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Acquiring Talent Through Digital Media


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Panelist: Renu Bidalia

Published in: Technology, Business
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Acquiring Talent Through Digital Media

  1. 1. Acquiring Talent through Digital Renu Bidalia Presented byMedia © 2010 Tata Communications Ltd., All Rights Reserved © 2010 Tata Communications Ltd., All Rights Reserved
  2. 2. What come’s to your Mind.. When you hear about Social Media/ Networking sites…..© 2010 Tata Communications Ltd., All Rights Reserved More than 500 networking websites Disclaimer: All Images are taken from Google
  3. 3. Few Facts About Social Media • Social Media is the World’s Most Popular Online Activity According to comScore social networking sites reach 82% of the world’s online user population. In 2011, social networking accounts for 19% of all time spent online against 6% in 2007. • Social Networking Transcends and Reflects Regional Differences Social networking has grown in every single country transcending cultural and religious differences. In Latin America , Europe and the Middle East (3 very culturally different regions) social networking accounted for at least 24% of all time spent online. • Mobile Devices are Fuelling Social Addiction Social networks and mobile smart phones have combined to turn people into mobile social web addicts. • The UK showed the highest social networking penetration among mobile users at 35© 2010 Tata Communications Ltd., All Rights Reserved percent • 64 percent of smartphone users reported accessing social networking sites once in the previous month • Nearly 40 percent reported doing so almost every day • Social Networking is for “Everyone” – not just the young Source:
  4. 4. Why Social Media? The Gen “Y” tools has opened up communication across world boundaries. Exploit it to suit your needs… • Branding • Building “The Preferred Employer Brand” Advantage of Social • Word of Mouth Media: • Partners and customers reach • High Acceptability • Hiring new employees • High Usability • Instant Accessibility • Hire Passive job seeker • Better Reach • Niche skill resources • Building Pipeline of potential employee • Business Expansion© 2010 Tata Communications Ltd., All Rights Reserved • Promote product & services • Generating Business Lead/ Targeting new customers • Building open work culture • Platform to interact with organization Leadership Team • Employee Engagement • Discussion forums
  5. 5. The Flip Side Challenges in Leveraging Social Basic Challenges: Media • Difficult to moderate the • Limited or no investment from content/views of employee organizations to build complete social media framework. • Need qualitative content and resources to sustain it • Most of the organization in India Flip Side are not able to leverage social • Employees will lose their interest if media for hiring. Leadership is not active on internal social media. • Lack of proper training & guidelines to recruiters • It will not give overnight positive© 2010 Tata Communications Ltd., All Rights Reserved results, however negativity spread • Perception that it will be useful for faster. middle & senior level hiring • Invasion of an individual’s privacy
  6. 6. Social Media@ TCL • Leadership team act as Brand Ambassador • Engage with external & internal customers to build relationship with them . • Share regular updates about the company with the community through Facebook & Twitter • Building Open work culture through & Chatter • Recognize employees in social forums© 2010 Tata Communications Ltd., All Rights Reserved • Employees can share their suggestions or concerns in these forums and leadership team always reply to employees. • Hire passive job seekers through LinkedIn
  7. 7. © 2010 Tata Communications Ltd., All Rights Reserved