Acquiring Talent through Digital Media


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Panelist: Puja kapoor

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  • (CLICK)…there were two. And these two talked with one another. Shared ideas. Reviewed designs. Checked code. Innovated…innovated…innovated. And in the process, created a dynamic partnership. And they saw that it was good. (CLICK) So, they opened their doors, invited others in, and then there were eight. Transparent. Collaborative. Consensus-based. Peer-reviewed. And they saw that is was very good and thus opened their doors even further. (CLICK) Soon, there were a hundred Googlers who immersed themselves in and furthered the Google culture: Transparent. Collaborative. Consensus-based. Peer-reviewed. Iterative. Fair. Doing no evil. And they saw that it was very, very good. So they opened the doors even more. (CLICK) And soon then there were six hundred Googlers. But, the world was becoming MORE…. More complex. More people who didn’t remember the beginning. More silos. More pressure to gain market share and generate revenue. More talk about going IPO. As time passed, there was a growing sense that things were becoming too complex. Too chaotic.
  • The Googleplex is just one of Google's many offices.  Today we have over 26,000 Googlers in more than 60 offices in over 30 countries … and growing!  Google offers search in 112 languages interfaces (including Bahasa), and has 157 international domains, like for Malaysia.  
  • There are things you can do from a structural perspective, but culture is really all about the people. Front load the investment in hiring – need people who will be good for the long-term in this rapidly changing environment. Generalists who are passionate about many things + comfortable with ambiguity + bias to action = GOOD FOR GOOGLE. Committees, not individual hiring managers, make hiring decisions to ensure our high bar remains calibrated and that we’re not just filling short-term needs.
  • Be authentic- let the Googler voice come through Life@ Google vignettes 15 offices profiled globally. Over 250 interviews conducted globally and over 300 videos - VV and Hotmixes. Close to 150 videos featured on official lifeatgoogle channel on Close to 50 videos featured on specific city landing pages on jobsite. DVD compilations used at outward facing events viewed by close to 25,000 people. Over 500,000 cumulative video views on YT. These don’t feel like they’re contrived by a marketing or HR department
  • This is a lot like sneaking veggies into Mac cheese communicate brand- everyone participates in hiring process and everyone stweard- use brand philosophy-- train them to communicate brand centralized resource so you can tell story compelling dialogue- how brand translates to you people supplied their own stories-- much more interactive that formalized training including i
  • Freedom is free. A lot of what we do costs nothing, and starts with the belief that if you give people freedom, they will amaze you. Many companies have formal programs like the GE Way or the McKinsey way, a set way to do things. At Google, an aspect of our culture is to give people an infrastructure then get out of the way. We believe there’s no single model of innovation – as a mgr, you can facilitate it, but you can’t force it or engineer it. What we are’ doing is creating an environment where you’re empowering employees with information and the freedom to take risks, giving them the time and the passion to pursue them, And creating these moments of synergy where innovation happens. Employment contracts are largely obsolete -- no obligation or expectation of lifetime employment Employees will leave when they feel they have better prospects and more interesting work     Everyone says talent is the most important thing … at Google we really believe this and you see it at every step of the employee life cycle, from hiring to retention. But is all comes down to how much freedom we give your employees, and how we demonstrate trust by empowering them with information.   So, let me take you through what our approach looks like from hiring to retention and everything in between...  
  • Acquiring Talent through Digital Media

    1. 1. Name : Puja Kapoor Title : HR Business Partner Manager – Google India Date : Jan 20, 2012 Acquiring talent through digital media
    2. 2. Click the link
    3. 3. In the beginning …and in between Click the link … and then
    4. 4. Google in 2012 ~30,000 Googlers in more than 60 offices in over 30 countries … <ul><li>Employees outside the U.S. now make up nearly a third of the company </li></ul>… who work to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful Google Hyderabad, Gurgaon Bangalore Google New York Google Tokyo Google Zurich
    5. 5. We Hire people who are good at many things <ul><li>Just under 5 interviews for people we extend offers </li></ul><ul><li>More than 3,000 applications a day (or more than 1 million a year). </li></ul>
    6. 6. We managed all of this using the digital media and are still finding ways How did we manage the growth and the people?
    7. 7. Google Talent Philosophy
    8. 8. Attracting talent through social media Become a Headhunter for Google India Life at Google
    9. 9. Hiring is a brand experience – the process As it gets harder to find the best talent more targeted programs need to be used, to identify and attract.
    10. 10. If you give people freedom, they will amaze you Retaining talent - Voice matters A Day in the Life Buzz/ Google+ stream Discussion threads GUTS Great Manager Award Surveys Googlegeist employee survey To: Larry Page Email leaders TGIF Bureaucracy Busters Fix Its
    11. 11. Putting hiring in perspective of Internet space Internet user penetration 2011 Internet users 2011 NA AU EU LATAM ME World Avg Asia Africa Percentage rate In millions Asia EU NA LATAM Africa ME AU
    12. 12. Be sure of what you say ?
    13. 13. Questions Working at Google – click the link