New Age Employee Engagement NHRDN


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Speaker: Manish Pathak, Customer Success Partner, TriggerO

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New Age Employee Engagement NHRDN

  1. 1. NHRDN Virtual Learning Session on New Age Employee EngagementManish Pathak | +91 99713 92805Customer Success Partnerhttp://www. |
  2. 2. 45% increase in Employee Disengagement since 2009 *Business Week
  3. 3. Gallup poll estimates that actively disengaged employeescost the American economy up to $350 billion peryear in lost productivity.
  4. 4. Worst, these disengagedemployees are in your company.
  5. 5. Engaged employees lead tofinancial business success, not theother way around.* Gallup Management Journal-’What really drivesfinancial success?’
  6. 6. Engaged employees generate 43% morerevenue and can boost performance by 200% Hay Group – as referenced in the HR Magazine article
  7. 7. By increasing 15% on employee engagement strategies, your operation margin increases by 2%. * Towers Watson
  8. 8. Out of 1,000 people surveyed , two-thirdof workers report that they are putting inunpaid overtime * ECONOMIST article on ‘Overstretched’
  9. 9. The reward for all this effort is frozenpay and shrinking perks
  10. 10. Commitment to deliver service excellencetakes a toll on one’s mind -overworked!
  11. 11. Under appreciation or ignorance by peersis a silent demotivator
  12. 12. 63% of workers say that theiremployers do not appreciate theirextra effort*The Hay survey
  13. 13. 57% feel that employees aretreated like dispensable commodities*The Hay survey
  14. 14. 59% surveyed are actively looking for a new job than85% of those who are staying only because that market is sodismal *The Hay survey
  15. 15. New Age Employee Engagement? EW HR management theory? EW tool to increase productivity? EW process to stop attrition? EW set of R&R program?
  16. 16. New Age Employee Engagement? It was always there. There is nothing new about it. It is about PEOPLE It is always going to be relevant?
  17. 17. Is this for me? We already have best practices at our Organization? We are BPO and no engagement can help us?We are manufacturing set upand these are not for us? We tried something but it did not work, do we need it?
  18. 18. Are you at risk?
  19. 19. Retaining top performers is a challenge-The stronger the hold ,the riskier their chances toslip away
  20. 20. 31% of employees are not satisfiedwith their current jobs* 2011 Forbes ‘Top 10 Signs Its Time To Leave Your Job‘
  21. 21. According to Forbes 74% of top performerswould consider leaving if offered another job * 2011 Forbes ‘Top 10 Signs Its Time To Leave Your Job ‘
  22. 22. 52% of US employers say it’s difficult to attract‘critical skill’ employees and 25% say it’s hard toretain top performers * Towers Watson
  23. 23. How 2andle EMPLOYEE CONFLICTS
  24. 24. 85% employees deal with suchconflicts out of which only 29% doso ‘frequently’
  25. 25. 27% of employeeshave seen conflict lead to personalattacks, sickness andabsence, bullying and project failureat workplace.
  26. 26. Employee morale and productivitybegins to go down significantly
  27. 27. Employee Turnover is undesirable considering the expense of time and money in recruiting and training process.
  28. 28. Stress Miscommunication Lack of honesty Heavy workload Warring egosLack of role clarity
  29. 29. Must have or Good to Have Sounds good but we are anyway profitable! We will do this once we stabilize our profitability!HR is evolving at ourorganization, this will happeneventually! Our management is very much ROI driven. Can you guarantee the befits!
  30. 30. Is there a way out?
  31. 31. Global trends in Employee EngagementEmpowermentSocial EnterpriseUser driven engagementExperimentsINNOVATIONHR as Enabler
  32. 32. So it this about Technology or Process?  Is this about Technology?  Is this about process?
  33. 33. So it this about Technology or Process? It is about people
  34. 34. Is there any shortcut?  I want a quick start Engagement platform!  Lot of attrition expected this quarter, any quick fix?  We want to create Employer Brand, any fast way?
  35. 35. Is there any shortcut?
  36. 36. Thank you for your timeManish Pathak | +91 99713 92805Customer Success Partnerhttp://www. | manishpathak manish_pathak Engage with us