR Leadership now requires an astute understanding of three spheres:
organization's core business drivers, the leadership talent needed to
deliver business results, and the technology platforms that empower your

Technology platforms of tomorrow will look vastly different than the
administrative systems that HR is familiar with today at all levels: from
the employee or personal level, to the systems level and at the executive
analytics level.

Tomorrow's HR leaders must prepare themselves in unprecedented ways.

In this webinar the Lead speaker Mr. Aadesh Goyal, Chairman & CEO at
PeopleStrong HR Services and Mr. Krish Shankar, Director HR at Bharti Airtel
Ltd. shared the latest insights on Transforming HR Through Technology.
Participants learnt actionable insights into how you can leverage next
generation technologies, from social networking to information systems to
employee engagement tools, and achieve a new level of HR impact and

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Transforming HR Through Technology

  1. 1. National HRD NetworkNational HRD NetworkNational HRD NetworkNational HRD Network Transforming HR Through Technology Aug 13, 2009 3:00‐4:00 PM IST
  2. 2. Meet the Speaker A renowned thought leader in HR, Aadesh is responsible for guiding and steering PeopleStrong’s vision and mission of growing into an Alma Mater institution in HRO and an organization known for its meticulous business ethics. Previously, Aadesh was the Centre Head, Gurgaon and Vice President ‐ Human Resources with Aricent. He is a member of the Board of Directors of the company as a part of the start‐up team. He has been instrumental in establishing Aricent's BPO business and served as its head. Earlier, Aadesh has worked with Centre for Development of Telematics (C‐DOT) in various roles in Project Management, Human Resource Development and Corporate Communications and has been recognized by the industry through several awards. Al A d h i ti i d t t i th B d f G f N t ji S bh h Ch dAlso, Aadesh is an active industry veteran serving on the Board of Governors of Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose Institute of Technology, New Delhi, Delhi School of Economics (MHROD) and Lal Bahadur Shastri Institute of Management. He has also served on the Advisory Board of JobsAhead.Com in the past. He is also deeply involved in social development and is an active volunteer and organizer with The Art of Living Foundation. He is an alumnus of BITS Pilani where he did his Masters in Management Studies.
  3. 3. Transforming HR Through Technology August 13, 2009 Aadesh Goyal © PeopleStrong HR Services. Disclosure not permitted
  4. 4. Leveraging Technology e‐NABLINGe NABLING Technology e‐NERGIZINGe‐NGAGING gy e‐POWERING © PeopleStrong HR Services. Disclosure not permitted 4
  5. 5. e‐POWERING:  Building Culture Through Technologyg g gy • With 20‐40% annual growth and 15‐25%  attrition, how does one build culture? 40%‐50% employees are always new • Use Technology – here is a real example • Launch ‘Leadership’ or ‘Culture’ AwardsLaunch  Leadership  or  Culture  Awards Identify a dozen behaviors that you would  like everyone to have (e.g., Good  Communicator, Great Problem Solver, etc.) Take one behavior per month, and ask  every employee to select any one  colleague who displays this behavior the  best Ask them to say in few words whybest. Ask them to say in few words why  they have selected this person. © PeopleStrong HR Services. Disclosure not permitted 5
  6. 6. e‐POWERING :  …Building Culture Through Technologyg g gy • Select top 20 based on number of votes • Declare winner, 1st and 2nd runner up l d l d lCan also declare winners region‐ and vertical‐wise • Give specially designed trophies to the winners Send special ‘pin‐up’ cards for the top 20 • Building CultureBuilding Culture The process of asking the whole company to appreciate a particular  behavior automatically gives the right positioning for behavior Catch people doing something right! Appreciate winners as well as  each person who gets a vote – they get the comments of the peopleeach person who gets a vote  they get the comments of the people  who voted for them. Role Play – let the winners play the role and set an example for  others – e.g., let the top 20 ‘mentors’ be the actual mentors of the  new hires! Build a positive spiral ☺ • More ePOWERING: regular ‘pulse’ through rapid surveys  on the intranet, doing on‐line debates on various topics,  etc © PeopleStrong HR Services. Disclosure not permitted etc. 6
  7. 7. e‐NABLING: Knowledge Managementg g • The ‘Lonely Planet Guides’ for  Travelling are the most widely used g y reference material globally. Why?  Because it has detailed information which is infinitely useful  for a ‘first timer’ • Open up discussion groups and blogs  for various topics, and let everyone  participate.  • Example‐1 – First Time On‐site Travel  t US l t l h h t tto US – let people share what to  pack, plan for the first 2 weeks  (which is the most crucial), tips on  managing expenses, Cultural  Nuances, The Top 10 Pit‐falls, What • Actual ‘Practitioners ‘have more  detailed updated and accurateNuances, The Top 10 Pit falls, What  to Wear, Weather, Driving, Housing,  and more. • Example‐2 – New Hire – The Survival  Kit, first 7 days, where to live, how to  detailed , updated and accurate  information – and contributions  coming from large number of people  will always be better than two SPOCs  who own the policy! © PeopleStrong HR Services. Disclosure not permitted , y , , commute, work related settling  down, the DO’s and DONT’s, etc. 7 • Use Technology – Develop your own  Wikipedia!
  8. 8. e‐NGAGING:  Outsource the Shared HR Services • All of us in the HR world know that only if the basics  are working well – The interventions forThe interventions for  employee engagement are  going to be effective – HYGIENE always takes precedencealways takes precedence • The whole world is asking  India to do their customer  serviceservice Why can’t HR Heads in India  provide good quality experience  and service to the employees?and service to the employees? • The solution – use Technology to create a HR Shared  Services center, and outsource it! © PeopleStrong HR Services. Disclosure not permitted 8
  9. 9. e‐NGAGING:  …Outsource the Shared HR Services • HR Strategy: Focus on Strategy and  Program Management – Outsource the  TransactionsTransactions • Benefits Creates time and space to ‘think’ Better employee experience – use the BPO  best practices to deliver the best – not afraid  to have SLAs, your partner will deliver it, not  ☺you ☺ Reduces cost Much sharper and advanced analytics will p y help you to drive improvements much faster You will no longer be on back‐foot when  dealing with line managers and employees © PeopleStrong HR Services. Disclosure not permitted 9
  10. 10. e‐NERGIZING • Your company: 10,000 employees in 465 cities across India, or 15,000 employees in 15 countries and 8 time zones, p y • When was the last time you had a  webinar where all employees could  participate and the CEO gave a pitch,  followed by Q&A session all in realfollowed by Q&A session, all in real  time, available to all employees? • How would you do a town‐hall meeting? • Use Technology!• Use Technology! • Are each of the 20 members of your  Leadership Team having live ‘chats’ with employees 6  to 8 times a year!y • Do all major functions in the company have active  blogs? © PeopleStrong HR Services. Disclosure not permitted 10
  11. 11. Technology–There are Immense Possibilities e‐NABLING Let us keep e NABLING Let us keep  Imagining! Don’t go forTechnology e‐NERGIZINGe‐NGAGING Don t go for  fads…keep it  simple ☺ gy e‐POWERING © PeopleStrong HR Services. Disclosure not permitted 11
  12. 12. Discussion © PeopleStrong HR Services. Disclosure not permitted 12
  13. 13. Meet the Speaker Prior to joining Bharti, I have worked with Unilever Asia‐Africa as Vice President, Human R I t t d ith Ei h T t i 1984 U it P l Offi dResources. I started my career with Eicher Tractors in 1984 as Unit Personnel Officer and thereafter have held various roles in Hindustan Lever Ltd and Unilever, spanning the diverse areas of HR and Organization development. I have over 22 years of professional experience in enterprise level roles, change management, f l li d d i i h f i d d liperformance management, people alignment and driving the HR transformation agenda to deliver strategic value for the business. Academic Qualification: Post Graduate Diploma in Personnel Management and Industrial Relations from XLRI Jamshedpur. Areas of interest: Reading, trekking and outdoor sports. Family: Wife Kalpana and son Neerav
  14. 14. Airtel Confidential – Not for DistributionAirtel Confidential – Not for Distribution Transforming HR
  15. 15. e-tize Mission and Teams Inject “e” into the organization culture in order to drive technology benefits to the employee leading to sustained organizational productivity gainsto the employee, leading to sustained organizational productivity gains. Team e-tize Council e-tize Focus Group e-tize Advisory Board Nature Cross functional leadership team Cross functional team Sr. Technology Managers from External Organizations Objective Organizational and process related leadership Capture voice of Airtel Best practices and “reality” check Airtel Confidential – Not for Distribution
  16. 16. The e-tize Construct Productivity Automation to facilitate functional productivity SCM Automation Convenience Use of technology to impact day-to-day ease of use Executive VPN WorkiExpenses forSCM AutomationExecutive Information System HRMS VPN – Work from Home iExpenses – for Reimbursements Wirefree AccessEmployee Portal me-tize P t C ll b ti Personal Security Partner Collaboration Reducing use of paper in HR related processes through technology Secure, Controlled environment for carrying out integrated business processes Development Employee Self Development toolsGuided On Employee Compensation Single sign-onDevelopment toolsGu ded O Boarding Compensation Management iRecruitment S g e s g o framework Common Access Learning Management System Teamrooms – Faster information exchange Airtel Confidential – Not for Distribution Systemexchange Employee Collaboration
  17. 17. HR Transformation Strategy Making the Strategic Choice about how HR will evolve Process Standardization What are the outsourcing Capturing economies of scale through shared services Self Service $$savings What are the outsourcing opportunities, feasibility and potential benefits? Achieving benefits of standardisation across the business units with enabling technology (self-service) Shared entialBenefitin Improvement by implementing best practice and policy simplification (self service) Services Pote Outsourcing partnership with shared risks and rewards? simplification Internal initiatives with consulting support? Service Delivery Model Simplification Standardisation Scaling Sourcing Airtel Confidential – Not for Distribution Model Degree of Change (Business Process, Technology, and People)
  18. 18. e-HR Roadmap ‘e-HR Roadmap’ was prepared in consultation with business to automate all the HR processes covering the “Employee Life Cycle” in the organization at any point of time. Employee Life Cycle DNA MManpower Planning Recruitment On-Boarding Information Mgmnt. Employee Movement Talent Mgmnt. Learning Mgmnt. Time & Labor Comp & Benefits Bookings Comm. Transformation Medium • Channel chosen was self-service because - Process and service efficiency peaks when it is delivered simply and with minimalProcess and service efficiency peaks when it is delivered simply and with minimal overheads. - Provides employees and managers with easy and direct access to their organization’s HR policies, their own records and answers to frequently asked questions Airtel Confidential – Not for Distribution questions.
  19. 19. Self Service: Employee Management • Learning Management - One point Learning Management solution for • Information Management - Joining Formalities - Manage Personal complete organization including associates and partners - Reach out to 52,000 learners, taking learning & certification to the breadth & width of the g Information - Maintain Competence Profile - Awards & Recognitions - e-Forms the breadth & width of the organization • Performance Management KRA & C t • Workflow Enabled - KRA & Competency Assessment - Automatic Allocation of KRAs - Appraisal T i i R d ti - Online Approvals - Notifications & Alerts - Escalations & Time-outs - Training Recommendations Airtel Confidential – Not for Distribution
  20. 20. Employee Helpdesk : HR Activ Connect Multi Mode Integrated Helpdesk - Portal - Email - Voice Toll free No. Case Management Tool - Intelligent Classification - Interactive FAQ M th 4000 i l d b th C t l H l d k th Airtel Confidential – Not for Distribution More than 4000 queries resolved by the Central Helpdesk every month
  21. 21. Talent Acquisition i-Recruitment - Vacancy Management - Internal Job Posting - Interfaces with leading job sites/Consultants - Candidate Management - Online Status Tracking - Offer Extension - Background Check/Verification - Analytics Airtel Confidential – Not for Distribution More than 20000 resumes in the active database
  22. 22. Manager emPOWER - Demographic details: - Personal, Professional Info - Compensation: - Total Compensation Variable Stock Options- Variable, Stock Options - Learning & Development: - Development need &history - Performance management: - Promotion/Performance history - Leave management: - Vacation Trends/HistoryVacation Trends/History Airtel Confidential – Not for Distribution Easy to access interface which provides a consolidated view to People Managers
  23. 23. Airtel Confidential – Not for Distribution A unique innovation to facilitate attendance tracking of employees in a simple manner
  24. 24. LMS APLY <start date(ddmmyy) > LMS STATUS SEND TO 38493 date(ddmmyy) > <number of days> <remarks> SEND TO 38493 & LMS HOLI SEND TO 38493 This leave will get deducted from the general leave balance Send "Help" to 38493 for any assistance with short codes Airtel Confidential – Not for Distribution
  25. 25. Self Service: Compensation & Benefits • Employee Compensation Structuring (ECS)Structuring (ECS) - Online Salary Structure Declaration - m-enablement: SMS Based alerts from the system • Investment Declaration - Online Investment Declarations submission and tracking - Validations as per current assessment year - Reports and analytics for an employee to check his declaration details - Bulk approval & verification facility ECS and Payroll Service has simplified the process and made process person independent Airtel Confidential – Not for Distribution
  26. 26. me-tize SMS Short-code is 38493 i.e. etize Short-code 38493 denoting ‘e-tize’ on your mobile phone keyboard has been exclusively reserved for me-tize applications 3 8 4 9 33 8 4 9 3 Airtel Confidential – Not for Distribution
  27. 27. me-tize services Interactive: • Help Module • Leave - Apply and Approve • Local Travel - Apply, Approve and Cancel Push based (Notifications): • Leave status for the month • ECS approval • Travel Requisition System approval • Domestic Travel - Approve and Cancel • emPass - Unlock your Domain Account, reset easyAccess password using mobile • SMS Survey • e-Connect – Feedback Application q y pp • Airtel Activ • Expense Management • Birthdays & Anniversaries wishes • PMS notifications • OLM notifications• e-Connect – Feedback Application • Meeting room – Room booking confirmation Pull based (Query): • Leave Status • OLM notifications • User defined e-lerts • DC Portal • iRec • Payroll – Salary upload notification • Directory Services • Salary structure breakup details • List of holidays • DC Visitor Management System Personalization: • User level preference to switch on/ off SMS notificationsnotifications Airtel Confidential – Not for Distribution Note: Services launched up to 30th May’2009
  28. 28. Change Management: Critical Success Factors • User Adoption - Focus on Executive Councils and Early adapters, Second line • Educate - Communication, Training, Awareness, Participation, Ownership C ll b t• Collaborate - Common cause with respective functions, Ownership, Standardized processes, Enforcement • Listen - Ideas, Improvements, Issues, Support, Track • SupportSupport - Champion, Processes, Data Airtel Confidential – Not for Distribution
  29. 29. Change Management: Approach The Vehicles Wallpapers Screen Savers ee--bulletin samplebulletin sample Screen Savers e-mails Micro site on intranet e-bulletins Posters Danglers Roadshows Theme week Info Sharing Sessions ContestsContests Branded Giveaways Rewards Program linked to: Change Management Approaches Executive Ownership b) Portal based contests c) e-ttitude club d) Give aways g a) Applications Executive Ownership Incentive Plans Focused Communication Local Change Managers Airtel Confidential – Not for Distribution
  30. 30. Change Management: User Awareness Powermailers Pin ups Wallpapers Airtel Confidential – Not for Distribution
  31. 31. Change Management: User Adoption Announcing the 1st batch of myAirtel Winners !! People with e-ttitude Airtel Confidential – Not for Distribution To join the winners club, continue to use myAirtel
  32. 32. e-tize – Going Beyond Process Automation An Umbrella of Cultural Transformation P T h l Human enablement e-tize embodies Processes, Technology and Employee Convenience d b ll f O i ti id C lt l T f ti Process Technology (Usability) under an umbrella of Organization wide Cultural Transformation End 2006: A Small Conceptual Program End 2008: A Global Benchmark.. Airtel Confidential – Not for Distribution e-tize applications and business processes are being ported for access using the mobile device through the me-tize program
  33. 33. eHR delivery thru ….HR Shared Services Process Excellence TAT Cost Accuracy Employee Experience Best in class Standardization AccuracyStandardization One Airtel Good Governance Checkpoints Measures Quality Airtel Confidential – Not for Distribution 33 Quality Think Customer Think E2E Think Lean
  34. 34. Scope of HR Activ Employee joins Airtel Talent Acquisition Employee in Airtel Employee data Employee leaves Airtel Exit Management • Manpower Requisition • Sourcing & Screening • Interview & Selection maintenance • Data Cleansing/Access • Transfers/Confirmation • Manager Self Service • FnF Checklist • Full and final processingInterview & Selection • Offer generation • Background/Referenc Payroll Management • Revisions / Promotion • Structuring via ECS Full and final processing • Bank Transfer e check • Conversion to Employee g • Reimbursements HR Helpdesk Retirals / Insurance • On boarding Retirals / Insurance • PF, Gratuity, ESIC ,etc Leave management Airtel Confidential – Not for Distribution 34 Self Service technologies & etize / metize adopted as a way of life…
  35. 35. OverviewOverview Standard Standardized processes across all SBUs Project Intent Process Project Achievement Phase I of Shared Services Evolution Journey Standard “One-Airtel” Experience Consistency of services Standardized processes across all SBUs Process Standardization SLA Adherence % of exceptions Benchmarked processes for Best in class processes & automation Defect free services % Automation % of defects p flawless transactions Defect free services Better controls & governance % of defects Controls Increased HR Productivity Eliminate job content which are transactional in nature from circles/locations Resource Increased timeshare on strategic HR Airtel Confidential – Not for Distribution Improve HR to employee ratio Resource productivity Achieved In-progress
  36. 36. Operational Tools & Frameworks Measurement & Control Operational Tools & Frameworks Measurement & Control Key Productivity Parameters Airtel Activ is driven by KPI, SLAs and Customer Satisfaction Key Productivity Parameters •Measures agent performance levels •Concentrate on “quantity” instead of “quality” Volumes per agent Average time per transaction % escalations per agent% defects per agent Service Level Agreements •Determines the process wise service levels between the business units & the service center Id tifi lt f b h f SLA % SLA adherence % Reverse SLA adherence % defects % rejects •Identifies penalty for breach of SLA % on-hold cases Customer Satisfaction Index Agent’s Professionalism Communication etiquettes •Measures the satisfaction levels of employees, HR, vendors etc. g Quality of Response Time taken to respond Airtel Confidential – Not for Distribution
  37. 37. Airtel Confidential – Not for Distribution Changing the way we work !!!
  38. 38. Thanks Thank you for your participation For Question & Feedback  please email at